What Worked?

So I said I’d share
with you in these videos what I’m reflecting on
at the end of this year, and one of the things I
asked myself is, what worked? Well, one of the things that
really worked for me this year was starting to offer
an annual membership. I was absolutely convinced
this would never work but I lost nothing by trying it out, and I’m a great believer in
split testing, as you know. I added a 30 percent discount, if you pay for the whole year up front, and, lo and behold, it not only worked, something like 80 percent of all my new members now choose that option. I’m attracting an
incredible class of clients. You know, they’re really committed, they’re settling in for the whole year to work on their business, and it’s an absolute joy to work with them and support them for that amount of time. Looking back over the year, what did you think wasn’t going to work? What did you try anyway? And what really worked for you? I’d love to see your comments below. Share your successes.

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