Wix Review: A good choice for creating a website in 2019?

Wix Review: A good choice for creating a website in 2019?

Welcome to this Wix.com website builder review! Wix currently looks like the heavyweight champion
among website builders: Their number of users – exceeds their competitors
by miles. Their ads – full of Hollywood stars and
models Their templates – more than 300 that are
all free On paper, at least, it looks like a clear-cut
case. Which website builder would ever be able to compete with them? We ourselves recently had to choose a website
builder for one of our sites and checked out Wix for that reason.
Stay with me and you’ll learn whether Wix worked out for us or not! First of all let’s jump into Wix’s template
section. They provide a huge choice of designs for businesses, artists, restaurants, tourism,
portfolios and much more. And just to give you an idea of how many different
industries and niches they cover: there’s even a dedicated template for a locksmith
business as well a dog daycare center! So chances are that you’ll indeed find a
template for your project among their manifold subcategories.
And even though it’s not obvious, you can also add to any design: an online store, forum
or blog. But how much does this cost? Nothing! At least for their basic version.
It’ll allow you to design and publish an entire (ad-supported) website and you can
access all the available features. The paid plans will give your website a professional
touch as they allow you to use a domain like myfantasticwebsite.com. The entry plan Connect
Domain still displays Wix ads though. As long as you don’t need an online store,
we recommend their Combo plan. No ads and it comes with a free domain, but only during
the first year. Should you ever exceed the rather generous
bandwidth or storage limits of Combo, you can always upgrade to their Unlimited plan.
But in the meantime you can save that extra cash every month. In order to sell items or digital goods, you
must pick at least their eCommerce plan. The VIP plan could be interesting if you’re
thinking of email campaigns already. Now let’s jump into the editor for more
practical examples. This is our live company website Tooltester.net
where we present our team and projects. We were looking for a site builder that didn’t
require any technical skills and that we could easily update ourselves. So we gave Wix a
try and compared it to a few competitors. To edit something, we just click on the element.
Wix suggests several options. Here for example we can edit the text, change the typeface or resize it. If you are not happy with the look, click
here on “Undo”. A great thing about Wix is that you can easily
add animations. Remember the batman transition? You could add a similar effect with only one
click. Here are some examples. But please don’t overdo it. How about adding a gallery or simply a button?
We click on the “Add” section and choose from their elements. Here we can see our custom button. That’s
pretty handy, because we don’t have to recreate it everytime from scratch or copy/paste it
from another page. As mentioned earlier, you can also add a blog
or online store. But since we don’t need it here, let’s skip this. If you want to know more about Wix eCommerce
we suggest you check our dedicated online store review. You’ll find the link in the
description. What makes Wix even more versatile is their
integrated App Market. Since not every website requires the same features, you can just add
what you really need. And there are hundreds of interesting apps! For instance, we could integrate a live chat
function in our website to provide personal support.
Or a booking feature that enables our website visitors to schedule a consultation with us. Wix websites aren’t meant for bigger projects.
The navigation depth would be too limited since you can only have two levels as you
see here. So if you’re planning on creating the next Wikipedia, you should reconsider
your options. So far we’ve only seen the desktop version.
Let’s switch to the mobile view. You see a preview of how the website looks
on mobile phones. In this example we’ve already arranged the elements a little. Sometimes
you might think that a spacing is not correct or a font size too big. Here you can optimize the look.   For many users being found on Google is crucial.
If you are an absolute beginner, it’s a good start to go through their SEO Wizard. Don’t get confused by the name though. SEO
isn’t a one-off thing that is magically done by some software. But the wizard can
help you with your first steps. Wix allows you to edit the title, description
and URL of every page, which is great! When you are happy with your layout, click
on “Preview” and finally on “Publish”. This is our live website now. But what happens if you run into a problem?
The first place to visit is always their help center. You’ll find a ton of information,
but if you don’t find your answer, click here on “No”. That’s a little bit hidden,
but it’s the only way to write them an email. So what are our thoughts after having created
a Wix website ourselves? Technical knowledge wasn’t required at all.
You’ll need a good eye for design though. Editing can be done anytime without writing
a single line of code. Since the basic version is free, you can play
around as long as you want and try all the features that you are interested in. The Wix App Market can boost your website
with additional features. Wix was good enough for us since we only needed
a small portfolio website. Had we created a complex website with hundreds of articles
and pages instead, we would have probably chosen another platform. Normally, you’ll find your answers in the
help center, but if you really need live support, you’ll have to wait. You’ll find further information in our detailed
review. Just click here. There you can also compare alternatives that
let you build a website for free. We hope you liked this short summary and if
you have any questions, just leave us a comment! Thank you!


  1. Hello if I were starting an online store would I have to purchase the combo plan and the e-commerce plan?

  2. Great review guys, very clear and clean editing. What if I accidentally clicked on Create an Online Store, is there any way to turn in back into a normal website?

  3. I've used several website builders over the years, and can honestly say WIX is the worst, hands down. I've been using it for the past few days to build a custom website, and for no apparent reason it will delete work I've done. It just disappears. It will become unresponsive and freeze for no apparent reason. Links will stop working for no apparent reason. At least there's a history tool. But it really sucks when you have to go back hours, or even days, to a point where it's functional…and start all over again. I'm looking into transferring what I've done so far to Squarespace. I was planning on upgrading and paying money, but I wouldn't want my business relying on such a horrible platform.

  4. Wix have a great editor to start a website quickly. But oh boy if you have a technical issue or a billing issue, they have the worst support on this planet. I try to contact them and basically they buried you with knowledge base article that are not helpful most of the time, after a few pages you get to a page to contact them and they have 3 option: 1- ticket 2- support agent call back 3- live chat. Guess what live chat doesn't work and talk to a support agent call back doesn't work. So the only option you have is to send a ticket, after filling the form you get a auto notification on you email and then the waiting game starts.

  5. But what's the catch if it's free? Do you still retain ownership of your content? I assume that WIKS plays commercials on your stuff…

  6. Wix was an absolute nightmare for me. There are some warnings that really need to become more prominent, including the one that this platform absolutely does not accommodate much content. Your website doesn't have to be "hundreds" of pages–if it simply has more than a marketing blurb or two in the way of text, you will be totally screwed. Their whole solution to "responsive" design is to limit text columns to the narrow width that will look good on an iPhone. Why don't they let you know up front that material-dense pages will not work at all unless you keep your text columns tiny? If only I'd known–my website looked great on the desktop, and, yes, I did use the preview for mobile device, and it SEEMED to look okay, but in reality on any smaller screen all kinds of image and text overlaps occurred. Last but not least, why isn't there a warning that you can't go back once you have "published" your site? The first time you hit Publish, a pop-up should ask you if you're sure because after that you can't change the template!!! I was used to WordPress, where you can change the template any time, but now… stuck forever in Wix land. I will now be moving all my content off of Wix. I feel cheated by a dishonest company. And most of the review sites gloss over these issues as well.

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