Vanessa Hudgens Reveals the Nickname Snoop Dogg Gave Her

Vanessa Hudgens Reveals the Nickname Snoop Dogg Gave Her

-We have a lot to talk about.
-Yeah. -Were you were just in —
Was it Edin– Were you in Scotland, right?
-No one say it. -Edinburgh?
-Edin– I say, “Edinbra.” -Oh, wow. “Edinbra.” -Well, I didn’t like “bruh.”
-Yeah, sure. “Edinbra.”
-But no one says Edinbro. -No.
-Or Edinburg. -You don’t say Edinburg? -No.
That is how it’s spelled but… -It’s not how you say it.
-It’s Edinburgh. -Oh! [ Scottish accent ]
It’s Edinburgh. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Aye.
-Aye? -They say aye a lot.
-Instead of yeah? -Oh, no. Aye!
I don’t know. [ Laughter ]
-But, wait you — ‘Cause I follow you
on Instagram, and I saw that you went,
and it was some beautiful thing. Explain this to me.
-Oh, yeah. This is
the Torchlight Procession. I’m probably, like, a tiny little dot
way back there. -Really?
-Everyone — It’s 20,000 people,
all with torches. They march down the Royal Mile,
and it, like — it’s is really special,
but also kind of terrifying, because I’m, like, someone
could just be lit on fire. -Yeah, of course.
Well, we hope not. Yeah.
You don’t want to do that. No, yeah.
-But it’s dope. It’s really iconic.
-That’s really cool. it’s beautiful.
-Yes, I know. -I’ve never seen that before.
-Yeah. -Congrats on
“Bad Boys for Life.” -Thank you.
-You were at the premier rocking the red carpet. Everyone’s talking
about you and your dress and how beautiful it was. How do you get your dress to do
stuff like this? -You throw it.
-Oh, yeah. [ Laughter ]
You just throw it in the air? -You just throw it.
-That’s it. -Yeah, no.
I mean, I am such a — [ Sighing ] I don’t know. I call myself,
like, a frolicker. So, I love, like,
wearing chiffon and throwing it around
and frolicking. -You just frolic
when you do the red carpet? -I just frolic, yeah. -You also got to meet Snoop Dogg
at the premiere. [ Sighing ] Ah.
S-N-double-O-P D-double-O-G. Yeah.
I was very excited. I am such a big fan of Snoop. -You never met him before?
-I mean — but like, this time, I actually
got to talk to him. He gave me a Nickname.
He calls me Nessie. -Nessie? -Yeah, he was like,
“How you doing Nessie?” -Wow.
-I know. -I like Nessie.
-And I literally told him. I was like, “I’m gonna
go to the after party. I’m-a sip gin and juice, Snoop.” -Yeah. And what did he say? -He’s like “Yeah, Nessie.” [ Laughter ] -I’ll take that.
I don’t know what he calls me. -I’m like, “Hey.
What’s up, Snoop?” He’s, like, [mumbling]
“doing, baby brother?” -[ Laughs, mumbles ]
-Yeah, that’s what he does. Yeah, what it’s like working with Martin Lawrence
and Will Smith? -It’s so epic. They’re just
the sweetest guys ever. I remember, my first week,
I came into my trailer, and there was a massive
bouquet of flowers, and it didn’t have a card
or anything, and I was like,
“was that from you” and he was like,
“It’s me and Martin.” I was like,
“You guys are so sweet.” The next week,
I walk into my trailer, there’s another present,
and I was like what? Is this gonna keep happening?
-Really? -And it did kind of just keep happening.
-Really? -They know how to take care
of their cast. -I love those guys, man. -It’s so sweet.
-It’s so fun. Do you like doing
the stunts and the action? -I love it,
because it’s like choreography, you know, and I dance. So, it just kind of
a more badass choreography, and in this case, with weapons.
-Yeah. -But, like, you never know
what’s going to happen, though, because it’s action,
and, like, things can go wrong. There was one set up,
where there’s our truck, and it gets exploded,
and I’m a few feet away from it, and so my instincts is
to, like, duck and hide, right? -Sure.
-Protect the face. -Absolutely, yeah. That’s the money, right there. -Yeah.
-Got to protect that. But I didn’t think
about the fact that I’m holding a glock
in my hand, and, like,
they’re kind of heavy, you know? So, of course, it explodes,
and I just go… Ugh! I, straight up,
pistol whipped myself. -[ Laughing ] Yeah.
You pistol whipped yourself. Yeah.
-It’s fun. -See, you can pull it off,
though. I can’t. I did some action movie once
where I had to have a gun, and I was a cop,
and no one bought it. -No?
-It’s just — No. It’s me. No one takes me
seriously anyway. “Everyone get down!” And they’re like,
“You are an idiot.” [ Laughter ]
That’s what people tell me. But you know how to pull it off.
It’s great. I want to show a clip. Here is Vanessa Hudgens, Nessie, and Will Smith in
“Bad Boys for Life.” Take a look. ♪♪ -Michael, do not engage until we have the rest
of the team in position. [ Gunfire ] ♪♪ [ Gunfire ] [ Indistinct shouting ] -Can you hear me? We’re coming to you. [ Tires screech ] -Ooh!
That’s what I’m talking about! Vanessa Hudgens, everybody!


  1. as an edinburgh local it makes me want to die of embarrassment listening to them try to pronounce edinburgh 😭😭😭

  2. them filipino genes keeping her lookin young!! But i’m excited to see her star in an action movie. She deserves some change and re-inventing her image as an actress. She’s come a long way!

  3. Disney please give this girl a job, pretty sure anyone would agree that she would be perfect for any animated movie >.<

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    Making her dad proud. Vanessa Hudgens absolutely dominated the Rydell High hallways during Grease: Live on Sunday, January 31 — despite losing her father the night before.

    As previously reported, Hudgens' father, Greg Hudgens, passed away from stage 4 cancer on Saturday. She announced the news via Twitter and told her fans that she would do the show in his honor.

  5. I waited so long to show you my heart. Let us get away from the glits and glam and make our way far away from there. See, we have a place in the hills for you darling.😚

  6. Jimmy if you’re talking about Taxi then I definitely saw that movie more than 10 times. Lmao I can’t drive just like your character. Love that movie.

  7. Should make a vip first look for movies for high price tickets to see the movie first when it’s officially done when actors from the movie see it first just a suggestion

  8. Right Vanessa i love you but I’m from Edinburgh, lived here my whole lfe and unless you’re a walking stereotype that’s really not how you say it

  9. She always been gorgeous when people say they like other actresses whether it be on sucker punch or another movie I prefer her including in bad boys.

  10. One sexy women there. Bra. Essie. Nick named by snoop that's special…hahar. Dam can I get my Lego city lookn like thoe billding in back drop there…what city is that NY I'm guessing.

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