What’s New in Android (Google I/O ’17)

What’s New in Android (Google I/O ’17)


  1. Hi Romain, great talk,! Btw, u have a typo in your "Files API" slide, (location time: 27:50) in the filter line, the first lambda should be l -> l.length() !=0, instead of l -> l.length() == 0

  2. It's so pleasing to have those guys working hard just to give us the best of the Android ecosystem so THANKS guys

  3. GUYS…!!!!
    I Think Android Must be dual Mode : Mobile & Desktop like Samsung S8. I hope Next Android Like a Samsung S8

  4. Why do you use a clicker when you could cast your phone screen? What about casting a Google Slides presentation…?

  5. not a developer, but empowering developers makes our lives as users better, so thanks for what you guys do.

  6. if the conference starts with failures in the video broadcast and continues with multiple problems and they are the experts imagine norm people trying to use those technologies the result is that one takes more trying to make them work than for what they really serve

  7. About auto-resizing textViews, this doesn't look good:
    The letter of one word goes to the next line…

  8. Can someone please explain to me what the joke was around 11:00? It had to do with using a certain font, right?

  9. I think their ability to be relaxed and entertaining and enjoy each others company is obviously a result of great support as a development team from Google and the freedom as a team to work effectively with each other. This is very refreshing and would be great to learn their team dynamics. Good work.

  10. Can anyone tell me the font of the presentation please? including font for the headlines and for the codes.

  11. Android 3.0 Canary is so aggravating! I am really angry that there is a shortcut to convert Java code to Kotlin but none for Kotlin to Java. I hate Kotlin!

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  13. I really like the new feature that has come to Android Studio. Hopefully some day I will join to this event. Every event makes me excited. Thank you 😉

  14. I want to make an Android app for my coaching in which I can do following things::–

    1. I can update class timing 
    2. I can make attendance which student's parents can see .
    3. Post some notes.(not needed if hard to do.)
    4.login system by which each parents and student can see all things.
    5. send SMS by app if student is absent.

    Please help.

  15. hello I am Shubham Wani from India . I just wanted to suggest when we see movie, playing video games that nearer person can't see this activities but only one person( I) can see that… I want this kind of app… if u make then remind me friend….

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  17. Really upset with the latest android update 2.2.3
    It is not working its just stuck when I try to create a new project or existing
    I have updated my gradel as well as sdk everything still not working
    check the below link

    and if solution revert back to me

  18. https://youtu.be/1N9KveJ-FU8?t=15m12s
    This is awesome, Android Studio is smarter than me, when i dealing with typecast ☺☺☺

  19. I found a cool app that makes your phone yell when its moved, you can make it also ring when its moved so its less weird. But its kinda funny, and actually kinda helpful at keeping people from moving your phone without you knowing. Its called yelling phone. link below if you want it, or you can just search for it in the play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.josco.yellingphone&hl=en

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