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Web Design Allentown PA | Call (610) 471-0001

Hi this is Brett Lewis from
www.BrettLewis.com and I am here to answer one of the frequently asked questions that
I get all the time. And that question is, why are cheap templated websites non-effective
in getting new business for my company? Well here is the deal; a templated website has
the same content as a lot of other sites that are out there, i.e. the template. And what
happens is the search engines like Google and Yahoo and Bing and all others out there,
they are looking for new fresh relevant content, they don t want to see duplicated content
from, you know, another place where the only thing different is the company name and the
city and state, you know, the mailing address – they want to see actual real fresh content
throughout the entire site. Here is the other difference too; a templated website is pretty
much for the most part, straight up HTML, that has, you know, five pages or ten pages
or twenty pages within the site and that s it, so once you build your site and you put
it out there, it s view, even if you change all the content on it, it s viewed as new
content initially from the search engines but over time nothing changed, so the search
engines deem it as being stale, boring and old content which basically brochure sites
are that, so they fall off the search sites. The solution for this is to create your website
with a component that stays fresh and relevant and the way to do that is with a blog website,
a blog based site. We do those all the time for our clients, we can make our blog sites
look just like a regular website and yet they still have a blog component and it makes it
very simple for the website owner to put new content out on a daily, weekly or monthly
basis. And by the way if you are a website owner, if you own a company and you have your
website and you don t want to be bogged down with the content side of it, because you are
too busy running your business, well then you can outsource that and have somebody else
build the content for you, and again we do that for our clients as well. So if you would
like more information about getting effective websites, being found on the internet and
having content built for you, contact us at the website address below, www.BrettLewis.com.


  1. So how do we sure our sites come out as a unique site? What is the difference between a blogsite and a regular website? How much do you charge your client?

  2. If the client ask for the design that makes the user entertaining than they usually design for other clients can that make it happen? Does it cost much more having a design like you want to customize rather than the standard design of it?

  3. First of al i like the video very much and presented neatly… Then i have a question that what kind of design you use to create a good looking site?

  4. Thanks for your valuable inputs Brett.
    How design and content can be put together to make the site at top on search engines? What features do you provide in your outcome for a fresh website?

  5. how much should we pay for you if we we owed our website from you.and how much do you take for hosting our web as a monthly charge

  6. Great questions! First of all, our sites' content is originally created & then we double check the content with special tools to verify the uniqueness. A standard website is non-dynamic whereas a blog site is designed to easily add more content. The best part is that blogs are configured to be very Search Engine friendly, meaning the content is configured to be easily found by search engines like Google. Pricing varies depending on the client's needs but we start at $299 and go up from there.

  7. Thanks, glad you liked the video! The designs vary, our main goal is to make sure the site is easy to navigate, professional looking but MOST important, we want the sites to rank highly in Google and other search engines AND get potential new customers calling!!

  8. Sorry but at this time we only work with english speaking countries due to language restrictions. If you want a site that is built in English, then yes we can help.

  9. Thanks for the comment! We like to see a minimum of 10 pages to begin with a site. After the site is built, ongoing blog postings will serve the purpose to expand the site's size and more importantly to establish the site as a fresh, relevant site in the eyes of the search engines!

  10. No time on your end if you hire us to build your site 🙂 If you attempt to do it yourself, that depends on your technical, editorial & graphic skills.

  11. Yes, sometimes we do run promotions. Contact us to discuss your project needs and I'm sure we can work something out that you'll be happy with.

  12. Not sure I understand that question. To start, all you have to do is contact us and talk to one of our project managers. You'd receive a receipt from us regarding payment. The proof you get is the completed site. not sure if that answered your question.

  13. Sachin – Thank you! The top search engine ranking is dependent upon how competitive your specific niche is. We utilize many, many strategies to get great rankings. We incorporate video, great article content, images, opt-in forms, free give aways, and other great features in our web design.

  14. Yuabraj – that depends on your requirements regarding the web design. We do not host websites but you can get very inexpensive hosting solutions from companies like HostGator

  15. Does adding a few comments in the blog say once per week keep the webpage "fresh" as far as Google or Bing, or must it be updated daily to keep it from becoming "stale" and being overlooked? Can I have add anything to the blog to keep it fresh or does it work off quantity of change?

  16. comments are ok but the better strategy is to post new content in the form of articles & video. The thing to keep in mind is that the search engines are looking for fresh, RELEVANT content. The quality of the content is important and it's uniqueness! Get in the habit of writing a weekly blog post on a topic surrounding the niche that your blog addresses.

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