1. Google is anti American. They sensor free speech in order to push their agenda. Do not let Google fool you, they do not care about veterans or anything that veterans have fought for.

    That being said, thank you to the Americans that have served

  2. I really need a job… seriously. Ok Google, do you need a military air traffic controller with 15 years experience, an honorable discharge, a degree in archaeology, and a part 107 sUAS license???

  3. I say if not fix free press now won't be many civilians life if not know what is to young not even taught in school and ridiculous . is facted checked unbios unoppinoinated news without America dies from inside because they lie one say this other say that and people fight each other ……….. kinda like exactly wtf they doing

  4. Here's the missing link that should have been in the description. Sheesh! Do I have to do everything? 🙄 https://www.google.com/search?q=jobs+for+veterans

  5. Micomentarioes.los ermoso amigo.de.suamiga ms Enrqueta panalez. Megudusta muncho i Loque ppresetaensuspaginas.Atentamente ms p E''panalez. [email protected] grasias amigo Google. Mila grasias look

  6. I’m a marine and they don’t care about us . They so called help vets to get tax breaks and appear and I mean appear military friendly . Their not they hate us like Hilary hates us just like democrats do . Just remember the war on ice and the war on conservative values . Semper Fi

  7. 12k views on new fitness test in couple weeks
    3m views on this in couple days

  8. Oh no it's happening GOOGLE IS TAKING OVER yeah it's cool and very nice but GOOGLE IS GOING TO BE REPLACE HUMANS RUNNNN

  9. while the veterans bring honor to themselves and for America, you a worthless intimidated coward old man brings TOTAL DISGRACE and SHAME to America! what a total DISHONOR for American People! ( comment to the most pathetic american / eric schmidt)

  10. The Veterns fought for many things one of which is free speech ,and you are suppressing free speech ,yes you too u tube,of Christians, libertarians and conservatives, your pathetic ,oh and have you told your followers that your startup money was funded by the C.I.A .and what do they get for it?.And will you tell them that you are identifying citizens of China that dont agree with their government to the government ,some are being executed,jailed and some are having their organs removed. good work !! and now your all in to help our veterans? What comes around goes around .

  11. Good , now soldiers who have killed dozens in Iraq and Afghanistan and tortured many more can have a decent job in their homeland

  12. I really need help! Please, read this letter! I can’t write anywhere else, that’s the last opportunity I have.
    Google company is absolutely ruthless, but still claim that it’s made for the people. My daughter wants to end her life because of this company.
    Here's my story. I’m a mother of handicapped girl from Russia, St.Petersburg. My child doesn’t go for a walk on the street. Her computer is the only way to have a life. She had an e-mail account on Gmail [email protected], which she used quite often. She was a member of many forums about her health problem, had many subscriptions on many medias. We are not a rich family and all of the income of ours are spending on a food and for a medicine for our daughter. Sometimes we saved small amounts of money to buy our child a computer program or a game, accounts of which were linked to her Gmail too. And it’s all were some kind an alternative way to a normal person’s life.
    But some weeks ago she couldn’t sign in to her Gmail account. She had many attempts to do it, but they’re all were unsuccessful. Her account was stolen. Besides her personal data, emails, access to different sites and linked accounts, there are results of her researches, documents about her diagnosis, her photos she had in there. Daughter wrote some emails to Goggle’s support. Asked, begged, offered to send her passport’s scans and every other document she had, which needed to confirm her identity. But… She hasn’t any answer not on a single email! Total disregard! My daughter collapsed. She developed a heavy depression. She’s sure that culprits are now watching documents about her diagnosis, her photos and laughing at her. They are playing at her games, write at forums pretending to be her, at only God knows what else are they doing. And all of this are happening with a connivance on Google’s behalf.
    I’ve tried to find at least any of Google’s contacts to describe this problem. But! There're no contacts at all anywhere! I can’t write anywhere! There is an answerphone at Google’s rep office’s phones, which is recommending to write at Googles support, which isn’t answer on emails! My girl doesn’t want to live anymore! I don’t know how can I help. Help to our family, please! Spread that letter! Maybe someone can do something. My contacts are: [email protected], https://www.facebook.com/alvina.nechaeva

  13. I love you richmond KY for not changing on your kindness i have been gone for 35yrs and you'll have to be buy far the greatest city in the world 🌎

  14. PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH was attacked in 2001, has to finish undetonating and will get back to me, who he said to say hi about it, the public, in the news.

  15. Google is disgusting. They show me ads and recommendations of naked women, of sex, of peverted songs and of anything that goes against my values.

  16. Great idea. Doesn't appear to be working. I followed the directions and no link opened up to enter my MOS and all the search results were generic.

  17. I am catastrophically disabled says the va i agree. I am a female vet and have found i am treated differently than my brothers. I am repeatedly asked to say I was raped by my service brothers. While I know this occurs and im so sad by it, I myself was not raped by my brothers they treated me with absolute respect. I was however raped by those the military sent to transport me. Those not military personnel but hired by military. So how do I go about this. I refuse to speak of my brothers as anything except the amazing men they are. But I was raped and hurt badly by who the military hired and told me to trust. I will never work again and soon i will never walk again. But what was done to me and what I saw and experienced is far worse than the what will harm me the greatest as i knew I may give some of my physical abilities to my country and chose to without much consideration. But what I am experiencing in my mind is being looked at as no big deal. I give my ability to walk freely to my country but I wish to have my mind considered equally as importance. I've always been a child of intellect and can be so in a wheelchair. I create with my mind and my hands. The VA is missing a big part of all of us that served we all chose knowing what we may have to give even our lives. But not our lives while we still live but our minds are a mess. And stop destroying our minds more by feeding us the most vile poison on earth anti-psycotics! We would prefer u just let us give our lives for our country instead of letting us come home and fight for our money to survive and to not be made to take the most evil drugs on earth and make us into mindless zombies. Oh yes let's not forget that you are now taking away the pain meds some of us desperately need to just get thru a day. Why would u take what we need from us. We are contracted to the va to not take more than prescribed or to use other drugs. Most of us are following the rules perfectly yet we are told we are to have less as too many civilians are dying if overdises. So take their meds away not ours. We do not get ours for fun. We take them to have a better level of life. Someone get it right in tired of fighting the va. Oh and the Medicaid that we may use is following the same protocol. Only combat vets should be making the rules disabled vets must adhere to.

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