Watch! AZUL Business Class, Sao Paulo-Lisbon

Watch! AZUL Business Class, Sao Paulo-Lisbon

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this video and making it possible hello and welcome to another video today
I am at Villa Campos Airport here in Campinas next to Sao Paulo this is
actually sound Paolo’s third airport and this is where Azul airlines have their
main operating base that’s why I’m flying with today I’m flying with Azul
back from South Paola can PS to Lisbon and Portugal it’s gonna be out nine to
nine and a half hours in business class I’m really looking forward to it this is
a rather different airline for a few reasons
let’s go check it out by Road vericose is over an hour from Sao Paulo but as
they lay on a free bus whether you’re traveling in business or economy class
the bus drops you right outside the terminal and your bags travel in a
locked compartment underneath the seats there’s no need and in fact no way to
book the bus you just turn up and get on my bus was not particularly busy and I
think there’s a very low risk of you not being able to get on board I was
actually quite surprised to find that Villa Capas Airport was historically the
original main International Airport of Sao Paulo
the main airport now is at Guara and that opened in 1985 one thing I should
say if you’re flying from here is to go down to the basement the arrivals level
because this is where most of the places worth eating and drinking are it is not
particularly well signposted if you come in at street level check-in
was completely painless and took only a couple of minutes
business class check-in was absolutely deserted there’s also an adult lounge
which is located on the first floor immediately after security I think it’s
important to stress before I get into this trip report the Azal are not a
legacy airline they’re a relatively new entrant to the market as such they pitch
their product and their pricing a fair bit below the competition in order to
attract a different market so don’t expect any hot meals in the lounge or a
particularly inspiring range of food and drink in all honesty my flight was over
nine hours long so I was planning to eat on board anyway there’s no compelling
need for preflight dining here so it’s far from being the world’s best
business class lounge but to be honest it’s a perfectly adequate place to hang
out for an hour before your flight departs just heading down now to gate a
zero eight for my flight to Lisbon now walking around this international arm of
the airport I can’t help but notice there are only three international
flights departing this evening my one to Lisbon one behind me to Pato and another
one to Fort Lauderdale in Florida now this Airport have as Google Inge vitako
past airport and latest two things firstly the reason this airport the
International arm is so quiet is because there’s a recession on in Brazil that
it’s just working its way out of at the moment and that means this air but
hasn’t been able to attract the traffic then it was originally supposed to the
second interesting thing that I found out about this airport is the name of
Erica post means to turn over glasses in quick succession according to Wikipedia
now Lucy translated that means to get drunk or to consume a lot of alcohol at
once and I think that’s one of the best names for an airport I’ve ever heard
another one that really comes to mind is the name of Sophia’s Airport which is in
of cours de Bona in Bulgaria just outside Sofia Alvares Deb nur is a town
and that basically means hostile which is definitely the other end of the scale
for airport names and that’s a bit of trivia for you just waiting for priority
boarding to happen and yeah looking forward to getting on board and finding
out what this unique airline is all about my flight today would be operated
by this airbus a330 and a special blue livery a quick reminder that you can catch all
of my trip reports in written format on simple flying the link to the article is
in the description below okay thank you business-class occupies
the front cabin and is in a staggered one-to-one configuration true window
seats like this one here for a are the best ones to have because they offer
optimum privacy however I was stuck in 5c which is one which adjoins the aisle there was a pre-flight choice of wine
water or orange juice and a small chocolate serve before takeoff takeoff was brisk and smooth and into a
beautiful Brazilian sunset Lisbon is four thousand nine hundred and eight
miles from Vero coppice and the flying time of this flight was nine hours and
25 minutes the type of seat used in business class is called the serger mer
solstice seat and you can find this on various other airlines including Etihad
it isn’t the most up-to-date seat on the market but what I do like about this
seat is the fact that you can move your seat forward to meet the table rather
than the other way around there’s also in seat charging and this little device
here is the remote control for controlling the in-flight entertainment
screen as all is a Brazilian airline most of its market comprises the
domestic Brazilian aviation market and also in connecting Brazil with its
cultural cousins in Portugal however it does also operate some flights to the US
and that means there’s an extensive english-language selection of film and
TV shows however don’t expect miracles from the headphones my friend Jeb Brooks
is probably the person you’re going to want to speak to if you want some decent
ones sadly as all has yet to fit its aircraft with Wi-Fi özil was founded by
David Neil ermine the same person that founded JetBlue in the US the commitment
to enthusiastic and personal service was obvious to see the cabin crew working
mile gave me exactly the same kind of enthusiastic service that I come to
expect from JetBlue who are my favorite US domestic carrier all of that being
said I can’t say that the food was a particular highlight on board this
flight if you followed my channel for a while you’ll know that this year I’ve
flown quite a few international business class products and I’ve been really
impressed in general with the standard of food there was I think particularly
wrong with the food on board özil but it didn’t really live up to the heights
offered by some of the main legacy airlines that I’ve tried
there was nothing in particular that was wrong with the food but I have to say
that I won’t remember these dishes much beyond making this video
still I was pretty happy to see ice cream as a dessert option because that
is supposed to be something you can’t get wrong
isn’t that right Delta Airlines as all handout amenity kits in business
class on all of their long-haul flights and the bag is reasonably attractive and
pretty well stocked in fact with all of the things that you would expect on a
long-haul flight talking of toiletries the toilet itself was very clean
throughout the flight the little blue light at the bottom of the console there
is a little nod an inexpensive one – towards the companies color scheme I
spent the rest of the evening watching this secret life of walter mitty
starring Ben Stiller my advice for this film is to avoid it like the plague soon
it was time to turn in for the night and one of the benefits of these solstice
seats is a fact there’s plenty of storage so if you change into a pyjamas
like I do there’s plenty of room to shove your clothes into one of the
storage units in common with many airlines now there’s no turndown service
in business class so you need to lie your sleep fat yourself and pop out the
bedding which is pretty easy to do however there’s no sheet or mattress
topper provided I was a bit worried that having an aisle seat I’d be disturbed
during the night but thankfully this didn’t happen and the seat was really
comfortable and perfectly wide enough for me to get a solid six hours of sleep
which is what I asked for on a long flight about an hour from Lisbon I was woken by
the crew as I requested for my breakfast the mood lighting was turned an
attractive orange a pink to resemble the dawn and to get at one’s body clocks
back in sync breakfast just like dinner was fine and inoffensive but in equal
measure completely unmemorable with breakfasts I
often used the same principle as ice cream I try and pick the dish that I
think is the least likely to go wrong in this case it was an omelet so let me
conclude this video with a summary I paid nine hundred and 50 euros one way
for this flight which was from Sao Paulo there are coppers to Lisbon and then on
to London with tap air Portugal a codeshare partner of Azul now this is
really really cheap it equates to around eight hundred and fifty five pound
sterling or about 1,050 US dollars that price is extremely cheap in the grand
scheme of things and so I’m perfectly happy that my experience with özil was
mostly okay there was nothing in particular that was wrong with the
experience and although the experience itself didn’t hit the heady heights of
some of the business class products I’ve tried this year that’s fine because it
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  1. Get a FREE TRIAL and 10% off at I think Squarespace is a great product and even used it myself at the start of this year, to create my own website!

    Read my report on Simple Flying too:

    Hope you're having a great weekend – enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Just out of curiosity have you ever tried to fly to/from Brazil with TAM? I ask because most Brazilian prefer azul over tam because of the costumer service and I would like your input

  3. What u should do on new airlines is to see all business class premium economy economy etc it would make the video better whenever u decide to go on a new airline

  4. See I thought the main meal looked great. Presentation may be lacking but it looked good solid food. Far too many business classes try to present far too fancy food that falls flat. And as for Ice cream – I wish more airiness offer simple sundaes rather than fancy often dry cake

  5. Talking about BAD airport names, Milan Malpensa wins. MAL-PENSA in fact in Italian literally means “bad thoughts”. Not the best for people scared of flying!

  6. What a pretty airline! I’m glad JetBlue’s original CEO created them! I see their planes all the time in FLL. So colorful, like their country! ☺️

  7. Great video as always. Also in the onboard bathroom, the floor pattern is a clever nod to the design of the promenade mosaic on Rio beachfronts 🙂

  8. Any chance you could look at doing Manchester to Helsinki? Im planning to go there in june and am quite nervous about it

  9. It's a very good airline but it's a shame they dont really care about the people who work on it like ramp operators and such. that particular airplane on the rear hold has the loading system broken and no lights for quite a while which difficults the work a lot. Unit load devices full with almost 50 bags or some with 90 (the ALF uld) and sometimes 2 ton pallets arent the easiest thing to load/unload on a plane! I know this because I work at Lisbon airport as a ramp operator. Great video Paul!

  10. Just a curious comment for any of the cabin crew members that watch Paul's videos, do any of you observe some of the behaviors and services the crew member's in the videos provide and apply it in your own work after seeing it?

  11. I've been sub' ed, and have been watching you for a long time now. Just wanted to finally say how much I have enjoyed your trips and narration of, locations all over the world!!!

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