What Happens When A CRA Is Responsive To A Site

What Happens When A CRA Is Responsive To A Site

hey guys Serg here back with another
video today we’re going to be talking about what happened when a CRA is really
responsive to a site hey guys Serg here back with another
video today we’re talking what happened when a CRA clinical research associate
becomes really responsive to a site so from the CRA s perspective they want to
be the best CRA or typically they want to be the best CRA they can be and sites
will reach out email or call them whenever they have questions which is
perfect that’s what we encourage sites study coordinators to do people working
at the site we encourage you to reach out with questions because we don’t want
you to not follow the protocol and then if you don’t follow the protocol then
we’ve got major and minor deviations that could happen so we want you to
reach out whenever possible whenever you got questions but what I’ve noticed is
when a CRA becomes really responsive it’s like a never-ending cycle because
the site start asking more questions because they know they can pick up the
phone and call the CRA where they can email the CRA at any time when they have
a quick question so that’s why a lot of time now this is from the site’s
perspective that series won’t respond in the timeliness of manners even though
they can respond potentially maybe they’re sitting in there at the airport
or maybe you know just sitting at home or something
chillin they could respond but sometimes they purposely take a little bit longer
to respond because they don’t want the sites to think that they’re just
standing there ready to ask questions it’s kind of a reverse psychology they
play because they want the sites to be able to like think kind of think for
themselves and not always rely on the CRA when they have questions I’ve got to
be honest a lot of the times sites ask questions that are in the protocol or
that have been discussed already or you know have been talked to a multiple
multiple times and I know site study coordinators are usually working on
multiple protocols at one time I’ve heard anywhere from you know a couple
two all the way up to nine and it’s just crazy I mean it’s crazy to expect
someone to know what’s going on at the given stage in a study working on so
many different protocols so I get it you want to ask the CRA questions but just
to like inform you a little bit on what a CRA is thinking when they don’t take a
lot of time now I don’t want you to think that’s
what’s happening all the time because see Ras are busy they are on flights
they do you know they’re on site they do work multiple study sometimes and
they’re tired they need to rest like everyone else so they aren’t always
accessible but sometimes they make themselves a little bit less accessible
on purpose because they want the site to be able to kind of figure it out for
themselves in a way so this is something I’ve noticed as a monitor also that the
more responsive you are to site the more questions they tend to ask because they
know that they can always pick up the phone and call you or email you whatever
way your perfect form of communication is so something to keep in mind from the
site’s perspective is kind of make sure that you reviewed the protocol maybe
you’ve talked about the question in the past through email so you know review
your emails make sure you’re not repeating questions or anything like
that a lot of the times the protocol does answer most of the questions they
are available in the protocol to the answered and that is the way that is one
of the reasons why the protocol is written it is thoroughly written and you
know they constantly updated with different versions and not constantly
but a few times usually over the duration of a study it will be updated
so that’s part of the reasons to make it better and better as it goes a more
streamlined throughout the process of the clinical trial so that’s just
something to keep in mind so definitely if you’re a site asking questions make
sure you review the protocol before before you asking questions because a
lot of times the answers can be found in the protocol and from the CRA
perspective well see arrays are gonna keep doing what they’re gonna be doing
but just just so you know CRA do take a little bit longer to answer questions
partly because they’re busy other part because they want the sites that kind of
figure it out for themselves and and you know the more responsive you become to
the sites the more they’re gonna be asking you questions so that I let you
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  1. Just got back from a site visit. What do you all think about CRA's being too responsive or not responsive enough?

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