World’s Best Candy | Overtime 14 | Dude Perfect

World’s Best Candy | Overtime 14 | Dude Perfect

[ELECTRIC MOTOR SOUND EFFECT] Did it look like I was
getting raised up by a bar and then I let go? Oh, no. I thought it was a zombie joke. I was going zombie. Huh. That went differently
in my head, then. (SINGING) Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Dude Perfect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Now we’re heading
on to Overtime. I should probably address
the elephant in the room. Yes, my muscles are bigger. I have been working out. That’s not it. Oh, you wanted me
to talk about it. Oh, OK. Cody had shoulder surgery. He’s falling apart. He just had LASIK,
now the shoulder. Word on the street is he got a
nose job while he was in there. I don’t think so. Trouble in paradise. We’ve got a banger of an
episode for you guys today. Kicking it off with Top 10– the
greatest candies of all time. Could be controversial,
but I’m hoping not. It will be. You guys do get to
eat some of the candy. Yes! That’s all I was looking for. Two brand new segments– Get Crafty, followed
by Magic Time. And then we round it off
with everybody’s favorite– Cool Not Cool. –Wheel Unfortunate. Oh! No! OK, before we dive into
that, giveaway for this week. We will be choosing
one lucky winner to receive tickets to the 2020
tour for you and your family. Wow! All you have to do is text the
word “Tour” to the Dude Perfect phone number, and we will be
choosing one lucky winner. For the rest of you, some
cities are already sold out, so get your tickets now. Hey, congratulations to
our winners from last time, because there are winners. Here they are. Yeah, OK, let’s head to Top 10. Here we go! [MUSIC PLAYING] Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to this Top 10. Today we are talking about the
Top 10 candies of all time. I’m going to start
off with number 10. If you even think for a second
that black licorice even deserves a top 50 mention– Hey, you know what
I’m going to do? –we’re going to have problems? You know what I’m going
to do for you right now? Talk to me. No, I’m going to
absolutely freak out. Throw it. Yes! Typically, this would have been
in my least favorite candies, but thanks to my good buddy
Codes, number 10 on the list, Swedish Fish. I agree. Gotta respect it. What a stick. Give it a go. Number 10, there it is. Number nine– the single
greatest movie watching candy. Ladies and gentlemen, Milk Duds. Oh! Number nine. I do like a Dud. There it is. My wife got me on the Duds. OK, I’m sure there’s other
movie favorites out there, but in my opinion,
you can not be Milk Duds at the movie theater. Let’s all agree
that Tootsie Rolls– Oh, see ya! –are the worst
candy ever invented! Goodbye! Can we just do this real quick? Yep. Yep. Punt it. Throw it. No, no, no! What? I don’t know what those are. Orange Slices, Circus
Peanuts, and Tootsie Rolls! No, no, no! See ya! See ya! They’re not in
the same category! And then chunk it harder. Yes! [CLANG] Oh! You just spread them forever. Hey, good news,
Cory, there’s a lot of Tootsie Rolls on the
ground right down there. Time out. Time out. This is the worst
candy of all time. Yeah, they’re horrible. Eat it right now. I want you guys to taste the
worst candy in the world. Black licorice kills this. Punt it! Punt it! Punt it! Punt it! No, I’m not doing it. I won’t punt it. I promise I won’t punt it. But I’m going to throw
it against the wall! Oh my– Everything’s going to be OK. Everything’s going to be OK. That was excessive,
and I apologize. Wait. Where’s the Fun Dip? I would like to take this
moment and apologize to Fun Dip. Fun Dip would have
made my Top 10. We had a hard time finding it. We couldn’t find Fun Dip. It’s sold out? Let’s take a moment of
silence for Fun Dip. All right, let’s move on. Number eight– can
I please get there? Yeah. This is the most
underrated candy bar in the history of the world. Yeah. Payday. No! What were you saying? Snickers! No, no, no. I think this would
be a good time to hit some honorable mentions. Orange Tic Tacs. They’re so good. Take a few. Because they’re
not really candy. They’re not candy. It’s tough to put
them on the Top 10. But who doesn’t like these? Everybody likes them. For me, this next candy
at the number seven spot is a candy that I
vividly remember the day that it came out. I am in my school cafeteria. I’m going through the line,
and all of a sudden– oh my. What is that? Sour Skittles. Oh my goodness! A game changer for the
Skittles organization. Number seven. Top 10 candy for me, 100% Thank you. Sour Skittles. Number six. I’m nervous about this. I feel like I’m going to
lose some people here, but I have to be true to myself. This is a unique candy. The packaging is unique. Oh, PEZ. Come on. I love PEZ. I just buy the accessories. Fruity Stripes with
tattoos on the packages. Put it in there. Sure, it loses its flavor
in about 10 seconds- 10? Five. –but that’s why it
comes in packs of five. Not even in the Top 10 gum list. It’s not even a candy. It’s a gum. Do you want me to remove it? Yes! Punt it. The world wants a
fake version of me, and that’s what
they’re going to get. What happened to be
true to yourself? It’s back up there! Number six, Fruity Stripe gum. We almost got Fruity gum off. I don’t care what his list is. I just disagree! I would like to welcome
you to my top five by suggestion of Tim Bits,
the editor, Sweet Tart Ropes! So good! So good! It’s a Nerds Rope
without the Nerds. It’s just half as good. Peach Rings– send them. I need a full send
from everybody. Full send! Send it! Boston Baked Beans? Disgusting! Good bye! Jelly beans? Yeah, send them! Send them! Yes! [CRASH] Oh! Oh! [LAUGHTER] He just threw away 30
minutes of his time. What about a Toblerone? What is that? Oh, those are high–
premium candy. First of all, that’s
my number one. Whoa! Dude, it’s up there. And if you don’t believe me,
you can call my wife right now and ask her. Speaker phone. What’s your number
one candy bar? If she doesn’t say it, you know
what’s happening to this thing. Full send. Full send. I agree. What is my number one
candy bar that I love? Easy– Toblerone. No way! That’s insane! No way! I’ve known him for 15 years. I’ve never even
heard of a Toblerone! At number four– greatest sucker
in the history of the world– Caramel Apple Pops. Nearly made my top three. In the number three spot– Pop Rocks. –we have a three-way tie. Let’s buy Cody’s support. Nerds Rope. Bang! Number three. I’m in his top six. I’d go on record and
say that I’ve been over 25 yards of Nerds Rope. I would argue that I’ve eaten
closer to 65 yards of Nerds Rope. I can’t even throw
football that far. Yeah. That’s a lot of rope. You digestive system has
to hate you for that. Can anyone beat 65
yards of Nerds Rope? Comment below if you have had
more than 65 yards of Nerds Rope. Let me know your distance. Three-way tie third place. We’ve got two more to get to. Top three candy for me
easy, no question about it, although I prefer a
different variety– Sour Patch Bigs can not be beat. I’ll dare say that I’ve
had them at breakfast. OK, to round off the
three-way tie at third place, Laffy Taffy. Oh! 100%! Laffy Taffy is like the
candy you get at Halloween and you cry. Well, I can’t wait to see what’s
in your top five number two. [LAUGHTER] At the number two spot, the
single greatest chocolate candy– Oh god! You cannot say a word
until you’ve had one! Open it up and have it
ready, and prepare to all bow down to me at one time. 3, 2– you already ate it? You prematurely put
it in your mouth and spat it on the ground. It was not very good. To be a number one
candy in the world, you have to have good marketing. Do the words lick the
pop, dip, and shake it mean anything to you? Is that Baby Bottle Pops? Ladies and gentlemen, the
number one candy in the world and the greatest jingle
for a single candy item in the history of the
Earth– (SINGING) lick the pop, dip it and shake it,
then lick it again. It’s a Baby Bottle Pop. Baby Bottle Pop. Doesn’t even rhyme. Next time, I’m going to
let someone else take over the Top 10. Great. Apparently, I’m too
controversial for the world. It’s true. And I’m not going to put
gum in my Top 10 candies. OK? We’re doing top
10 cheeseburgers, but I threw a chicken nuggets. Go clean up the office. Thanks for watching
Top 10, guys. Let’s send it back to the desk. I got some jelly beans to
go clean up, unfortunately. [MUSIC PLAYING] These are the most overrated
old man candy of all time. Hey, guys, the segment’s over. Let’s move on. Lose the candy. We’re headed to a
brand new segment that is bound to be one
of my personal favorites. It’s time to Get Crafty. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, gang, welcome to our
first episode of Get Crafty. Today, the guys will
be building a chair. They will have 30
minutes to build the best chair they can using four 2x4s. These are the community tools
that they will have to share. You can only use one at a time. Best chair wins. I’ll be the judge. Good luck, gents. Have some fun. 30 minutes in 3, 2, 1. Hit it! All right, let’s see. You going– oh, going
straight for the holder. I have zero clue
what I’m going to do. [MUSIC PLAYING] My dad is a
phenomenal woodworker, and he’s going to be very
disappointed in definitely me and probably Coby. [MUSIC PLAYING] Is there a power button, or– Maybe I go with a bench. I’m going to make a bench. The key is to be able
to sit in it, right? That’s the general concept. All right, I just
wanted to clarify that. [MUSIC PLAYING] Cory’s yet to do anything. He’s just moving his wood. I’m going to cut something! [MUSIC PLAYING] This is majorly unsafe. That’s hard to watch. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] It’s going to– [SCREAMS]. Are we allowed to film this? My first cut was
not a clean cut. [LAUGHTER] Guys, he’s just standing
there looking at his saw. Meanwhile– He’s going backwards! Oh my– What is happening? He’s going backwards! [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey! First cut, Coby! [MUSIC PLAYING] Quick update– it looks like
Coby’s trying to build a raft. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ve got hammering. I don’t know why
we’re hammering. We’ve got screws. That’s well on its
way to being a chair. I’m almost sure of it. Perfect. Setting up perfect. I did realize that this
is my last piece of wood. Four 2x4s goes by very quickly. All right, so the
guys think this is all about looks and
the structural integrity. This is literally going to
be all about durability. I’m throwing them
off the mezzanine. Best chair, most
durable wins the game. [MUSIC PLAYING] I mean, we are still on
page one of the directions. [LAUGHTER] I have the chair in my
head, but executing on it is much harder than I
thought it was going to be. Really struggling,
I think I’m going to have to go the nail route. On what Earth is a nail better
than a screw in this world? I’ve been asked that,
Ty, the entire time. Well, the problem is look it
Cory putting in the drill bit. I think that’s probably
part of his issue. [LAUGHTER] Oh gosh. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ty’s currently
sitting in his chair. You’re sitting in your chair? Ty. Hey. What’s up, man? Me too. Hey, can I help you? This thing stinks. No, it doesn’t. You just don’t know
what you’re doing. Unreal. This is unbelievable. Oh, you tighten this part down. No, you just add power. You’re on like 2%. There’s a power? There’s a power on the drill? Oh my goodness! That changes the game. I always knew he was Team Coby! That’s my guy. I got to see what’s
happening over here. What are we doing? Are we building a bench? We said scrap the chair? We’re building a bench. So why is this piece way longer? I was going to go through
the four legs right here, but I realized
that’s real wobbly. He’s going to fall. And so this is coming
out here, and I’m going to go leg down there. So you went with the
three-legged design? Yeah, a tripod. I can’t wait to see it. Oh, this is so good. [MUSIC PLAYING] I could eat off this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, light bulb! [MUSIC PLAYING] Cory’s hammering a screw. Coby, if you get stuck,
hammer the screw. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ll be honest. If you told me at the
beginning of the day that my chair would look
this good at the end, I’d have been thrilled. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh gosh, I almost died. 100 seconds left. [MUSIC PLAYING] What is he doing? I’m adding a foot rest. Gotta get this screw
in and I’m done. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. That’s it! Drop the drills! We can let him
hammer one more time. All right, you can
hammer one more. [MUSIC PLAYING] Done! He’s done it! [MUSIC PLAYING] Time’s up. It’s time to judge each
chair individually. First up, we’ve got Garrett. There’s not a wobbly
leg on this sucker. Boy, did I start slow but, boy,
did I pull it together, huh? Anybody who just
comes off the street, they look at that, they
go, that’s a chair. They will say that’s a chair. This is nice. The cuts are exactly straight. I was way over there, but
hey, Cor, where’s your chair? [LAUGHTER] He’s done it! He’s done it! He’s made a chair. Tornadoes frequent Texas often. This is a little
simulator test to see what would happen if your chair
got thrown up off of a two story balcony. 3, 2, 1. Should be fine. [CRASH] [LAUGHTER] [CRASH] [LAUGHTER] That one’s done! Literally every piece is apart! All right, Coby. 3, 2, 1. [CRASH] Oh! [LAUGHTER] [CRASH] [LAUGHTER] The seat is totally fine! Dude, yes! All right, I’m up. See you later, chair. It was fun while it lasted. 3, 2, 1. [CRASH] Oh! Yeah! Not bad! [APPLAUSE] [CRASH] Not bad! Second place is
guaranteed, baby! In 3, 2, 1. [THUD] Ooh! [SCREAMING] Winner! [THUD] Ooh! Winner! What a performance! Unbelievable! He’s done it! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! [CHEERING] Tyler is your winner! Thanks for hanging
with us on Get Crafty. See ya! Hey, who am I? [SAW SOUND EFFECT] [LAUGHTER] Coby using a saw. Next time, I personally think
we should go through tool safety before we start. I completely agree. I didn’t know you didn’t
know how to use a saw. Listen. Once I figured it
out, it felt so right. Before that, it felt so wrong. Is it as bad, though, as
Cory hammering a screw? Probably not. You also don’t know
what a chair looks like. Coming up, we have a segment
that I have been looking forward to for quite some time. Anybody that knows me well knows
that I am a huge fan of magic. Raise your hand if
you’re huge magic fan. Me too. Huge. It’s fake. Everything’s fake. You think it’s fake? Yeah. What do you guys think this is? Matchbox. This is a matchbox. You want your mind blown? You think magic’s fake? Let me show you a
little something. [MUSIC PLAYING] Whoa! What! I know what you’re thinking. That doesn’t have matches in it. There’s plenty of matches
in there, big fellas. OK? Your fake box was
behind your hand. It fell out, and
all of the things fell out in the
middle of your trick. Can we see that in slo-mo? Play that in slo-mo. If you play it in
slo-mo, and just people will be more impressed. Guys, I think you need to
know we have a real magician downstairs. And so I think that’s
where we’re going to head. Let’s head downstairs
and get to Magic Time. With a real magician! [MUSIC PLAYING] Ladies and gentlemen, please
put your hands together. An illusionist, a
magician, Harris III. I don’t know if I have anything
that can top that actual intro. That was amazing. Why don’t we do a little bit
of audience participation right off the bat? Is that cool? Yeah. I might save you for the finale. Let’s try something
else with you. How would you rate
your imagination on a scale of 1 to 10? Oh, I’ve got a really,
really good imagination. OK, I’ll tell you what. I need you to choose a card,
a random card that you think no one else would think of. The jack of clubs. The jack of clubs. How crazy would it be if
the card that I turned over in this real deck of cards
is the same one that you turned over in your mind. OK, I’m going to go
through the entire deck just so you can see out
of all of these cards, there is a single card
turned upside down. No way! No! [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] The jack of clubs. No way! That’s good. I don’t get it! Well done! I don’t think I’ve ever
gotten a standing ovation after the very first trick. That was crazy. I love it! Let’s try something. All right, Cory, come on up. Come on up. Good luck, Cory. Here’s how the game works. I take the paper off. I wad it up into a
little paper wad. Your job throughout the game
is to guess which hand it’s in. Take this, move it down
just a little bit– there we go– so
it’s out of the way. All right, let the game begin. That feels impossible. Left again. Left. Dang it! Give it a little snap. Tap on my hand. Blow. It totally disappears. [LAUGHTER] We’ll give it another shot. Here, take this. Roll this back up a little bit. He’s trying to look
at one hand even though I’m waving it around. He won’t take his eye off of it. Don’t take your eye off of it. [LAUGHTER] What do you think,
right or left? Get worked, son. Get worked. You got this. Right. Right. Aw! Show me your left. Show me your left. Gone again. Big round of applause before
you go back to your seats. [APPLAUSE] Well done. Well done. I need to get one
of you actually up here on stage this
time to help me out. OK. All right, Tyler, come on up. Come on up. Big round of applause for Tyler. Confirm for everyone
at home there’s no weird strings in the
air or on the stage. OK? All right. All right, that’s cool. Tyler, I need you
to help me hang onto the corners
of the tablecloth. I’m going to do the same thing
on this side with my hands. If the table moves, I just need
you to move with the table. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] His hand’s not moving at all. I know you want to look. Have a good look. Lift up the tablecloth. Lift it up so you
can actually see. [SCREAMS] OK. All right, let go. Let go. Let go. [MUSIC PLAYING] No way! No way! [MUSIC PLAYING] What! Big round of applause for
Tyler, ladies and gentlemen. I have so many questions. You guys might officially be my
favorite audience of all time. Special thanks to Harris
for coming out today. To see more of
his amazing magic, click the link in the
description below. His YouTube and his Instagram
handle will be there. Back to the desk. [MUSIC PLAYING] I know you want to
clap, but you can’t. Let’s do a three-way clap. Oh, that’s nice. Yep. Coming up is the segment
where people tend to clap, and hopefully I don’t
have to own a cat. A segment that people think
is great but we tend to hate. The game show we play but
we wish we could delay. Coming up, the game
show that we play but we wish we could delay. Why did you just say that again? I already said that. I just wanted it
to come from me. People think it’s great. It’s the one that we hate. He tried to mooch his joke. From the middle. Let’s go. Wheel Unfortunate. [MUSIC PLAYING] Chad, cue the serious music. And add a big like
when that drops. Like there’s a 50
pound weight there. Like Indiana Jones when he
does the stamp in the library, and it’s like … Drop it again. You’re going to feel
this one in your bones. [BOOM] What’s the total
everyone’s spun. I’m just curious. I’ve only done it once. You’ve only done one? Yeah, I did the first one,
I haven’t done it since. First one ever, and never again? Yeah. Cor, pick Cody’s name out. Pick his name. Pick a name right now. Just do it! Pick it! Get it over with! Pick a name! I keep changing. I changed it like six times. Hot take– it’s Cody,
and he’s owning a cat. Hot take. 3, 2, 1. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHTER] No way! No way! Say it with me, boys. Spin that wheel! I am Ned Forrester, the greatest
game show host of all time. Let’s bring on our contestant. It’s Cory Cotton again! [SCREAMS] So you
miss old Ned, and you want to come back on the show. Is that what it is? I’m pretty sure this is five. Five times. And you know what they say– best friends of five stay alive. I think you know how this works. I don’t need to explain
too much about it. You know, I’d give you a Golden
Boy, but you got five of them. So I went out of my
way for you this time. The Golden Boy youngin’ edition. You know, fun fact, I
actually wasn’t even flexing for this model shoot. I just stood there, and
that’s what it looked like. So keep that. Enjoy it. Put it on your fridge
or wherever you keep the rest of your Golden Boys. Hold the mic for me. Cue me in, big fella. 3, 2, 1. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right! OK! Send me to the wheel. Thank you. Go to the wheel now, Cor. I don’t even have to
tell you what to do. You say it for yourself. Spin that wheel. All right, spoken
like a true champion. Here he goes. Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Ladies and gentlemen,
this is amazing! You’re the de-haired guy. You got a stage of 50
million people to influence. What are you going to tell
them right now in this moment? Special shout out to
Team Cory for hanging with me through the lows. Yeah, I thought it was going
to be better than that. Say it with me, folks. That’s unfortunate. Hey, Cor, see you next time. All right, let’s give it
up for Erica, who will be waxing Cory’s pits today. I promise I will never be
choosing a name out of a hat again. I want to see what
we’re working with here. Oh yeah, that’s a good amount. That’s a good amount. That’s a lot. That’s three-inchers. Yeah. OK, hop on there, big boy. The table actually
is really soft. It’s really soft. You’re going to love that when
your body goes into full shock. Bam! Erica, is it safe
to assume that this is the first time you have ever
waxed on a basketball court? Yes, it is. That’s good. Oh my– That one’s hairier. That one’s hairier. We’re just doing it? It’s so exposing when
you have to just lift it. Right now, I’m just cleaning. That’s numbing. That’s numbing. You might look better
with shaved pits. Yeah, it’s not a
good look for you. He shaves his chest. Show his chest. Let’s do the legs. One knee. We should do a knee. She’s going for it. Oh my gosh, she’s just doing it. So what’s that? There’s no turning back now. Oh, it’s hot. Walk us through what
you’re doing here, Erica. So right now, I’m
just applying the wax. Really? Oh, that’s a good amount. Oh, it’s over. This is going to be good. All right, Ty. Can I do the rip job here? No! No! No, he can’t. Yeah, I can. I can do it. He’s not qualified! Yes, he is. I’m totally qualified. No! And what are you doing? No! Erica! Erica only! Erica! Right here? Do it! Just do it! [SCREAMING] We got blood! We got blood! Bad news. Bad news. There’s a little piece left. No, no, no, no! Ow! Ow! One down, two to go. OK. You’re good. You’re good. Oh yeah. We need a GoPro cam. There’s a couple more pieces. I don’t know. I hate this. One down. Dude, look at the– This one’s hairier, I think. You think so? Yeah. One huge one. A huge glob. This is up there
with the eyebrows. Yeah. Yeah. Eyebrows wasn’t painful, you
just looked like a weirdo. Yeah, it was horrible though. Cody’s interested. Do it, Cody. I got one good hand. Don’t hurt your shoulder. No, no, no, no! [SCREAMING] Yeah. That was the worst! Your technique was horrible! That was not good technique. I did a slow rip. We got to hit it again. Oh wow, I left a lot. We’re literally going
right back in the same spot because Cody did
such horrible job. When the wax goes back over
the hurt area, it hurts. I don’t have a degree in this. Cobes, you got to get a pull in. Is it fun? Yes. Get a pull. With the wrist. In 3, 2, 1. Oh! I know what you did there! That was good! The pain was in two
different spots. That was good! I got some leg hair
on the same pull. Thank you, Erica. Appreciate it. No more hair stuff! I’m over that. I love the game show. Cor, I want you to know
that I’m proud of you. I also want you to know that our
2020 tour tickets are for sale, and they’re still here. We got them! Oh, that’s good! Because usually, they click
off when I turn and say, that’s it for today, but
they’re still here right now. Come see us. They’re for sale right here. You can click to get them. Also, subscribe down there. And if you want to
see the last video, Airsoft Battle 2, click
right here to watch that. Signing off for
now, where we mainly identified horrible candies,
and Cory has waxed pits. See you next time. Stay to the end, because I’m
going to pull a monkey out from under the desk. No, he won’t.


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