Wendy Williams Reveals What It Takes to Wife Her Up Again

Wendy Williams Reveals What It Takes to Wife Her Up Again

-You’re beautiful, by the way.
What is that — What does your necklace —
No, no, your necklace. [ Laughter ]
-Thank you. I’m telling your wife.
-No, no, no. “2677” — What does that mean? -2,677. This is my number for the star
of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. -Oh, is that right?
-Yeah. -Hey, congratulations!
[ Cheers and applause ] -And — Yeah.
-That’s a big deal. -Yeah, I got it — Well, look —
Look, look, ever — Look, I filed back in April.
-Yeah. -And all these great things
have been happening. And so all I can do is
just keep the train moving. And the Hollywood
Chamber of Commerce, I had no — I thought
there’d be more people. You know when you walk on the —
-Yeah, Hollywood Boulevard? -Yeah, it just seems like
there’d be more people. -Yeah, that’s not that much. -So, when the
Chamber of Commerce said, you know, “You’re this number,” I immediately called Will,
the jeweler, and I was like,
“Make this up for me, because I’m going out there
to get my star.” -Yeah.
-And it’s — -Are you placed in a good place?
Where’s your — Do you know
where your corner is? -It’s in a good neighborhood.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-And it’s — -No, you want that.
-It was a really incredible day. -You want people to see it,
yeah. -But it was also
close to when I filed. So it was, like, bittersweet.
-Yeah. You know, like, sometimes you
feel like, “Come on, man. Can’t we just —
I’m still divorcing, but can’t we just get along?”
-Yeah, “Can I –” -But now I’m just like,
“Thank you for not showing up.” [ Laughter ] -Really. [ Laughs ] -But I don’t have a type. Like, I’ll date a short guy.
‘Cause you know what? [ Laughter ]
You know what’s interesting? -What?
-When you get grown, is that you realize
that within five minutes, even the worst guy, you know,
visually or sizewise or whatever,
if he’s got game, I’m in. -Really?
[ Laughter ] -As long as he can
pay his own bills. -So he got to pay his own bills.
-Those days are over. -That’s the only thing?
Just pay our own bills? -Pay your own bills.
Treat me with resp– By the why, I’m a wife,
not a girlfriend. -Okay.
-Oh. -What does that —
Yeah, I mean — -She’s lonely.
[ Laughter ] -So, you’re wife.
-But I’m not desperate. -Are you gonna
get married again? -Yes! With a good old
one-page prenup, one paragraph. [ Laughter ]
Maybe two sentences. What’s yours is yours,
what’s mine is mine. What we earn during
this marriages is ours. Or, excuse me, yours and mine. And I don’t want to
live with you. Like, you have your place,
I have my place. Look, this is a —
This is a new thing. -This is very interesting.
-This is a new thing. -I don’t know how Chitchat —
how Chitchat is going to be if there’s a stranger
in the house. -Well, you know, and
that’s what I say to the girls. I’m like, “If I meet somebody
who’s allergic –” but the girls, “Mom has company.
Let’s disappear.” I don’t live in a giant — Like, I moved
from the suburbs in Jersey. It wasn’t a mansion,
but it was enough to where everybody could go
to their own areas. -Yeah.
-An apartment, Jimmy, like, I got so much stuff,
if you ever looked at my office, my office is a slight reflection
of my apartment. -I do have a picture
of your office. -It’s beautiful but I —
There’s so much — Jimmy, don’t judge me.
-I don’t know, I have to. [ Laughter ]
I think I have to judge you. Wow! That’s a lot of stuff!
-I love chandeliers. And if it doesn’t sparkle,
it’s not right. [ Light laughter ]
And — And — But all this stuff was given to me
by “Wendy” watchers. And at home this is —
If you come to my apartment and you squint, you’re like,
“Oh, I see a habit.” [ Laughter ] -Yeah.
By the way, congrats. The show just got picked up
till 2022. You’ve been doing it
11 seasons. Did you ever think that you
would be doing it this long? -Jimmy, I never thought
I’d have a talk show. -Yeah.
-Honestly, I thought that I was just going to be —
and I was big in radio. -Absolutely.
-And I was fine with that. And I thought that’s what
it was going to be, until the phone rang
and it was Debmar-Mercury, and they said, “we want you
to be you from the radio.” I was like, “Oh, you serious?”
-Yeah. -“You’re not gonna
water me down? Do you understand
what you’re dealing with? Well, let’s go.”
-Yeah. And that’s why you’ve been on
for so long. That’s why everyone loves you.
-Jimmy — -You are you.
And there’s only one you. -Jimmy, it’s a lot of trouble.
but it’s a whole lot of fun. [ Laughter ]
-Wendy Williams, everybody!


  1. I’ve only seen this woman come up in my YouTube feed sometimes and I would watch some of her show and would be appalled. She is a mean spirited woman. But she is making a lot of money off it so someone must like it. I don’t like her and what she is all about. She comes across very unintelligent and very self conscious due all the plastic surgery she has had done which makes her look like a dude who has had transgender surgery…. I’m from Australia and something like this would be removed from our tv because it’s negative and bizarre

  2. Why are people so nasty and vile to her? I know it's pretty easy to be a keyboard warrior behind your phone screens where you can't get socked, but she don't deserve this treatment.

  3. Why is this disgusting, small, vapid bully allowed to share the stage with Jimmy Fallon? Wendy Williams is a cancer. She is a predator. I have lost all respect for the Tonight Show. That is a shame, because I consider Jimmy to be a decent human being (hell, The Roots like him!). Good job, producers, for sullying his rep. And I know it doesn’t really matter…but I’ve unsubscribed.

  4. Seriously? There is no reason for anyone to wife up at this age. With her all that she has, why in gawds name would anyone go down that path? You’ve already had kids – you’re financially independent.
    Don’t get me wrong, still enter monogamist relationships if that suits you, but please leave the institutional legalities out of it

  5. She’s the exact type of women I would NOT date. Over dramatic, hoarder, and bad plastic surgery job. Also whats the point of being married if you live in separate houses? Ridiculous.

  6. She says absolutely degrading things about celebs she doesn't know anything about on a personal level. At the end of the day, celebs are people with 1000x the insecurities to a regular nobody. I don't endorse her one bit and karma is going to bite her in the ass one day. And I came on this video just to say this.

  7. Wendy you said you're a wife not a girlfriend but you quoted everything a single person has. Live in different spots that my dear is ill-advised just a classy word for STUPID

  8. Fallon immediately lost respect in my eyes for having this hate mongoring lunatic on his show. Disgusting human being that needs to be locked away for life for insulting the treasure that is Joaquin Phoenix

  9. She’s just the typical example of someone who grew up with nothing and is insecure of her status. She tries to play herself up as if she’s better than others when she has done nothing good and has no talent. So arrogant and a disgusting human being who didn’t deserve the luck for her ‘career’

  10. Jimmy, you're better than this. You shouldn't interview garbage sacks. You did get this guest that is generally considered a horrible person because of how she bully's people, degrades people, and is just in general a bad person.

  11. The racists love hanging out in Jimmy's comment section…Being racist towards Jimmy and certain guests…And they aren't man/woman enough to own up to it…We 👀 you hiding behind your slick hateful comments

  12. she literally looks like a large piece of balogna draped over a thick skeleton with a wig on it that talks like a 50 year old guy from the bronx named axle that smokes adderal laced cigarettes

  13. I was surprised when Jimmy asked her if she got divorced…. then I realized, she must’ve told him BACKSTAGE so he can say it to her just so we can feel sorry for her!
    Cuz I’ve never heard Jimmy ask such a question, till I knew it must be her…
    He dosen’t invite the guests!!
    The people who work for the show do!!
    How about blame them??
    Jimmy never does anything wrong!!
    And idc if you won’t watch Jimmy anymore or “lost respect for him”. Your loss! Bye!!

  14. I find it weird that she’s still getting hate over mr.joker even though in the same episode that she made fun of him she was also gawking over how hot he was. I mean she was obviously just joking

  15. Y'all need to chill up she is a great entertainer so look up what you're saying before criticizing others, news are not what they seem

  16. This woman is a horrible bully, who refuses to empathize and learn things! It's enough to have one of those in the WH! Don't bring someone like that onto this show! 🙁

  17. the hypocrisy in the comments makes me laugh honestly. y'all are just as quick to judge others than she is. hating on her makes u exactly the kind of trash u just called her.

  18. People are just mad because she's a strong woman who has her own career and is moving on with her own life after 25 years of marriage and she is happy being single.

  19. Why is she still around? She makes fun of people with cleft pallets and only keeps her job bc she is a black woman. Get rid of this bitch. #firewendywilliams #fireherblackass

  20. Wendy is a mogul! If you don’t like her show than don’t fcukn watch it. Period. But dragging her is not hurting her pocket book.

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