Will New Hampshire Finish Joe Biden’s Political Career? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Will New Hampshire Finish Joe Biden’s Political Career? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Will New Hampshire finish Joe Biden's political career? No. His criminal convictions will. Is that Beaker? I don't remember turning it to the Muppet's.

  2. Bernie Just sitting there at the Top LOL interesting way to frame that can you guys be any more cooperate candidate understand you need to keep the big money rolling in with Bernie the tables will turn

  3. So it looks Bernie will have won two in a row…. But they just ignore his amazing achievement… The fix is in guys… How will you get your. Democracy back if they steal this one?

  4. This is the most bizarre segment. Hey, let's just avoid talking about Bernie's support and Bernie's crowd numbers and the fact that even lots of Trump voters like him. It's surreal. Talk about being out of touch!! Go Bernie!!

  5. Trump’s lying about the economy and having fun on our money.  It’s proven 9 out of 10 past Republican Administrations killed the economy. That’s what they do. Fact check it.

  6. Nominate Bernie and we'll lose. If Joe makes a good showing in NH, it throws alot of shade on the Iowa results.

  7. No, New Hampshire will not finish Bidens political career, it's already finished. Only Hunter and a few other morons would vote for senile old Joe. He doesn't have enough functioning gray matter to be the water department city clerk in Hayseed Iowa.

  8. Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg don't have any core campaign policy ideas or any core personal beliefs. Everyone knows the main ideas that Bernie Sanders, Warren, Yang and Tulsi stand for.

  9. Worry more about SC because the blakk vote is what really counts. IA & NH are 2 of the wytest states in america so they shouldnt even be a concern for any of these candidates. Without the blakk vote, they're toast.

  10. MSNBCs "National Affaires Analyst" talks about Buttheads strong performance, while he is down – 3 % and get heckled at his event.
    Then the "Analyst" says Bernie Sanders sits still while he is up 3 %!
    Do they even watch the polls they put up on the screen?
    This is what Fake News looks like!

  11. Bernie Sanders 2020 – Medicare For All – a step towards better income equality – affordable college and trade schools – properly funded public schools

  12. Bernie is the ONLY ELECTABLE CANDIDATE. We’re not going to win by repeating 2016, Biden and Pete are not safe bets just because they don’t rock the boat. The boats already rocking yo it’s not gonna stop until the government starts serving the people and not corporate doners.

  13. NH is a small rural state. Bernie has been a popular public figure in the adjoining small rural state. Bernie has always performed larger than normal is NH primaries, so a win by Bernie would become interesting and worth comment if he win only by a small margin. The reality is the the NH primary (as the Iowa primary) should mean very little as to the national capacities of a national political candidate. Neither state is demographically representative is the US population.

  14. bernie at 27, and they still manage to make it about pete, and your one that has sweet feck all chance to do anything. ffs like

  15. And you dummies at P-MSNBC & Communist News Network pushed the narrative that Trump's intent to investigate Biden & Son's quid pro quo and corruption was because he feared Touchy Feely Joe running against him in the election–causing Nasty Nancy to jump the gun at a faux impeachment? Ha! Biden can't even win a caucus within his own party! Ha! The joke is on the likes of "Morning Joke" & the rest of you progressive simpletons!

  16. Morning Joe panel–five moderate republicans who predicted Hillary would win… We are supposed to see them as the "resistance"? LOL

  17. why is none of these Democrats running talking about Donald Trump right now cutting social security in right now cutting Medicare and right now cutting Medicaid and disability benefits why none of them is talking about what Donald Trump is doing right now

  18. you fkng guys are going to loose us this electecton again. Bernie is just in the lead just sitting there at 3 times the rate of buttigig and cloberchart and these idiots are saying how great the corporate democrats are doing. don't make us loose again. people don't want your candidates. they want Bernie or trump so shut up or promote Bernie.

  19. Biden was only ahead with Media and DNC manipulation as the favorite to win until the race actually started? Bloomberg knew it and he didn't even come to the debates to have soundbites to hold against him. He waiting for all the polls to come in to decide what lies to tell. Bernie will get a pay out by the DNC is Donor Dollars.

  20. I think these guys are hooked up to shock machines which activate should they mention Bernie’s name. You can feel the contempt for Sanders; licking their wounds over Biden in Iowa.

  21. At this point, it is easy to say that all the Democratic candidates are much better choices that Trump. But I think that a ticket with Bloomberg and Buttigeig would be the best combination.

  22. Warren and Biden will be gone soon. Klobuchar will be gone not long after that. Homosexual Pete is getting crowds of 1800, Wow! None have the record of achievement that President Trump has or charisma. MSNBC also told us Hillary was a sure thing to be President.

  23. Why were people in the back yelling? Because they know what you are doing. They know that you are purposefully disregarding Bernie Sanders because you are Bernie haters.

  24. f I already subscribe to your feed why do you have to pollute the end of your videos with a tiresome "if you want to subscribe"..please do the obvious? Please be like CNN and do away with this.

  25. He's only comfortably sitting at the top… no where to go. Poor Bernie I guess we shouldn't vote for him.
    Right, Joe and friends? wink wink

  26. Bernie should be destroying them in New Hampshire. He ran the table and destroyed Clinton taking most of the delegates. Anyone who thinks he is having a great time is delusional. He should be at 40% or better. Big winner? Hardly. He picked up some of Warren's support and that's it.

  27. Hunter Biden and his father ended Biden's run. Even if there is no evidence of wrong doing it turned off a hugle slice of his support. Bad optics.

  28. MSNBC wants a corporate Democrat (Klobuchar or Buttigeg) to win. That's why they ignore Bernie. Soon they will be openly attacking him as he continues to build momentum.

  29. But the REPUBLICAN'S want the BIDEN(S) to WIN. They wouldn't know how to SMEAR SANDERS. And ALL THE BEGGING FOR BIDEN'S would be their BIGGEST MISTAKE.

  30. I'm so glad klobachar is rising in the polls. Once the media is done with Pete and he becomes Kamala then klobachar becomes the next disposable tool of the media and we can get serious.

  31. Biden was done since the first debate.Now he is dealing with his own Ukraine scandal that would ruin his career.

    It’s Bernie,Pete or Bloomberg to run against Trump

  32. Joe Biden running for president was a bad idea from Day One. He looks decrepit and lost. He does´t talk clearly. Barak Obama told him not to run. Obama was right.

  33. 1800 for Butti-gig is not the biggest crowd in NH….Bernie has 2-3-4 thousands every single time….MSNBC lying again…

  34. Is this the same Joe Biden democrats lied that he was Trump's political opponent—that Trump was afraid of losing that he asked Ukraine to investigate Biden? That lie has now been exposed. It turns out that Bernie Sanders was Biden's political opponent, and Bernie is beating Biden like a drum. Whoever gets the democrat's nomination will be Trump opponent for the White House.

  35. Same day release as the poll they show in the clip, but in this poll from Emerson, Bernie leads with 30 that is up +7, not +3 … They do try hard over there at MSNBC…No Democratic moderate is going to limp their way into a win this November, so forget it.

    Poll Date Sample Sanders Buttigieg Klobuchar Warren Biden

    2/8 – 2/9 500 LV 30 23 14 11 10 Sanders +7

  36. Funny how no one clapped when they announced the front runner's numbers. How odd. You figure the front runner would have a ton of support being the front runner and all.

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