Verizon Small Business – Switching to Verizon is Simple

Verizon Small Business – Switching to Verizon is Simple

Don’t sweat, the switch. Verizon does all the heavy lifting. We’re with you every step of the way. From the simple things like showing up on time. To ensuring the switch from your current provider is hassle-free. Scratch that. That’s simple too! Verizon has a plan for your business. No matter the size. America’s best network makes your phone, internet and TV work the way you want. When you want it. When you order communication services for your small business from Verizon, you not only get top of the line products but exceptional service and a business partner that won’t leave you hanging. We are with you every step of the way. Verizon understands that running a business isn’t simple. We hear you. You don’t want to lose your business phone number and you certainly don’t want installation to inconvenience you or your customers. We have you covered on all fronts. When you make the switch to Verizon, sit back and relax because you will know what to expect throughout the process every step of the way. First, a Verizon customer service representative will send you an introductory email with details about what comes next. If you have any questions before, during or after we schedule your install, ask away. They’re pros! Because your business needs to keep running. Verizon offers convenient and manageable times for your installation. We can even accommodate you with Saturday if it’s the only day that works for you. And in some cases, we can get your service connected right from the central office. Verizon’s business support website, which already contains valuable information customers find helpful, will be your guide to check the order status and learn about what comes next in the on-site installation process. Here you simply create your account with your order number and zip code to start tracking our progress. The business support website is also the place to communicate with Verizon directly via text or email to check on your technician’s estimated arrival time or if you have to reschedule. Verizon technicians are the best in the business. Seasoned, courteous professionals that consider hassle-free installation the gold standard. Most of the work they do is done outside your business, which lessens noise, distraction or interruption of your business operations. When possible, they’ll leave your modem in the same location and use your existing wiring. When the install is complete, they clean up. It will be as if they were never there. And they’ll leave you with the personal contact card in case you have questions or need help. After the install, Verizon’s business support website will be your go-to-place to not only manager account and update contact information, but also to learn more about Verizon’s services and offers and understand product features better. Once the switch over is 100% active and we are certain that we delivered what we promised, we welcome you to Verizon with a final email letting you know the switch has been completed. Verizon’s customer service is there for you when ever you need them. We mean it when we say “when ever.” 1.800.Verizon has an automated voice system for questions and adding services or you can talk live to a service representative. 24/7 tech support takes care of your technical needs anytime, any day. And for a small monthly fee, Verizon also offers Tech Support Pro if you require personal IT support, even for your non-Verizon equipment. Make the switch to Verizon for network reliability, speed and performance. We’re wired differently for internet, phone and TV. Nothing beats the power of a 100% fiber optic network. It’s the technology of the future available today. You have a plan for your business and so does Verizon. Call 1.800.Verizon to learn more about what Verizon can do for your business.


  1. you cant control your own business, WHY DO YOU THINK THAT VERIZON SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN SOMEONES SMALL BUSINESS, i just called over a robo calling pc and the 2 reps at VERIZON told me that they cant stop them or find them, i talked to live breathing people, if they , the big and powerful VERIZON , CANT STOP robo pc callers and cant trace them,,,,they must be with them or dont know what they are doing, why does it cost money for me and yet robo pc callers get this service free? i had a number for 15 years and when i mention it , it was OK,,,,, i am done, i will get a prepay for the 50 dollars a month and throw it away if i get a problem, i know good and well it costed more than that with verizon and the phones cant be thrown away after they talk a person into a phone for 741.00 at 26-35 a month for the first two years, and ins, and warranty(EXTRA), what else!!! DONT EXPECT RESPECT , WHEN YOU DONT SHOW IT

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