What’s The Purpose Of A Website & Blog For Online Business?

What’s The Purpose Of A Website & Blog For Online Business?

– Hey in today’s video,
we’re gonna be talking about what’s the purpose
of a website and blog for your business. And if ya have one, is it working for you or is it working against you? That’s coming right up. (tranquil music) – Hey, I’m Brian Garcia. – And I’m Erin Nicole Bick. Welcome to BE Adventure
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fresh, piping hot content just for you. – Alright, so this is
a fun, fun conversation and it might be painful for
a few of you and here’s why. A website and a blog has
a very specific purpose when it’s used as a
business and not a hobby. Could you agree with me? – Heck yeah, because for us,
it was painful for a while. And that’s why we want
to share this with you so that you don’t go through
the pain and the struggle that we did when we were kinda
confused in the beginning. – So imagine for a second that you put in all this blood, sweat, and tears and your just like punching the keys, putting up your website and blog and you left out some key things that is the differentiating factor between your website
and blog being a hobby, so basically something
that doesn’t make money, and a business, something that does make money. So these things that we’re talking about here today are crucial. If you’re missing any of these, then you potentially are
leaving a lot of money on the table and if you’re trying to build a website and
blog so that eventually you can quit your job and go full time in the entrepreneurial route, well it’s gonna take you a lot longer, or it will never happen. So let’s bridge that gap
here today and show you a few really cool things that you could do that’s going to actually make
your website and blog perform as a business and not just
some hobby where it’s never gonna show up on Google
searches or anything like that. – Yeah, and you’re definitely
gonna wanna stick around til the end because by
the end of this video, you’re gonna know how to test this for yourself in your business to make sure you’re not missing anything. – Alright, so the first thing
today about your website and blog is it makes your
business easy to find online. When you’re producing new content, in the form of blog posts, when you have your keywords
set up correctly so that when people go to Google to search for what it is that you have to offer. Maybe they search for a
question, or a pain, or a problem and they’re looking for
a solution or something, your blog and website
gets pushed up to the top because of how you’ve set
it up correctly, right? – Yes, the key thing to think
about here is consistency. So if you are pumping out
content on a regular basis, now this doesn’t have to be everyday. It’s always quality versus quantity. So if you’re putting out
one blog post consistently each week that is a valuable
piece of content for people this is really good in Google’s eyes, because every time that you
put out a piece of content, Google sends in the bots to go check out and read your stuff and see where it is that you fit in the Google rolodex, right? – Absolutely, so with that a
website and blog is a place where people can come
and find the information they need for what it is
that they’re searching for. It’s one of the assets
that you actually own. That and your email list. Email lists is actually
gonna be in another video, but just know that they
work hand in hand together. You wanna build that
know, love, trust factor. And when people go to
your website and blog and they find that answers
that they’re looking for they’re a lot quicker to buy the solution, to relieve their pains, to answer their questions, or even provide a solution to the problem that they have. That is a key right there. – Speaking of content that
brings us to number two. Educate, provide value. Entertain people. Give them something to chew
on that will inspire them to keep connecting with you. This is what makes you an authority online is providing people with valuable content. Every time that you educate them, every time that you scratch that itch, or fulfill that desire, or teach them something that is going to help them along their journey this starts to make
you their go-to person. When you can educate them and give them that nugget of information that inspires them to change their life they’re gonna keep coming back for more. They’re gonna wanna keep working with you seeing what else does this person have that could help me with my problem or fulfill a need or desire. – Number three is to make
your website and blog an easy resource for people to be able to buy what it is that you have to offer. So if you think about your online business being your website and blog
you gotta have some sort of way that someone can virtually
swipe their credit card and have sent to them a digital product, a physical product, schedule a service, schedule maybe a coaching call if your into life coaching or have something sent to them that is going to give them value. That’s going to be the solution to what it is that you have to offer to the problem, to the
pain, to the questions that they have in their life. So there’s a lot of different categories that your website and blog
could provide a value to. You gotta get very, very
specific on what it is that your offering so that
when people come there all the products and
services that you’re offering are consistent and
congruent with what it is that your brand is making
an impact with, right? – Yeah, so when Brian
talks about congruency this is simply the fact that
everything makes sense. So if people come on to your website and you’re offering some
kind of health solution and then you’re also selling drones that doesn’t really make sense. So you want people to come to your website and say oh this is the drone guy or oh this is the health and fitness gal. You don’t want them to
come to your website and say oh so they kind of sell
a little bit of everything. They’ve got drones. They’ve got Tupperware. They’re also selling makeup. Like that just doesn’t–
– Like a deals site of some kind. – Yeah, it just doesn’t make sense. You want people to land on your page and say aha I found the solution to what I’ve been searching for. Not to be confused and think well they kind of are just selling stuff. You want them to come there
and say ah this is exactly what I needed and what been searching for. – So let’s do a really simple test that, I’m gonna call it the caveman test. If a caveman can go to
your website and blog and figure out before scrolling what it is that your homepage has to offer what it is that your website has to offer if they could figure it out
then they’re good to go. So the first thing to think
about is when someone lands on your homepage do they know everything about your business. What it is that you have to offer, how can them scrolling
through different pages, scrolling down on the pages, going to different blog posts how is that gonna help them in their life and did they find the right place. That is a thing about clarity that a lot of website owners miss and so if you’re not earning revenue from your website
potentially it is the message before you start scrolling or before your audience starts scrolling that’s causing people to bounce. It’s causing people to not stay on the site because it’s not clear. It’s super vague and it’s super evasive. Get clear, right? – Yeah, we actually cover branding a lot deeper in another video but something to really
consider is when they come to your website like Brian
said do they understand. We actually had a lot of fun with this at a party this past weekend. We were talking to a guy and he said tell me about your business. What are you doing? And we wanted to ask him,
well we actually did ask him. well what do you think
our business is about by just being a person on the outside and seeing our videos
and content all the time? He said well you know I
really love your content and then he broke down exactly
what our business is about. If you can get someone on the outside to take a look at your business take a look at your website and say hey what does this mean to you. When you come to this website, what do you think I could help you with? And just get them to answer
that question for you. Even ask a bunch of
people to do that for you. It’s really gonna help you get clear and to start filling in the holes where you’re like wait
a second you thought that I was offering this but I’m really just offering this. So get clear on that
messaging and get outside eyes to come and help you
out with your branding. – Test number two that you can do is will your website and
blog actually show up in Google searches. Now this is key. If you take the name
without the .com, .net, .co and you put the name of
your website and blog like for instance BE Adventure Partners. If you put that into Google, you’re gonna see the top listings are all BE Adventure Partners’ websites, web assets, and stuff like that. So if you take your name stripped down just the name and Google it, is it going to show your website? Now if it doesn’t ask yourself this. Is this a website that was given to me by a company that I’m a
rep or a distributor for? If the answer is yes then you do not have a viable business in that website because that website will
never be found on Google it will never show up being branded to you and so that’s extremely, extremely key. So to really make this
test work open up your Google Chrome browser and if
you don’t have Google Chrome install it because there’s
a lot of really cool tools that will help you build
your business on there and be found easier. And then open what’s called
the incognito window. This is a window that
strips away all the cookies, all the code that marks you to websites, and then do your search there. That is the ultimate test. So we hope this has helped you today and so that your business becomes viable so you can start making more
money in your online business. If you have questions, leave them down in the comments below because we answer every
single one of those and we wanna make sure that you get your questions answered so that whenever you’re in the tribe you could really get
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in your brand check out this video right here. – And until next time friends. – Adventure on. – Adventure on.


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