VP Biden On AG Barr: This Has Been The Greatest Abuse Of Power I Have Ever Seen | Deadline | MSNBC

VP Biden On AG Barr: This Has Been The Greatest Abuse Of Power I Have Ever Seen | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. so do you all think that the sentence suggested is fair if so there should be a lot of democrats panicking for the crimes they have committed

  2. Biden would still be the best qualified and strongest Candidate to take on Trump in my opinion — even though I love Bernie — I think he's too far left to get things done if he wins. It's disgraceful what Trump & his Republican cronies tried to do to muddy Biden's name. Bad judgement on his son's part — but Biden is a man of integrity.

  3. The Obama admin violated the Constitution 16 times, was found to have broken the law 7 times by the GAO, interfered in Clinton investigation, Lynch met with Bill, Michael Brown, the IRS scandal, Fats and Furious, Black Panther witness intimidation, Interfered with Cambridge Police, Trayvon Martin incident, weaponized Holder against 22 Police departments on a witch hunt to support his racism agenda (not one civil rights violation), and spied on and arrested journalists and their sources because they exposed him. All the while Holder was his wingman. Joe Biden family got rich every where he was involved. But yeah Joe never before you POS.

  4. Lest we forget one of those names is David Laufman the man who gave Hillary's staff immunity and was named in IG FISA abuse report.

  5. Just bow out and save face Joe. You're a profoundly creepy – racist – EXTREMELY anachronistic dinosaur with dementia.

  6. No. The greatest abuse of power you have ever seen is when you blackmailed Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was investigating your son.

  7. Joe needed to do a Trump on air, needed to turn it back on the Trump kids and their jobs in the White House. The impeachments lack of witnesses, evidence and the barking clowns Russia connections not to mention THE TRUMP FAMILY TAX RETURNS/ lack of. Attack Trump. You have to show you can fight and hit like Trump. Call the dummy a dummy, Con man a Con man, Liar a Liar.
    Time to drop the gloves and as you do that you kick him in the BALLS/ fight over. Win for BLUE. Cheers from Canada

  8. Why didn't the Dems do more protests on this Presidents Day? We should have been ready and organized, made plans with speakers, music, memorabilia to purchase, everything to make it great… we should have advertised all over the place in advance, gotten all the logistics taken care of, and had a GREAT show of solidarity and commeradie, with speeches and pep talks across this entire country!!! Our democratic candidates could have done well with something like this.

    There must be some Dems who can organize like this (Trump sure does!), but where are they? It seems this President's Day was a fizzle for Dems.

    Don't we realize that our freedoms, rights, liberties… All of it, is being destroyed, one piece at a time, right in front of our very eyes! We're being slowly swirled down the drain into a DICTATORSHIP!

    How can we expect any election to make a difference, now that Trump is a Monarch, with the power to cheat at anything, including elections, and to even call off elections, if he sees fit.

    Does anyone really think any election can stop trump, when he HAS to hold onto our White House in order to avoid jail? It's easy for him to just call off elections. Then what will we do? What's a good, feasible Plan A?

    C'mon America, please Wake Up!!!

  9. The overwhelming majority of Americans want Medicare for All. Nancy, Biden, and the rest of the Dem leaders are against it. So, Biden says, that will not be accepted by Congress, and therefore it is a bad idea. Can anyone see what that reasoning means?

  10. I like Sanders' politics more, but Biden does have a point. There is no point of nominating a person may not win the election and we definitely need the senate because Mitch McConnell and rest of the GOP are useless

  11. Ole joe look so happy for someone 2 ask him a ? ARD joe y ya vote 4 da crime bill.?you knew it would hurt people of color.?huh yud do it again. ??????????????

  12. Bernie is the ONLY ONE who is offering free Healthcare and affordable education. Stopping global warming for the future of our kids. What else do you all want?

    Bloomberg is a refund version of Trump but still a Rich guy that will only have the Rich people back…I don't care what he is saying.

    Bernie is what we need to offset our cost because the cost of Healthcare is through the roof.
    Everyone NEEDS Free Healthcare please. America's are losing their homes because they can't pay the access costs of the hospital bills because it too costly.
    Whoever heard of this? Don't be a victim of Healthcare in AMERICA. Vote Bernie guys. We need free Healthcare and the Rich people NEED TO PAY MORE TAXES.

  13. They didn't mention the study by Yale Med School and published in the Lancet last week, that Medicare for All would save us $450 billion a year and save 68,000 lives. By oh yeah, we can't afford it.

  14. Of course it an abuse of power.
    But NOTHING will happen to Trump or his opportunistic toadies.
    United States will become a dictatorship.

  15. Bernie already knows how much his plan will cost- The conservative Koch supported Heritage group tried to bash Bernie's Medicare plan and then had to admit it would save costs- LOL. How come other less rich countries can do it ? Canadians receive for their tax dollars slightly better care at SIGNIFICANTLY LESS EXPENSIVE RATES THAN AMERICANS do ! Joe is BS along with Pelosi on Medicare for All.

  16. I'm in a Red state and supporting Bernie.How does Joe even know those trolls are Bernie Bros or supporters ? Give me a break. I support him and don;t do that.

  17. Dear Joey, As a “former” politician you are now only a wrinkly, bumbling, stuttering smelly pile of SCHIFT.
    Your tired 😓 false narratives Are MORE sketchy, DESPERATE and despicable than ever. The AMERICAN PUBLIC s e e s you as the phony you are. BARR is bringing you and your sniveling partners in CRIME to JUSTICE. Better make a RUN FOR IT, since your chances of becoming POTUS are now Z E R O.
    All the lying, back-biting and touching little girls I S OVER, Joey. How can your “wife” be o k with all your lewd behavior, then there’s all your Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine etc.
    N O. O N E IS ABOVE T H E LAW. You filthy lying Schifty Turd 💩 Barr and other righteous Patriots are not fooled. You will fall soon in disastrous fashion.

  18. Biden hits Bloomberg! Awesome! This only sharpens the blade! Watch the Trump loyalist's go down and go to jail! We will debate, decide, and destroy this insane republican cancer.

  19. It's to do with money everything that's happened with Giuliani, Trump, and probably his kids as well. I'm seeing more and more politicians going to foreign countries to make money.

  20. Biden is the best human being for president at this point in history. i would love amy to be his vp and the first female president after serving and learning as biden did. biden is running on bringing the country together, peace is what we need after the continuous crapshow that was grumpf.

  21. I would vote for Biden. I think he has a better chance of beating Trump, and that's why Trump went after him in Ukraine. So, even Trump thinks so.

  22. Joe and Hunter Burisma, oops, I mean Biden….. Freudian slip….plagiarizer Joe with his faked education, not even social promotions, just faked and fraudulent……

  23. POTUS Trump just declared that he is the "chief law enforcement officer" and , given the self justified/self righteous pardons, it is obvious that he believes himself to be the "chief JUDGE".
    In the name of ’FREEDOM’ "my will, my right to define evil to be good and good to be evil ".
    …POTUS Trump EXALTS & MAGNIFIES ’his will'.
    …Is POTUS Trump speaking as a dragon?…
    …is he the last "horn of the 7th head".of the beast power?
    .. The prophet Daniel wrote that the last king of the north "shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak astonishing things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the wrath is accomplished: for what has been determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall MAGNIFY HIMSELF (HIS WILL) ABOVE ALL. (Daniel 11: 36-37). And so it is , in the spirit of ’FREEDOM" "my will, my rights, my desires"…..and ALL worship this ’FREEDOM’ ’as a light’.

  24. Trumps laws,……….America is turning into a country ran by Dictators,
    Russia is a country of Dictators 😳
    North Koria is a country of Dictators 😳
    Saudia is a country of Dictators
    Do American people really want no say in their own country
    ,worse do you really want those Dictators to be Trump his family,(compulsive liars)
    Fox news and the puppets 🙊🙉🙈Republicans (great at cover ups)

  25. Is Nicole a journalist or a softball pitcher? A real journalist, "Mr. Biden – why did you vigorously support attacking Iraq? Now that we know that the reasons for going into that war were completely fabricated and the nation lied to, do you believe you have some responsibility for the tens of thousands of dead and wounded? How do you parse that result with the rise of extremism that came from our invasion of Iraq?" This guy is a war criminal just as much as Bush or Cheney.

  26. I am certain that these supposed Bernie supporters are actually opposition plants and provocateurs. Let's not forget how Russia and other bad actors hired or incentived people to impersonate protestors and counter-protestors. The powers that be do not want Bernie because they know that his goal is to give the governing power back to citizens.

  27. {JOE BIDEN} You said that you're fighting for the soul of America; but remember the DEVIL is a liar willing to do anything to rake havoc in the world!!! Let the the voters know that four more years of this man in the White House would spell disaster for America !!! He is greedy and reckless, and the 1% of the richest Americans is going to fight tooth and nail to keep their power over the 99% who see their lives dwindling day after day with no hope!!! There is no middle class anymore!!! Anyone who says otherwise is a fool!!!
    Tonight I urge you to tell America what is at stake, because once a country goes down it will be difficult if not impossible for it to get back up!!! The economy is not that great for most of us--We need to keep our healthcare {Donald Trump is seeking to do great damage to Obamacare by starving it like he says} He is ready to sink his teeth into Social Security and Medicare—He has weaken America's standing in the world– Our National Security has been greatly damaged by his refusal to listen to the very people responsible to our safeguard against threats coming from our enemies!!! All that villain cares for is showing his might by rewriting our Constitution to fit his ego!!!DONALD TRUMP IS NOT WORTH ANYTHING TO THE 99% OF AMERICANS, THEREFORE WE HAVE NO NEED FOR HIM!!!

  28. Mr B, you can't even win the Democratic nomination…, and you should not even be in the race. Your ideas, shared with Barack, may have been Progressive 12 years but are NOT part of the campaigning dialog today and not what The People Need. Nobody is asking for what you promise – except maybe wall street, bankers, multinational industrialist plundering machine, big pharma and the military-industrial complex. These are far from the needs of 90% of Americans.
    However, that is NOT the worst of it, in your slow attempt to catch up – your misspoken and awkward reactions, to people places and truly progressive ideals leave you lacking in every conversation.

    What you Promise is far from what The People Need or Want.

  29. This person look like Biden came downtown long beach and said i did five year in navy and said sign contracts in again navy but how how did he know i sign how did he know thank you he was fake but how did know that crazy

  30. Is Biden kidding with this being the greatest abuse of power. Trump has the authority to either commute or pardon Stone. In fact, Obama handed out nearly 2,000 commutations during his presidency, far more than any other president. Since Eisenhower, no president other than Obama gave 100 or more commutations.

  31. So Biden thinks it’s ok to threaten the Ukraine to fire their prosecutor in 8 hours or he would ensure that Ukraine didn’t get the monetary aide from the U.S.

  32. I am sure Biden would love to debate Bloomberg, especially on the fact that Bloomberg was a Republican when he was Mayor of New York and has given millions over the past 20 years to Republican candidates. Moreover, Biden would love to rip into Bloomberg on his racist comments and the nearly 20 claims of sexual harassment.

  33. Did Biden claim that he is in first place? I could have sworn that Bernie is first. Bloomberg is second. MIKE IS THE BEST PERSON TO DEFEAT TRUMP PERIOD.

  34. Say Bernie, Bloomberg or Biden wins, unless the Dems win the senate its all moot. Nothing the house passes will ever get to their desk.

  35. Check the body language Nicole. When you asked about the African American vote, Biden folded his arms and sat back. Body language says, "I'm not comfortable with this question and I've closed myself off."

  36. the republicans in NY21 are known for sending ringers to dem gathering to gather info and to disrupt as fake participants …

  37. Biden is a competent middle of the road and perhaps a little progressive. he has been a friend to labor but we want a progressive to push democrats away from the corporations and toward labor. Biden is a decent man and trump is basically the devil and corrupt beyond belief. we must excite the base. Any other time Biden would be a great choice but we need someone to get tough and really fight hard and dirty if necessary. Democracy is at stake!!! Biden has blessed us with faithful service but republicans are just so corrupt

  38. IM voting for Biden But Bernie DID say he disavowed those people!!! They are not with his campaign and he said he was appalled. It is a false equivalent to say Bernie supporters are the same on the Left as Trump on the right. That is a core failure to understand what the Left is, it is about justice for poor working people everywhere. Justice for those very women culinary workers. There is nothing about Bernie's beliefs that causes people to attack others. That is either "the mob" ugly on left or right or it is political operatives planting stories, drama and calling themselves Bernie supports who have no party affiliation.

  39. But seriously, how does Bloomberg go from being a Republican, to being a Libertarian, and now he is running on a Democratic ticket?

  40. Barr, and all those "in the loop" should be indicted. I am more afraid by the fact that the Americans are not in the street after that absolutely fake "Senate impeachment trial" than by Trump itself. Everyone who read the Mueller Report knows that Barr has lied. If Trump is not judged for his rigging of the election, then he has already win them, and the next one, and the next one … Long live to Princess Ivanka, live life to price Don and Eric! (yellow grin).

  41. biggest abuse of power joe bidden is enriching yourself and your crackhead son while you were in political office…the gig is up…

  42. on everyone else's job application there is in fine print a false statement clause. Congress and presidents obviously DON'T have this. Why? Why no false statement clause. why no drug testing, why no credit check on the jobs that handle TRILLIONS of dollars? it's a drug addicts dream job!!

  43. So whats more important shooting for the moon or shooting for getting rid or trump and Bill Barr. We wont win the senate and the president. So stop lying and let's get rid of trump and his corrupt doj at any cost.

  44. Bernie's "3rd House" is his wife's heritage and it's about 1100sq/ft. These days in America any homeowner in big cities is technically a "Millionaire."
    Sanders2020 American Revolution(.) Get Ready

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