1. Thank you for posting this, and the other Apocalypse videos. I've been looking for this video online for a long time. Every attempt at recording it myself has failed.

  2. what was the point of desttroying the planet?? haha i thought the aliens wanted to conquer the earth and infiltrate it

  3. I thought the aliens wanted to infest all of humanity with those globby microids o_O. Guess they decided to warp the entire planet into their dimention.. I never got a loss video anyway, just text.

  4. does anyone know where i can get a working version of X-com for my PC. I have vista. Cant find it anywhere. plz help.

  5. Funny – yeah – I thought they wanted to take it over, not vaporize it. Stupid aliens. Probably why I'd never seen that defeat video when I play. It just occurred to me that I've never lost the game. Sweet.

  6. Nah, face it – the makers just screwed up and/or were too lazy to make a decent video of micronoid-infested Earth.

  7. x com apocalypse plain sucked.. i hate those late 90s pseudo 3d graphics, and the gameplay was boring too

  8. LOL this is the last great xcom, sure you can't beat the original but this one is just as good. The ganeplay was the same, the tech trees are deeper. Don't play it in real time moron.

  9. first, i simply dont like the fact im controlling just a city. i know others do, i just dont. second, i did play it on turn based all the time, and i still didnt like it. it just doesnt have the feel of the original. third, the graphics just ruin it all. look at the walking animations! and those ridiculos looking armor suits and aliens! blue man group & headcrabs anyone?

  10. The art design in apocalypse sucked. Enemy unknown was more or less realistic, apocalypse had everything pseudo-organic, and in the end it looked really crappy. Combat also looked worse, but enough about graphics.

    Gameplay-wise apocalypse was good, but the interface was klunky and painful to use.

    The original games were better.

  11. Thanks. I use to have DosBox. I can't believe I never tried it with that.

    I will try that when I finally fix my broken PC. (Or get a new one)

  12. Well, obviously we have aliens in the Milky Way. Y'all better hide ya civvies, hide ya planets, and hide ya X-COM, cause they wreckin' everybody out here.

  13. @punipunipunisher I think they are phasing the planet into their own dimension. Doubtlessly for some horrible alien reasons.

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