WWE Superstars remove their makeup for a candid conversation

WWE Superstars remove their makeup for a candid conversation


  1. Love this xoxo
    Was looking to see sasha banks & charlotte too missed seeing them
    Io you're the best a close second to sasha according bayley our role model

  2. They need to make this an ongoing thing. Do it every month. Just have Carmella host this roundtable and put it on the network. Just a no makeup conversation about life and wrestling, etc. There's women, young and old, that need to hear these stories. There's also a lot of men that need to see these women just be women without all the glam to show them/us that there's more to them than what they look like. Maybe eventually it'll even be acceptable for them to be on TV without makeup if they choose not to wear any.

  3. Please don't ever put on make-up again you all are all beautiful without out it and I love what I see now.

  4. Shut up. No one cares. Quit virtue signaling and patting yourselves on the back. You ain't the first or last. Y'all still ugly. Except Io who is alright. Period

  5. Dana is the only one that looks the same. I wish they would've had Charlotte and Sasha on this interview as well

  6. I love Rhea. She is so beautiful inside and out. Her soul is so incredibly and I respect her more as who she is.

  7. in my opinion Rhea is beautiful idk why people don't like her and she's way better whiteout makeup. Io is super cute as always she just can't be bad. everybody else looks like trash

  8. Thank you for inspire me on a daily bases ladies. This video makes me feel even closer to all of you!! You're doing amazing human beings, love you for ever💖💖

  9. Wow Io shirai looks so good. I also like Bianca and Rhea. I think Ruby looks good here, her photo was not good because she did double chin.

  10. "we deserve a round of applause" lol calm down you're acting like yous are heros for taking pictures without makeup.

  11. I enjoyed this. Carmella definitely caught me off guard, but the rest of the ladies were damn attractive. Didn't even realize that was Bianca Belair until her name popped up. They all looked great!

    Also, as I scrolled to comment, of course there are negative comments. "Rhea looks like a dude." "Those girls are busted." Blah, blah, blah. I'm just throwin' this out there, but I'm guessing the dudes typing all that ain't exactly rocking 6 packs and chiseled features. It's cool though. These ladies may not appeal to peeps without being glammed up. That being said, dollars to doughnuts, whatever woman you find attractive probably looks a touch different without makeup, but like I said, maybe these ladies aren't your cup of tea. To each their own. I personally liked them all, but Carmella was a bit shocking to me.

  12. Omg This inspired me so much to be more open to people and new things and to never be afraid of what people think about you. Even though sometimes it's hard to share feeling about yourself or even be yourself, you should always just be you and do you.

  13. When io said it's scary to go out without makeup you can tell that she has some lack of confidence in her skin but that's okay she's still one of the best female wrestlers in the world and also she's beautiful without makeup I hope she knows that

  14. I love these women i wanna see all the divas do this and come together I have watches WWE since i could walk these women are the definition of beauty much love @WWE # LOVEYOURSELF ❤❤

  15. Why? Why would you put out such rubbish? Some of these women look horrible without any makeup. I wouldn't tap any of them.

  16. You all look so amazing being all natural i love this video and hope you guys keep your heads up. And hope you all have even more success and hope you guys stay safe from this coronavirus pandemic 😒 but sending love and positive energy ☺❤

  17. These girls are beautiful no matter what. I barely wear makeup and I'm happy in the skin I'm in. Be you and no one else.

  18. These girls should NEVER doubt themselves what Ripley said I love it they're unique gifted wonderful special what they said is rough but this is incredable

  19. Well, I'm not a woman; however, I know this women empowerment is awesome for the young teens and up coming adults. Thank you very much!
    To view different types of women… shown types of view personalities. Again thanks for showing young women to be who they are is fine.

  20. OH MY GOSH!!! Io And Rhea Look absolutely gorgeous, They are natural beauties and just fantatic inside and out…

  21. It's amazing how make up can work a miracle.. the wrestlers look so unrecognizable it's sad how 🤮🤮🤮🤮 they really are

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