1. https://www.facebook.com/285361880228/posts/10157627961455229/
    this cover girl!! fredy i thought it was you ?

  2. They are selling it on fcb and when I posted some of the videos from yt, showing how it obviously doesn't work, they disabled me from further commenting! But I saw a lot of ppl want to buy this thing. I saw a commercial but I went to yt first to see rewievs here, because I knew someone must have tried it!

  3. I’m pale enough that this stuff works to MOSTLY cover my rosacea. It’s not perfect by any means but I love to use it when I don’t want to do a full face but want a TINY bit of coverage that I still look natural. But I’m also like as pale as pale can get. ?

  4. It didn't seem like they really blended it in good like we would normally do… They just pat it a little bit… I think blending it makes the color start changing

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  6. I had colour changing foundation, different brand, and did work ? few my friends did try as well and it was ok, well it wasn't full coverage but did work very well otherwise

  7. Awe man I wish I would have seen this before wasting $25. It is terrible. I don't actually mind the smell but it doesn't cover a damn thing lol

  8. I tried this before and it highlighted the darkness under my eyes so I looked dead…I will never use this again

  9. the girl on the right i am feeling her charisma and personality. i feel like we could have been like joined at the hip if we met. 100%

  10. Freddie is just packing it on, making sure she’s not blending it. Lol. Lightly tapping, as the others are really trying.

  11. I heard of colour changing foundation a long time ago . It worked for me but it wasn't that bs TLM brand. It was a drug store brand. I believe it was Revlon.. I'm not too sure

  12. Thank goodness I watched this before I even decided to try it out… Thank goodness for you guys… ??❤️

  13. just wondering why ppl dont wear blue or pink foundation like of all the colors u could use why paint ur face with a color that matches ur face?

  14. Colour dissolves in the skin but not colour changing. They should have called it color dissolving foundation and not color changing foundation because it's not changing. A Fake product.

  15. I just remember when Devin pranked everyone with the peel-off primer she told them they were trying color-changing foundation. And yet this crap is even more of a joke. I’m sorry that more true-to-life colors aren’t available to most WoC, stuff like this certainly isn’t helping.

  16. Freddie…barely touching it. 1st girl rubbing it vigorously. 3rd girl somewhere in between. sigh What commercial showed peopme patting it. If its a sunscreen consistentcy you can't put alot. You absolutely cant layer it. Pointless.

  17. Chantel should’ve done it since so use Hispanics could see how it would work on our skin, instead of having to go by Jen or Kristen, or even Freddie for darker

  18. Do NOT buy anything from Body Boutique or Flaraa. Both are scam selling pages. Please report them as scam pages. They don't allow paypal, they ask for your bank details then never send the products. I learned the hard way. Please spread the word and report the pages if you see them! They pop up as Facebook advertisements. Call your bank to report them and hopefully they will give your money back. Please spread the word so others aren't scammed also.

  19. This message is to the pretty brown skin young lady. I would like to know the one you use everyday. It matches your skin beautifully!!! Can you please tell me the name of it please?? Thanks

  20. You have to create warm friction by rubbing the foundation repeatedly between your hands, then apply to your face. Please redo the review.

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