[Z-Girls] Z-Girls Video Comments Reaction – ‘It’s Christmas!’

[Z-Girls] Z-Girls Video Comments Reaction – ‘It’s Christmas!’

Today! On our newest single “It’s Christmas!’ We will reply on your comments! Let’s start~ What is the first comment chosen by Z-Girls? Stay stop! [actual screen [actual screen]
mischievous girl Vanya ㅋㅋ mischievous girl Vanya ㅋㅋ What will be the first comment, members devoted(?) to choose? Oh~ Oh this one this one. It’s a good comment Z-Girls in awe by a witty comment Every Christmas, there is Mariah Carey’s song [Vanya’s excitement has explodedㅋㅋ]
That is the most popular song That is the most popular song Now ‘It’s Christmas!’ will be the same as those! Should we reply it? How should we reply? What do you guys want to say? Z-Girls got concerned on how to reply it Even the ceremony is perfect A witty comment by Carlyn & Vanya’s sense! Replying on the first comment is cleared! (Con) Mahiro Comeback (grats) Finally Z-Girls are completed~ I am doing well! [Bell copies Mahiro]
I am doing well! Mahiro say something to reply! How will Mahiro greet her fans who have been much worried? Hello~ how are you everyone? Hello~ how are you everyone? I am happy! Members copying Mahiro again~ Vanya is writing down Mahiro’s reply like a reporter ㅋㅋ Because [Because]
Because Z-Girls becomes more splendid, when 7 members are together Mahiro came back on good time It’s Christmas present! Yes Christmas present! Replying on the second comment is cleared~ What comment made Bell laugh? Let’s reply on this comment Q. Does it snow in Taiwan? Q. Does it snow in Taiwan?
Maybe once, every five years [Really?]
Q. Does it snow in Taiwan?
Maybe once, every five years You can only see at the mountain These conversations are possible because Z-Stars are Global Idol ㅋㅋ Only snows in Japan Z-Girls got excited by only talking about snow [concentrated] What should we reply? We will make it snow for you Members making snow on their own way ㅋㅋ Oh and this one Armando Wuisan commented Thank you so much for appreciating our song Z-Girls got touched by a warm comment from GalaxZ ㅠㅠ I saw many comments, our fans referring to part 2:26 The part we speak in our own language is their favorite part Many people commented on ‘It’s Christmas!’ killing part Should we say ‘I love you’? I love you~ Members trying to write ‘I love you’ in 9 languages Vanya typing down one by one with sincerity They are fools who only knows GalaxZ ㅠㅠ Finally complete to reply ‘I love you’~ This is really cool! Vanya’s tension got high Thank you for watching our video! We hope you guys like our reaction and reply on your comments There are comments replied by Z-Girls that are not in this video so try to find them~ And don’t forget to watch our ‘It’s Christmas!’ MV! See you again next time~


  1. What are people on about them being awkward with the shipping comments ? They didn't even read any. And all that nonsense from fans about them being brothers and sisters…please don't. They are young, healthy human beings. They may not be allowed to date but they certainly aren't brothers and sisters, family yes but a family built of friendship. I hope they flirt, crush and whatever they want with each other.

  2. Mahiro is so cute in here, and the interaction of Vanya and Bell like a kids. Why in this and also ZBOYS video make me more love for you all?

    Anyway, Saranghae Luv~ Luv~ ><

  3. sayang sayangku というのは愛する人 私の愛する人 という意味です

  4. This is literally about zgirls and y'all still in the comments with them boys/girls ships like chill, it's getting kinda annoying now and it's definitely uncomfortable for them.

  5. In my place there's no snow. But yeah its very chill cold here…. from India. Ahhh….. in other part of india specially northern part are snowing.

  6. Gosh…. U guys are so cute… I can't-

    Also, Priyanka didi and Siddhant bhaiya please bring the entire ZStars them to India please ????

    Love from a 12 year old????

  7. Priyanka says "bahat sara pyar". That means lots of love. Bcz "I love u" takes a long term in hindi or other indian language.

    In Hindi – Main tumse pyar karti/karta hun. (If u r a male then say karta and if female then say karti.)
    In Assamees – moi tumak val pau.(Priyanka's mothertongue.)
    In Mizo – ka hamangaih che. (It's the state language where she lives in India .)
    In Odia – Mun tumaku vala pae.(It's my mother tongue. )
    In Bengali – ami tomake valo bhasi.(State language of West Bengal- state between Assam(Assamees) and Odisha(Odia).)
    Odia, Bengali, Assamees are sister languages.

  8. 데뷔 쇼케이스 한번 하고는 한국활동 하지도 않음서 대체 한국어 자막을 다는 이유가 뭐임 진심으로 궁금함

  9. Itu yang dibilang sama Joanne… benerr… taiwan emg gak ada salju… tapi di daerah dataran tinggi yang agak diatas pegunungan kemaren turun saljuuuuuu…

  10. I am from India let me tell you another language bangali it's ami tomake bhalo basi . It means " I love you" me I love z stars

  11. Just indonesian can handle ship, because we are not "baper" (bawa perasaan – involving heart) and we all "santuy" (chill) people.

  12. I want to write a comment first but i dun wan to miss any of part of video, so my decision is “PAUSE” first laa.. wohoooo really u guys make my day awesome ? love from indonesia ??

  13. 1:13 These crackheads share the same brain cell again ? Vanlyn chemistry is too sweet, they're even repeated the high five lol ?

  14. I love how they give time to mahiro and listen to her when she speak in english. And Vanlyn always being so funny. I love them all. And yeah everyone can ship but not that much. Cause in every videos, in every comments, its about ship or ship. Idk its just me but now i find it annoying. Sorry. Now i just want to support them. They are very talented and shouldnt be underrated. Love them.

  15. noooooooooooo……..we hardly get a chance to see them….I was waiting for ZGirls comment reaction with a hope that it would be a longer vid than ZBoys……..but no…….rather it was reduced by a whole 19sec…like really??????…….we want to see them some more………..Yeh dil maange more(this heart desires more)…..hehe………
    Btw, it has already started snowing in Northern India…….how abt the other parts of the world???
    My lovely ZStars…….wish u all the happiness & good luck……..lots of luv from India

  16. Guys just don't bring ships in the comment section
    Do u see they r ignoring those kinds of comments y cuz they feel awkward and uncomfortable
    Its ok till its limited to us
    Galaxz but in front of them
    Its not

  17. Priyanka looked uncomfortable. Yall should really stop writing your ships under thr mv's. Go write it somewhere else but not their mvs

  18. Pri please if u read this comment
    Whenever u meet BTS please once tell them to come to lndia please request from india

  19. I love you my all sister you are very very beautifull means most beautifull sisters i am from india so pleas reply me hello my all sister how are you

  20. Can we get a zgirls vlive? I'd love to have one with Mahiro. Since Zstars is going to be on Arirang Radio, I'm assuming that everyone's in Korea right now. Please Zenith!?

  21. PRIYANKA went there as an INDIAN, NOT as a Bengali/Assamese.
    PLEASE RESPECT your own countrymen.
    What's wrong with using hindi? Maybe she use hindi because hindi is the most spoken/official language along with english. She never lied about being bengali/assamese. You shouldn't force someone, and stop accusing and spreading rumors!
    India speaks a lot of languages, she can't be speaking all different languages because i'm sure that then others will accuse her as well like you guys!

  22. When i hear Bell said '"sayang sayangku" with a cute voice ughh its the best thing i hear this morning.. Selamat pagi , bell and ZGirls.. Aku cinta kamu .. ?

  23. Carlny Do You Know i really sad now Because some People talk about me i look so ugly have They That Have to Surgery myself They say that to me Make me so sad about it Because They Think That look so ugly i m not Beautiful girl or pretty girl They i look so ugly surgery Myself i don't want to Think about i still Think about They say about me But i don't want to cry my Cries just fall on my face i m so alone girl i need to Have some friend Cheer up i m so so sad and i m cry more too Carlny Do You Think That look so ugly Yes or no i m just asking Myself i m so ugly say is Stuck all my head I can't stop think about it I am so sad right now I want to something Bad to myself i can't not Do to myself like That at all I have to come down because Make me sad
    Carlny can You Be my friend Please i Beg You i want to Be my friend i Beg You now i don't have sister and Don't have Bother at all Believe me I'm not Have someone to love me at all make me just want to cry my Cries fall down on my face of i m not fake cry at all i really cry right now my Heart is Hurt now Carlny You Hug tingting don't let go want You hug me forever in my life

  24. I love you so much can I be a zpop idol wenn I'm 20?? Because im now 13 so pleas answer me pleasss I'm from Iraq pleasssssssss love you❤❤

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