Will Smith’s Grandmother Admonished Him for Using Curse Words in His Raps

Will Smith’s Grandmother Admonished Him for Using Curse Words in His Raps

-I know early in your career — And again, like,
you watch that clip, you and Martin,
you guys look great. You guys look young. You used to do your own stunts. You are 25 years older.
-Yeah. -Are you still doing that?
-Yeah, you know, I was — when I started, you know,
I was, like, “Bad Boys 3,” we’re going right back,
you know? I’m doing my stunts.
I’m going to get it. I don’t need no stuntman.
I’ll do it. And, like, three days in,
I was like, “Hey, where’s my stuntman?”
[ Laughter ] -Yeah —
-It’s like — Yeah. It’s, like, that stuff
does not — And it’s crazy because you do
this big, giant stunt. You do something.
You fall out of a window. And you do it
and it goes perfect. And then the next day
you have a little stunt where you jump over a chair
and you twist your ankle and you’re down for six weeks.
-Yeah. -It’s always — it’s never
the big ones. It’s always those little ones — -Of course.
-…that put you out. -And I’m sure, you know, any,
you know, film production that can’t have one
of their stars going down, I’m sure they were thrilled
when you finally said, “Get me a stuntman.”
-Yeah, yeah, I was like, “Yeah, we’re going to use some
new modern technology. We’re going to do some stuff
with somebody that can heal can do these stunts.”
[ Laughter ] -When you revisit a part
like this, that you, you know, again, like you did when you
were in your mid-20s, do you think about —
obviously your career has worked out great,
your family life’s worked out great. Do you ever think about advice you would have given yourself —
give 25-year-old Will Smith? -You know, I’ve thought
about that and I think that I wouldn’t give
myself advice. I’d probably ask myself
for advice. -Yeah. That’s —
-You know? When I was 25 years old, I was — I was so ambitious and I was so driven
and I was fearless. And as I’ve gotten older,
I started getting a little bit more fearful
and I would ask myself, I was like,
“Why are you so crazy? Why do you think you
can do so much?” You know, there’s such a power
to naivete. -Yeah, that’s true. Yeah.
-You know? And it’s like, once you know
you can’t — you can’t — -You can’t un-know it.
That’s right. You know, one thing you did
that was fearless but maybe didn’t look
that way to people — you know, I first knew you
obviously as a hip-hop artist. And you were at a time where this was not what a lot of
people were doing — your lyrics were very clean.
-Absolutely. -That choice —
-Oh, yeah. -…was a bigger choice than
I think it probably looked to people.
-That’s when I started. When I was — I was 12 years old
and I started rapping. So I had my rap book.
And I was writing my stuff and had all my little, you know,
my little curse words in my rap book. And my grandmother
found my rap book. And she just turned —
she never said nothing. Turned to the back page
and she said, “Dear Willard, truly intelligent people
do not have to use words like this to express themselves. Please show the world
that you’re as smart as we think you are.
Love, Gigi.” -Oh, my God.
[ Audience aws ] -I read that, and I was like,
[Bleep]. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Laughter continues ] -I don’t know how we’re going
to top that. Will Smith, everybody.


  1. Awwww Gigi sounds awesome!
    That reminds me, when I was 21, that year for mothers day I got a card in the mail (I only have furry 4-legged children).
    For xmas I had bought my mom a Wonder woman blank note card pack (wonder woman was a nickname and she looked just like her as an older teenager).
    She wrote me this beautiful note thanking me for being her daughter and making her a proud mother. It was so unexpected, beautiful, and touching. I cried, I'll never forget that, I of course saved it too.

  2. My grandmother would cuss up a storm… couldn't go two sentences without swearing.. but if any of the kids swore, she'd beat the bejeezus out of us with whatever was at hand.

  3. It's amazing how Grandma's always manage 'find' things while they're dusting under the loose floor board in the back of your closet…

  4. 1:20 that question has never been asked before, especially to Will Smith (and more especially after doing Gemini Man). Sarcasm

  5. I remember Will sharing the story about his grandmother back then, and because of what his grandmother said, I watch what I say and I choose my words carefully. Will, thank you for sharing this story. if it wasnt for your grandmother, I would still have curse words flow out of me like water. Thank you Will, thank you GG.

  6. Will Smith's grandmother sounds like an idiot. Studies have proven that people who cuss have a larger, more creative vocabulary to choose from. It stands to reason that if you use more words you are more intelligent.

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  9. In my humble opinion: Actors doing their own stunts is stupid and takes jobs away from the trained stunt people… duh.

  10. So glad we were able to set our differences aside long enough to come together as a people long enough to give Jaden and Willow their pink slips.

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