1. We should never forget our European culture.Too much Europeans died in wars with each other.No more brother wars!

  2. First Time: Ok


    Edit: Yep thx for the likes mates! 😀

  3. This has been one of my favourite songs for years. I remember hearing it for the first time on DeutschesVaterland's channel (R.I.P.) I love it so much.

  4. German Teacher: Listen to German songs to improve your German
    Me: where are those banned nationalist German war songs, I must hear them!

  5. Cool song, but why did you choose that picture? That looks like Spaniards from the 1630s, long after the Landsknechts were gone.

  6. I just learned about the Landsknecht from the latest Shardlake novel by C. J. Sansom. I had no idea there are surviving march songs from that time period. Absolutely thrilling as I happen to live next to a 16th century battlefield. In Finland, though, and it's just a plain grass field, but these songs capture the spirit of the era unbelievably well!

  7. My 3rd comment but this really counts. I now have a cold and listen to the song. I mean the first part of the song talks about being cold.

  8. I found "Landsknechtlieder" in 2012/13 and I loved them ever since. "Weit lasst die Fahnen wehen" is a good one too. Though I love the political and historical context of this one more.

  9. Why does it appear the flag of Spain in the picture? The Red Cross on White, I mean..
    By the way, I LOVE this song. So moving.

  10. 0:20 the guitar is really jamming at 1.75 playback. Wish I had the tabs. Still need to work on my ear.

  11. All yall europeans wanting sun

    While us filipinos need water

    Im being serious water keeps getting cut, send water

  12. ¿Soy el único que se ha dado cuenta de que la imagen es de los Tercios españoles?
    The image is from the Spanish Tercios

  13. 2:04 It's Belgi…. I mean South-Netherland's destiny to be invaded by Germany unless it rejoins the rest of the Netherlands

  14. The refrain is wrong, its die trommeln die trommeln, der mann der mann der mann (the drums the drums, the man the man the man)
    But thanks for all the awesome songs

  15. Is that a Spanish general in the Thirty Years' War? (Background)

    Looks like Charles V of Spain or Albert of Waldstejna (Wallenstein).

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