Weebly 2014 – The Easy Way to Build a Website

Weebly 2014 – The Easy Way to Build a Website

Weebly 2014 is one of the top online tools today to make a website. It couldn’t be
easier and you can start for free. So lets a look at Weebly, first
we’ll look at some Weebly sample sites just to give you a flavor for what you can do with Weebly, and these were created and in Weebly. This is a vegan site, not my
cup of tea, but you can see it’s nice clean look with a great menu and this is a site I found that is a yoga side also
built with Weebly very simple clean look, nice menus and it’s got a blog contactpage, basically all you need for a
basic website and next we’ll look at site that’s quite unique called chairogami. They build cardboard furniture so pretty neat stuff they utilize the store component they have the built in heavy use of
social media it is a great use of Weebly and this is a good
example what you can do with the with the Weebly tool. This is how you add your site to weebly or any Weebly site. Once you sign up it just says “Add Site” and you click there and you’re good to go We’ve got a few options. You can create just
basic website start with the blog or store you can
have a blog and a store in one website they’re all interchangeable so I’m going to pick site you the next up is to pick a theme, there are many to choose from so you pick one that looks like it’ll fit your business and you will find one here you’ll find you will end up using some of the same themes each time
I happen to use this one alot I like the background and the layout design.
Click choose there and then you gotta decide on a weebly sub domain
that’s the free one you can register a new domain or connect
with your own domain you already own. I’ve done all all
three and there quite easy. We will do the free domain here and this is something you can just
experiment with and here’s how easy it is to edit your
site each theme will come with areas that are already populated, the titles and subheadings so you just type right over them and we will type right over the subheading as well. We won’t go through typing over all the data. Next a look at
adding images now the theme will come with images
pre-populated. you just click “edit image” the right hand corner then click add an image
upload from your computer will pick a picture here of mountains and that will be a static image you do have the option though of going with a
slideshow click OK. Here we will click “slideshow” and show you how you can have a carousel on the front page. We will OK that picture
and save that slide now we will add a second slide just to show
you the feautre. Upload another image, We will upload some more pictures of mountains might be the same lake, and there you’ve got a carousel which is very nice on a homepage. And you can save it to all the pages or save it to just this page the homepage or selected pages but we will do just the one page. Next a look adding text and content which is super easy with Weebly you drag what you want to add from the left into where you on the page. So we are going to add a title and next we are going to ….we will call it page title… next you drag whatever you want over and we are going to drag an image with text here which is kinda
standard. You click on the image you upload the image just as it did before
open and resize the images by just dragging on the corner and then you just type in your content
it’s that easy to add content to your pages. Social media is
the buzz these days and adding it in Weebly 2014 is very easy it comes with all the themes now it’s as simple as just loading up your
profiles. For Facebook click on Facebook dt your facebook page your Twitter handle LinkedIn I would add my email address as
well and you can add more if you click add
more. They have all these options. I would add Google. It’s very important these days. YouTube channel added. Pages are easy to add or edit in Weebly You go to the pages tab and here you can
switch pages around The page already pre-populated are there, you can just drag-and-drop them around to add a page you click “add a page”. You can add a standard page a blog page, a store page or an external link. We will add a standard page we will call it “Services”. You can pick a
different page layouts we’re gonna pick the one with the header at
the top and then we’re gonna save and edit. So that added the page just like that Now you can go into that page and edit it. other Weebly features. And we are going to fly through these. They are on the left as we showed where we dragged the text earlier. This has all the features you can add to your site by dragging over whatever you’d
like to your web page Slideshows, Galleries, Contact Form, Maps, You can add a divider to make columns, add audio and video content Flash, Google Adsense, Embed your own HTML code, Add a poll. Add more social icons. You can add them anywhere. RSVP forms. It is as simple as just dragging
it over and it’s in. So finally publishing your Weebly website. Like everything else with Weebly it is easy to publish. You click “publish” and it gives yout he options you saw before to Weebly.com free domain or you can switch it at any point to a domain you may own. And we are going to click on the URL we chose earlier to take a look at the site., and here it is it’s done! My New Website with the carousel on the front page that will toggle
between those two pictures so pretty sweet and easy with Weebly. And I almost forgot our social icons are at the top. The couple icons we filled out. Facebook and Twitter. I want to thank
you for watching if you made it this far and would love
thumbs up and we really appreciate it. You can also follow us on
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  1. I wish I had watched this video before I built my site today.  Weebly is very good and easy–you embellished what I already had done today and you showed the options.  Thanks so much.

  2. Excellent video. Thank you. I was very nervous about doing this, but now I feel better. Just shared you. I'll be building the web-site to sll my book, "Hope and Healing-San Diego Mental Health Resources."

  3. Thank you for talking slowly and not over my head. Making a website has a built-in fear. You kept it short and sweet. I'll watch it several more times I'm sure.

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