White House responds to Bolton’s Ukraine claims: Timing is ‘very suspect’

White House responds to Bolton’s Ukraine claims: Timing is ‘very suspect’


  1. Why do you think Nancy Pelosi had a hold on to the articles of impeachment for a month? Because Mitch McConnell you said December the evidence was gonna come out eventually and we just had a wait them out tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock morons I love itIf you don’t believe Bolton just ask Marie New or the 90 other subpoenas that the White House blocked because he’s so innocent. Catch you in the crosshairs baby

  2. So looks like Stephanie Grisham nude on tapes coming to a theater near you soon! What else could get an adult woman working to defend Billy Bush Poosie Groper Dennison?

  3. We didn’t know everything under Obama and we’re not going to know everything under President Trump….. what’s fair is fair… rewriting our marriage laws and anything else unconstitutional through executive privilege behind everybody’s back is DANGEROUS & BACK STABBING to every biblical minded person that voted 🗳 for HIM back in 2008 remember ?…Obama’s Hollywood transgender agenda religious belief system only abuses Mother Nature and the biblical principled nations around the world 🌍 ….some people are addicted to abuse and that’s sad 😞 to the rest of US ……I hope President Trump doesn’t do the same thing and stab US IN THE BACK…… we don’t know….just saying

  4. This is the democratic spin machine at work again. So transparent. Bolton really hurt his reputation. Leaking fake news John? Horrible.

  5. NOBODY is talking about what is ACTUALLY in Bolton's book! It's just speculation. HOWEVER….per the NYT Article (you have to wait until the 4th page posted online), HERE is what they say happened at the August, 2019 meeting being referred to. READ CAREFULLY about the actual subject matter:

    "In his August 2019 discussion with Mr. Bolton, the president appeared focused on the theories Mr. Giuliani had shared with him, replying to Mr. Bolton’s question that he preferred sending no assistance to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia investigation that related to Mr. Biden and supporters of Mrs. Clinton in Ukraine."

    Ok…did you get that? If the above is accurate, Trump was asking about the RUSSIA INVESTIGATION – and the materials Ukraine had that related to Biden and Hillary's supporters. The RUSSIA investigation that had been finished. NOT about Hunter Biden and Burisma.

    A nothing burger.

  6. Lol Trump team better prove Trump's innocence before citizens revolt against the government. You're acting like we don't understand that Trump hasn't released the transcript and that he's obstructed every investigation using the powers as president. Abuse of power. Framing it's the ballot box when he publicly asks for foreign aid three times concerning his position. There are 8 mill offered and our country on the line. Prove he's innocent or get out of the way.

  7. The DOJ reported Trump's actions were political and not in the interest of the country. It's ran by Barr. If Barr couldn't defend Trump's actions it's because he acts for himself and is a traitor. Every single person continuing to defend Trump is a traitor.

  8. Bolton the warmongrel cannot be believed, he has zero credibility and hes a disgraced, disgruntled, vindictive old man…..id like to take a schiff out behind the bar and show him my mma abilities……i know he would look more flatfaced for sure…..oops ive gotta go take a schiff lol lol 😆 💩 💩 💩

  9. All this is is free advertising for Bolton's book scheduled to be released around March 15 or after. This "news" was released during Trump's defense deliberately to DISTRACT.

    No one needs to "HEAR" from John Bolton or even SEE him.  All he has to do is Put in Writing what he feels "obligated to tell the  public" – Bolton then Signs it as a Sworn Affidavit…. That should be simple for him — because he claims the info will be included in his book anyway.

           To the Media —  To the Politicians —  Cut the DRAMA. END this Nonsense by DISMISSAL.  Every Bit of it (incl., the Biden scandal and incl. Trump wanting to speak in his own defense) – ALL of it can wait until the House sends the Senate its next Promised impeachment. 

    Never have I been so desirous of having TERM LIMITS than during this Impeachment Fantasy. Are these politicians the best our nation has to offer? Of course not. They need to give others a chance to serve in those same positions.  TERM LIMITS TERM LIMITS


  11. It's clear to everyone that the president did a lot wrong! It's strange that an innocent man.. hates witnesses

  12. "Apparently some guy Bolton wrote a book that mentions me. I've never met him and I've heard some pretty bad things about him but I guess he worked for me or something"

  13. I would think that Boltons book would have had to be cleared by the government for national security reasons. I would think if something was there the Dems would have already been singing about it. They would have probably entered Boltons book into evidence. That evidence would probably compel the Senate to call witnesses.

  14. Where is the proof, what planet are these ppl from I'm beginning to think America is never going to heal from this Democratic Cry Baby party

  15. Trump: I'm not guilty! Ask anyone EXCEPT Bolton, Mulvanney. Giuliani, Pence, Pompeo, Parnas or anybody with firsthand knowledge. Just ask my gullible Cult followers.

  16. Yeah ok its everyone else lying not trump…how many more people does it take before you clowns will believe trump is corrupt

  17. The US Attorney General has already stated that Bolton never contacted them as he stated in his so called book. It's easy to spot the Swamp rats in DC they are the ones writing tell all books about their experiences in the White House. John Bolton is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement the likes of which you have never seen before so anything the man produces has to pass through the White House before being published, the NYT is another propaganda arm of the DNC and will say or print anything to get Senators to allow more witnesses in this farce of an impeachment trial and all the President has to do is slap that ND agreement down in front of Bolton and ask him how many years in prison does he want 10 or 20.

  18. When Democrats use the word “Debunked” it means ”Ignore this”, “pretend this does not matter”, “Pretend it did not happen”, “We do not care about exposing this”. I truly believe that Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler should be Inidided for Abuse of Power, and perpetrating a Soft Coup!

  19. He should pay the price ,for lying to the American people, for treason and Accusing our president , First with Russia and now with Ukraine. Our president Donald J Trump who has done nothing wrong. ADAM SHIFT should go to jail !

  20. The President's Team put on a defense in the Senate all day today…..and ALL everybody is talking about is "John Bolton! "

  21. Bolton likes to start wars but guess what? He never had the guts to go to one! Bolton is a snake and a coward! Trump 2020

  22. Bolton lied in his book but if he goes before Congress he's going to have to tell the truth and his book will be debunked. That's why he didn't want to testify

  23. How does Adam shift get away with so many lies? He stands there and directly lies and nobody says "look, he's directly lying to you" Rep or dem say nothing. He can lie directly to Congress, nothing happens! Why isn't he sitting in prison?

  24. Bolton, with that ugly mustache of yours, you look what you are; a traitor. You betrayed not only the President but also, those you lobbied to be recommended to the President. I new from the very beginning, you were up to no good.

  25. The same problem with Bolton and the democrats: they all wish they were the president and things have to be done their way.

  26. OK———— The Dems have been making Republicans look like FOOLS for 3 years now each time they come up with a new LIE about Trump that is picked up and broadcast across the country as FACT. The Dozens of Impeachment claims for the last couple of mouths have continued to Make Republicans look like FOOLS each time they are bitten into Hook Line and Sinker. For the last week Shift has been making The Senate look like Fools with each of his Claims against Trump. And now yet again The Dems have orchestrated another Leak that they say promises to impeach Trump, at just the perfect time. ———— When the hell are the Republicans going to wake up and realize that the Democrats and Shift is just making them LOOK Like FOOLS again as they jump on yet another Shift twisted LIE swallowed HOOK LINE AND SINKER by a few GULLIBLE Rep. Senators, giving the Democrats exactly what they want. To use Ghost twisted 3rd and 10th removed lie Witness statements that always turn out to be LIES to extend the hearings right up until the Election, insuring that Trump LOSES the Election.

    ——————— If The Republican Senators Fall for this stupid TRICK yet Again, they Will always be known as FOOLS until the Day they finally fall victim to the Same themselves or just as likely get Kicked out at the next election for being FOOLS. To many Republicans have already realized That the Dems keep dangling carrots of lies in front of them just out of reach to make Fools of them.

    ————-Stop letting the lying Swift make FOOLS OF YOU ALREADY. Being made Fools of Three of Four dozen times should have been enough for you to learn if you were not SO Fricking Stupid. Smarten up already.

  27. Vegas laying odds starting tomorrow …. on Bolton getting "Epsteined" or not. Put your money where you think it'll pay

  28. No one can say much about a book or manuscript that hasn't been seen, right? It's all just sheit again from NYTs at the right moment. More of a nothing burger. Bolton should hold a Press Confernance with his publisher. He needs to put a stop to such nonsnes. Adn if the Times made this up, he should sue the Times. Someone will get sued over this kind of crap.

  29. John Bolton may be a warmonger but he is not known as a LIAR or a fake newsmaker:-) Now, Trump is really famous around the world to be a LIAR and a FAKE NEWS maker:-)

  30. Why would the president lie? lol Put Bolton and Pompeo under oath. It's easy for Giuliani and trump to call others liars when they know they won't have to testify under oath. Just the facts maam


  32. Trump referenced "Russia" investigation to Bolton…per pg ~4 (hidden) on NY Times own story…not Burisma or Biden's, in particular. But the mainstream media spun it completely differently in their supposed "latest" daily "bombshell" to attempt to smear Trump again. All about book sales and the media smearing Trump.

  33. I'm nobody important and not judgmental but according to HOLY BIBLE the Word of Almighty Father Yahuah God that you will know them by its fruit. Adam Schiff, from Special counsel Muller overwhelming evidence his got that President Trump colluding and results came out that President Trump zilch ties with Russian and now to as impeachment manager. Bad trees cannot and will not bare good fruit! Love never fails. It always perseveres, always hopes, always trusts, and always protects. Thank you very much for sharing. Yah God Bless All…

  34. Unbelievable and scarry how planned this has all been. I have never seen so many gotchas show up just in the last hour as the Democrats and it's DS RINOS have produced. Still won't succeed.

  35. 2:25 It's "Ukraine", not "the Ukraine". ("The Ukraine" suggests that Ukraine is a part of Russia, which it is not.)

  36. Look what Virginia is doing behind the backs of their state . Passing gun control during the impeachment. Another Demorats sneaky moves .

  37. How convenient for this attention seeking snake to start his bs ploy. More hearsay and pure conjecture. The timing is well planned. What a joke.

  38. Mr Bolton you are old, now a disgrace when you were once respected. what a shame at your age to get up to this nonsense. you should know if you work for a boss whether it is the President or the boss of a company things are discussed that you should take to the grave with you. shame on you. you won't be remembered for an upstanding politician but rather as a SNITCH. again shame on you. I feel sorry for you. from SA

  39. Did Pelosi hold things up to give this book time to come out? oh, and I'm certain it's as truthful and accurate as Comey's and Hillary's books….

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