WE GOT EVICTED!! How We Built A New Studio in 30 Days | Royalty Soaps

WE GOT EVICTED!! How We Built A New Studio in 30 Days | Royalty Soaps

– So basically the city
of Terrell kicked us out. Hey there! My name is Katie and if
you’ve never met me before, I am happy to make your acquaintance. Here’s a brief history of me
and my company Royalty Soaps. I started making soap
when I was 16 years old and launched Royalty Soaps the business on September 15th of 2011. So it started as a hobby
in my parent’s shed slash my bedroom sort of and then
I moved it to a nice little building about a mile
away from their house on a kind, elderly woman’s
property she was so nice to let me stay there rent free! And then Royalty Soaps moved
back to my parent’s land. My dad built from the
ground up, Butterfly Cottage which was gonna be a
transition house for their kids between childhood and
adulthood so they could feel some freedom before they move out. I didn’t actually end up
staying there long however because I married the
love of my life, Caleb and we moved 45 minutes west
so about five minutes from DFW Airport and Royalty
Soaps lived comfortably in our spare bedroom for about a year. A year later we moved from
our apartment to our first rent house in South Dallas,
we had a lot more space there for the business to spread
out and another year later we decided to move closer to my parents we’re comin’ full circle
right back to Terrell and we bought a home with a
500 square foot out building that my dad and my brother
Elisha completely renovated by themselves in six weeks. And what started out as being just me, grew to be me, my husband
Caleb, my brother Simeon, my brother Kenny, my sister
Shelly, my mom who works as customer service, my
dad who works as finances and also clearly on construction and our really good
friends Garrett and Mallory who I have known since
they were literally babies. For reference here’s a
really cute picture of Garret and Simeon when they were
teenie tiny, so cute! So if you weren’t counting,
what started off as just me, is now nine people. And with all of this growth,
we were looking to expand the original building in my backyard. So now you’re all caught up, there is the history of Royalty Soaps and we can get into the
current day Royalty Soaps. Like I said, we were looking to expand. Here is the outside of the original studio and my dad moved this storage
building from right here so that we could build
the new extension right in this corner and since I’m
inside Terrell City Limits, the concrete guy who was
gonna pour our foundation told us of course that we have
to get approval from the city We finally scheduled the
time for them to have a city official come and look
at our project in the backyard and on July 9th, I was
sitting at my kitchen table and my brother Kenny said, uhhh, Katie, why are the cops outside? I looked out the window and
said I really wish that were the cops, but that’s the fire marshal. Both the fire marshal
and the city official went into my backyard, they
required my dad to show them the soap studio, they had
a big long conversation and before leaving, they
scheduled another meeting with my dad for the very next day. Obviously we scheduled
the city official to come, but why was the fire marshal here? That’s the real tea. The fire marshal was there
because one of our neighbors filed an official odor complaint. Yes, that’s right. An odor complaint. Apparently the occasional smell of lavender and strawberries was disconcerting and a public nuisance so the city had to come check us out. My dad came back from the meeting and it wasn’t great news as
many of y’all can probably guess According to the city of Terrell,
Royalty Soaps doesn’t fit into what would be
considered cottage industry because of the chemicals that we use. In Terrell, you can have
an entire beauty shop with aerosols and flammables in your backyard. In Terrell, you can have a
bakery with large industrial size ovens in your backyard. But you cannot make soap in your backyard. We have 30 days to vacate. The city also told us we
couldn’t move and manufacture in a retail space, so the
only place for us to go was an industrial facility
and while the industrial locations available to rent
in Terrell are very tempting for an artist of soap shop, we were still gonna be in the city limits, we were still gonna be heavily monitored and it was really expensive
so we had to get outside of city limits we really
needed a place that was gonna be inexpensive and we
had 30 days to do it. So let’s hop into the timeline. I left for VidCon the day
we got the eviction notice. So for the first four days,
my ability to troubleshoot the situation was very limited. Also, emotionally I was a bit messed up. But right now, I feel pretty numb. Lucky for me, I’m not a
one woman show anymore so the team lept into action immediately. While I was gone, my dad
created a building blueprint and a budget, my mom created
a shipping and fulfillment schedule with Simeon and
over the phone on day two at VidCon my parents pitched me the plan. They suggested we build an
addition only Butterfly cottage because you guessed it, my
parent’s house is outside of city limits, Caleb
and I were over the moon, we thanked my parents
for their generosity, like seriously my parents
are so flippin’ cool and we flew back home really
exhausted from all the work we had done over the last four days in LA and anticipating all the work we were about to do here at home! The first two weeks are kind
of a blur and I don’t have a lot of footage because I
was really busy shooting stuff for secret projects that you
guys will find out about later and doing a lot of things
that just couldn’t be put off. They put the concrete beams in, they placed the wood flooring down, added insulation into the flooring and did all those little
odd jobs that you have to do when building an addition onto a house. On day 12, it was time to start framing. This was when a wonky
deck starts to really look like a building and it took a solid week, with all hands on deck, no pun intended, to get the walls and the roof up, the electricity pulled
and the pipes put in. This is where I actually
had some time to start filming a little bit more. So basically they have the walls on on the outside, they have the door in, they have the window in
and all the electrical has been pulled on the inside
and today they’re puttin in the insolation, everything
is completely framed up and then from this line
on the floor all the way to this back wall that
already has the insulation is gonna be the curing room, so that’s gonna be a
completely separate room. This is where the two windows
used to be on the exterior of the original cottage and
eventually a door will go here to connect the bathroom and
the bottom cottage area. I’ll take you guys to
the inside of the cottage and basically my two grown
brothers have given up their life and their entire downstairs area is just a completely
trash heap, just trash. There is the man that has
been working his buns off every single day, this is Elisha Paul, I don’t know if he’s been
formally introduced to the channel so he is number five,
he’s right after Shelly so it’s me and then Kenny,
Simeon, Shelly and then Elisha. – Oh yeah!
– Yeah! Day 17 was my 25th birthday and before all this eviction
stuff started happening, I had planned to throw myself
a pretty decent sized party. I ended up throwing that
idea to the wind of course, but my mom and my best friend
Caroline weren’t having it and told me, oh no girl, we
are throwing you a party. Now I knew they were throwing me a party but I didn’t know exactly how
they were throwing me a party and I was– well you’ll see. (soft music) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (crowd cheering) – It was a night I will truly never forget and I feel like everybody
was kind of relieved to just have a few hours
that we could just kick back, enjoy some good food, enjoy
our friends and our family members and just breathe
for a quick second. The next day everybody was back at it and before we knew it it
was time for the August Soap Collection Release. Today is August 2nd, tomorrow
is the August Soap Release for all of the drink months. Daddys about to cut the
door out so let’s go watch. (lively music) What a marvelous 20 minute
display of strength and fortitude (Katie laughing) – Well I don’t know about all that. There it is. There’s the rest of it. – There’s the rest of it. Most of us were starting
to get a little bit tired, we had been working for 25 days and it was the very last
release in our studio. I specifically got a little emotional. So today’s the day that I’m
filming some insures and oushers and honestly it’s just
been really really hard. I just don’t want it all away from me I want those items here, some of the items, I know
this is so sentimental please just bear with me, some of the items that I’ve had, I’ve had since I was like just starting. Like certain aprons and things and like I just don’t want
those to be away from me it’s just sad. But we pressed on! The release went pretty great and while everyone was shipping, my mom, my dad and Elisha were
doing basically everything else over at my parent’s house. In preparation of course
for day 30 through 32 when we would actually be moving. The door is now completely cut out. Then when you come inside, the walls have been painted, they’re doing another coat. Hi Ma, hi Penny! – Hello! – [Katie] Doin’ another coat of paint, she’s using her very favorite valspar swiss mocha
– Swiss mocha – [Katie] Yes, swiss mocha
which is such a nice color it’s on the outside of the original place and then here’s all the windows, they look super nice. They have the flooring all
picked out and ready to go and that’s gonna be put in a little later and they still have to
put in this final board up here at the top so this
is kinda what it looks like right now and basically
everything in here is being used to finish up the details like
the caulking or putting on the trim around the edges of the floor. And then, these nice
countertops that my dad made have already been painted
and then they’re gonna get sealed tonight so that
they’re ready to go tomorrow. This flooring is so beautiful,
we got it from Home Depot. It is life proof vinyl planking
and it is so beautiful, it absolutely looks like real wood. We’ve got the AC goin’ in this
room and we have more shelves that are being put up,
we’re gonna have three rows right there, there’s gonna
be some on this wall as well and there’s some on this wall. Here’s the transition
between the two rooms because this area which
is Old Butterfly Cottage is gonna be turned into a place for everyone to kind of chill out, hang out, it’s gonna have
some office space in here but it’s also just gonna
be a place where people can eat lunch and stuff like that. What’s also really great is
that there’s a full bathroom, there wasn’t a full bathroom
with our last studio, there wasn’t a bathroom at
all so people were havin’ to come into mine and
Caleb’s house all the time to go to the bathroom, so
we’re really grateful for this. By day 32 we had more friends
over coming to help us put internal doors in, my brother
Elisha and his best friend with my dad’s oversight
built the curing racks all by themselves this is
one like super impressed big sister right here. There was stuff to be painted,
people were culking around the border of the room. It was a very very productive
Sunday and we met our deadline Yesterday was day 34 so Kenny
and my dad were up on the roof getting all the shingles put
on, while the rest of the team was organizing and setting
up the inside of the workshop and also trying to get sort of used to it since that’s where they’re
gonna be working from now on. So there’s the entire eviction
story from day one to today, day 35, there’s still a
lot to do on the exterior of the building but the
interior is totally workable at this point and we’re all
catchin’ our breath a little bit A big thank you to
everyone who gave us Grace, sent thoughts and prayers
our way, and helped us move! We greatly appreciate you! And to the Royal Court, you
guys are why we do what we do. I know some of you have been
here from the very early days and have essentially watched
me grow up on this platform. And having all of your
cheer us on makes us strive towards excellence and wake
up every single morning with a passion and a purpose. And to the neighbor who filed
a formal odor complaint, I’m actually grateful for you too! Because of you, Kenny and I
get to move our filming room slash creative room
out of my spare bedroom and into the old studio
which is way more spacious and way more convenient. The majority of my family
has a faster commute to work, a ton of money was saved because we built a pier and beam extension
instead of a concrete slab and we grew way stronger
as a company and a family. So thanks again, neighbor,
I’ll be sure to send you a free bar of soap! Thanks to everyone who watched today, I hope you guys enjoyed the
video and I’ll be seeing you soon right here on the
Royalty Soap YouTube Channel! Bye for now! Nee-yow, pshhh!


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