Working at Google Zurich

Working at Google Zurich

>>Google Zurich is a very big engineering
office. We actually call it the European Engineering Center.
>>We do things like the Web crawl [PH].>>We work on Maps.
>>Search quality projects.>>We also work on transit.
>>Core infrastructure initiatives.>>We do a lot of innovative and cool things
right here in Zurich.>>Our office is a very international office.
>>I think we counted ones in the map but we have pretty much all nationalities.
>>Which is great because when you shape products, it helps give you a different cultural perspective
on everything.>>So this is not really like, you know, the
Swiss office or the German-speaking office, not at all; it’s a very diverse, multicultural
office.>>Many people move to Zurich just to work
for Google, which means there are a lot of social activities. We have gone white water
rafting. We go swimming in the lake during the summer. We go sailing. There’s just a
million types of activities and somebody at the office is always planning something.
>>The biggest surprise for me at Google was the energy of people. People are extremely
motivated. Everyone has tons of ideas and, the next day, they’re built.
>>It’s a special feeling to work at Google in that most everyone on the company is smarter
than you.>>We have a very open environment and you
can just butt into any conversation at any time and exchange ideas and information.
>>We really try to make sure that bureaucracy and red tape is minimized as much as possible
at schools so that the creativity of our engineers is not in any way restricted.
>>If you start working at Google, it doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of university
or if you have 20 years of experience. It’s your ideas that count and the work that you
do.>>It’s very entrepreneurial, and you have
a lot of autonomy over your product and its direction.
>>If you find a problem or something that can be improved, you look around for the best
way to fix it and, often, it’s by doing it yourself.
>>There is like a million open questions, a million things to do and people are happy
if you just grab one of them and do one of them well.
>>It is a company that really, really cares for its employees, that really, really cares
about being engineering-driven.>>You really work on stuff that matters.
You work on projects that become products that Google does that millions of millions
of people around the world are using. It’s a very rewarding experience.


  1. You should see what life in the Moutian View Googleplex is like. Then you'll really want to work for Google.

  2. Brilliant. As great as I hear the Mountain View Googleplex is, I think I would absolutely fall head over heels with a European office.

  3. Exactly what I thought !
    Too cool, too social, too nice, too beautiful, what the hell ?
    Some sort of a cult ?
    It's just business, nothing else.

  4. I understand what you are saying but you come across too bitter. Google is set up by people that actually in the business of what they have learned as a profession: software. They didn't go to a school to learn to be greedy bastard managers. So I do believe that people in the company do notice that.

  5. I wonder which one of these smart guys had the idea to have all messages you receive in Gmail searched for keywords and then bring up corresponding ads. That is completely unacceptable and I lost a lot of respect for Google when they introduced that cynical "feature".

  6. boa, da will ich auch arbeiten!!
    sieht voll cool aus. den ganzen tag ganz gemütlich seine ideen für google umsetzten und so eine gute Umgebung zum arbeiten!!

  7. hey
    uhmm Zurich has been voted the "City of highest living standart in the world" so nothing is wrong with it ^^
    In and around there are over 10'000 people who are native English speakers or who are bilingual (like me)
    Zurich is the best place in the world to live!

  8. Diverse projects, diverse cultures, diverse this, diverse that.. how comes there is obviously very little age diversity? Typical IT company. (20-40 does not equal diversity)

  9. "Core infrastructure initiatives" with that accent sounds really really sexy. Puke. "Piipl ah ixtrimli moutiveytet…" It's a friggin SEARCH ENGINE, you brainwashed Koolaid junkies!

  10. Have you packed yet? I hope it's not too late. If you want to know what's wrong with Zurich, watch this clip again. These are the COOL people in Zurich, so there's your answer..!

  11. Its seems as if your paradise office and the location of a beautiful bliss has caught my eye . (Manager) You have an outstanding crew that would do anything for the company and that excels alone.

  12. please dont feel yourself so comfortable at work, the world can not stand to another epic fail after google wave and google buzz :))

  13. @comptongameLA With all due respect, if you can't find the jobs-section on their website, you're probably not the sort of person Google is looking for.

  14. @comptongameLA xaxaxaxa……But in job section in Google's website, there are many information about Zurich's Office…..And the most logical explanation, was that you didn't know the location of Zurich…..But OK….:):):):):):)

  15. @damsel2
    Being a programmer or engineer does requires a basic level of Intelligence, so you wont see them there at daytime, but…

    I am sure there are black africans there too. Every office needs being cleaned and have its waste being picked up regulary

  16. Being accepted at google in zurich requires a LOT of skill, I know people who tried.. They only take the very best of the (already) very best !

  17. That's my point if some one has the lucky to work for you he/she will ask about all those products ,.like someone said I seat there and watch I stand and watch I am always the last one about ideas. I learn daily from everyone.

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