Turn Your Hobby?Into a Business? – Just Like Oma! (German Recipe Site Funds Christian Ministry)

Turn Your Hobby?Into a Business? – Just Like Oma! (German Recipe Site Funds Christian Ministry)

– The success of my online
business with Solo Build It! has provided for the funds for my husband and I’s Christian ministry into Germany. And this is my story. – Gerhild Fulson, Solo Build
It! business owner since 2008. Gerhild owns two sites. The first, Just Like
Oma, is a recipe-driven online business. Just Like Oma provides the income that supports the second
site, Gottes Wort. God’s Word. And the Christian ministry
that she and her husband provide in Germany. It’s an interesting business model. Just Like Oma makes the money, and Gottes Wort spends it. (laughs) And so the ministry site has absolutely no um,
monetization on it at all. – Hello I’m Paul Buckingham, Roving Ambassador for Solo Build It! Gerhild is just one of
the many Solo Build It! entrepreneurs that have
created a successful online business using the powerful and unique tools created
by the Solo Build It! Team. In this interview, we explore what it was
that made a difference turning her website into a
successful online business. – I wasn’t working it. I wasn’t, I was just doing
it, I was enjoying it. Like a hobby. – So how did she get here
to online business success from where she was? – It was more or less my
thinking had to change. I had to change my attitude. – The full story is coming
up right after this. (light music) – I’m an Oma. And that’s pretty well, That means grandmother in German. And um, I love to cook. I love to read and all that kinda stuff. But years ago, and actually
it’s 2006 I believe it was, my husband and I we went to
Germany for the first time. My husband is a pastor. And we go over there and we
realize a lot of people there, are, at least in the
Northern part of Germany, were very depressed, sick,
all that kinda stuff. And we were ministering to them. We went to some churches and
saw the churches sort of dead. And we came home and
wanted to do something. And that was to put on some
German resource material online. Um, there was very little at that time, this is 2006, there
was very little online. And so we thought we can do this. We had never done anything online before. We had no idea. And so I needed to learn
how to create a website. And my friend um, was just
at that point teaching how to do websites, and she was using SBI, she showed me her check that she had made and I thought, “Oh this sounds good!” So I decided to join up
with her little class and so I learned how to build a website. – [Paul] So what was your
motivation for even doing it? – I wanted just the tech of
learning how to build a website. We wanted to create a website in German and German was not a
language we spoke anymore. We, only as children, so writing in German would have been difficult. Learning the tech in German
would have been difficult. So I thought, I’ll do it easy. I’ll do a recipe site. I can do that without too much thinking of the actual content. And just learn how to do a website. And that’s what I did. I created the website, once that was done I went to
the German one and did that. – What was your first site about? – The easiest thing I
could think of was cooking. Recipes were easy for me. I could just cook, I’m
an Oma you know, I cook. – The unique power that
sets Solo Build It! apart from all the other
online business providers is the Action Guide. This is a 10-part program
that somebody who wants to be successful online and
build a unique following for their niche, will follow. Given that Gerhild only
really wanted to learn how to build a website, I asked her how much time she had spent putting the Action Guide into action. (laughs) – uh, yeah, um, Well I sort of followed the Action Guide. So as far as doing the research, is this gonna be a profitable site? No I didn’t do that. I wanted easy. I was very busy at that time. I was teaching, I was going to school, and I was learning how to do a website. It was a bit much. – So how did the transition occur? Was it quick over a year
or did it take a long time? – In 2008 I started, and 2014 I realized, “Oh, I could actually turn
this into a business!” (Paul laughs) I had traffic, I had, I
had not done much with it. At that point I had
about 200 recipes online, but you’re talking years there that I’ve been putting stuff on. And I had an email list. I was sending newsletters out. But I wasn’t working it. I was just doing it, I was enjoying it. Like a hobby, in that sense. And then I suddenly realized
I’ve got an email list with thousands of people, Oh I could actually do something! And then I went and actually almost started the website over again. There was the Action Guide
that the SBI puts out, and I actually started going through it from the beginning. I had my site already, I wasn’t
going to change my topic, but I started doing keyword research and all that kind of stuff to see, how can I monetize my site? – So clearly, what you
seem to be saying then is the Solo Builder,
through the Action Guide, was providing a context,
so that even though you were kind of just
dabbling, because you followed the context the system was working. Then at some point you
decided to ramp it up. Is that a pretty good summary? – That’s exactly right, yes. – [Paul} Okay – So once you decided
to focus on it, what was your reason why, what was
your reason why for going ah, I’m now ready to really
spend time on this. – Alright. Well, my husband
had already retired, I was retired now, too. And we had time to spend
more time on the ministry. And we were not about to do
any fundraising, that was not our plan; our website and the
information that we put on it was totally free. We also went yearly overseas
to minister over there, so there was money required. And I thought “Oh, I could
actually turn the recipe site into a monetization,” and
that was the plan, and all the money that that came in with
the recipe site would go for the ministry. And so now I had a real purpose
to make this recipe site actually provide money. It was more or less my
thinking had changed. You know, I had to change my attitude. – There was not only a switch
in your thinking and your motivation, your reason why,
which is what you talked about, but also in your branding;
because originally your site really didn’t focus on Oma, Grandma. Can you walk us through the
importance of the branding, and what impact that had for you? – Absolutely. When I first started, my site was called Quick German Recipes, with
hyphens between, right? Lots of fun to write that
on a mobile phone right now. And so, (laughs) it was Quick
German Recipes, and it stayed that way til just a couple
of years ago, and I had a little tagline, and it was
just Quick German Recipes, Just Like Oma. And so after a while, I
realized, oh, this Just Like Oma was pretty cool. And then I was talking to
my sons one day, and I said, “Oh, I need a logo.” And so I said “Everyone,
give me an idea for a logo.” And they all gave me ideas,
and it ended up being a pot with the words “Just Like Oma”. And so I got uh, my one son
who is the graphic designer, and he created a logo for me,
and that’s the “just like Oma” logo now, and so I branded and
then branded the whole site the colors, and I became Oma. So it was a matter of
rewriting my pages so that I would be more personal with
people, and I became Oma. And then that spread into
social media, so I became Oma. So everyone talks about Oma. Oma gerde, Oma gerde, you know,
and I get letters from other grandmothers and they
call me Oma. (laughs) You know, and it’s interesting,
but it’s that branding, it’s, it’s that voice, and
having people feel comfortable, and that they can trust me. – Yeah, I mean it’s really
powerful, it actually sets you right apart from any other
german recipe site, and that’s really the core of the point
that we’re making here, is that you know, when you’re
building an online business you’re not just building um,
an information site, which you are, but you’re also
building a personality with a voice and a life, and that’s
what really shines through, doesn’t it? – Yes, yes, mm hmm And
so, and that’s important. Anyone building a website,
if you don’t, if you sound just like you’re one of
the big companies talking to somebody, it doesn’t do
it; you need to be personal. You need to think of one
person, and so you pretend you’re talking to one
person, and, and it’s, um, and it develops trust. – [Paul] So, you’ve got some motivation, you’ve got some momentum, and you’ve got some clear branding. Now what role has product
had on your income, and the success of your site? – A lot. It really has a lot. The easiest thing for
me was to create eBooks, eCookbooks, and personally
I wonder why would anyone even buy an eBook. I mean, it makes no sense to me. Because I google for it, you know, I google a recipe, and
there it is, it’s free. Why would anyone buy an eBook? And they do. They absolutely do. I’ve sold thousands of them. And it’s like, it makes no
sense to me, but it’s not about me, it’s about that person there. And they want the eBook, they
want to have the cookbook. And it’s more practical
for them, and so I wrote, wrote the eBooks, and then
I developed the store, and the store had, that
has cups and t-shirts and everything else,
everything to do with Oma. And, because of the website,
and the traffic I was getting, and joined to Facebook and
the traffic there, a publisher found me, and an editor was
following me; I didn’t know that, but they followed me,
and then they contacted me and asked me if I would write
them a cookbook, and that just took off. And so now I’ve got a cookbook in print, and, uh, that never would have happened without this. – So you’ve mentioned traffic
and the gradual growth of traffic since you began
the, the uh, the website as it was, and now into
an online business. Do you mind sharing and
articulating roughly how much traffic you’re getting a month now? – Alright, I get between
5 and 10 thousand a day. Um, that’s the recipe site,
the german recipe site, it’s very seasonal. Um, the moment you hit
Oktoberfest in October, Christmas time, the traffic goes up. And it, it’s very cyclical as well, Sundays higher, the rest of the week lower. – [Paul] So Gerhild, you’ve clearly worked um, a lot with social. You’ve got a significant
amount of traffic across many platforms; that takes
in itself a lot of expertise. Is this something you’ve
completely um, been able to achieve through Solo Build it!? – Um, mostly yes, absolutely. Um, right now there are
Action Guides available for Pinterest; when that came
out though, I think it’s been a year or two ago, I started
following that because I had traffic from Pinterest,
but not huge; now it has over a million views, uh,
monthly, and that kicks the traffic right to the um,
website very, very nicely, Yeah, it, it’s, it’s work
involved, um, I use schedulers to schedule it, but that’s
all mentioned in the Action Guides how to do that. – [Paul] One of the things
that um, a lot of people don’t realize is how often social platforms
change the rules, and one of the magnificent things
about the Solo Build It! Action Guide from Pinterest,
also from Twitter, is that it’s constantly being
updated to fit with that. So, you know, if you do a
course, or something that is like a year out, it’s a
year out of date, and so one of the huge advantages is
that Solo Build It! Is not only for the action guide
for free traffic from the search engines, but from
also from the social platforms is right up to date all the time. – That’s true. I found especially the forums
are amazing, um, and in the forums they constantly mention
about the Action Guide, a little change here, a
little change there, and um, it, it makes a difference. – [Paul] So, given that you’ve
had such a long history with Solo Build It!, what are
the criteria that you have in your mind that somebody
who’s looking now at building an online business, or even
just getting started in a similar way the way that
you did, would actually, um, need to be sure of being
fulfilled, because there are a lot of competitors these
days, it’s quite different than when you started. – Yeah; um, I have to admit
right now that security is one of them. Security is one. SBI, I never have to think
about the site being hacked, being offline, nothing; it’s
always there, all the years I’ve been there it’s always
there; it’s always up. I don’t need to think about
anything that’s happening online; just my content, what
I’m doing, everything else behind their work, the tools
are there, everything is there. It’s a secure, safe place to build a site. – [Paul] Is there anything else
that you strongly recommend? – Um, I would say follow the
Action Guide from page 1, step 1, and don’t deviate from it. Do the research properly. Um, I had to backtrack. I had to go back and rebuild,
um, I had the site, I had my, um, I had it designed properly, um, that it, that it functioned well. I had to go through
the monetization steps. I probably would not have
chosen german recipes as my “key word” or “the theme”
for my website; but because I’m getting traffic right
now, because I did build it properly, um, it’s been successful. But for somebody just starting
out, they need to do the research properly. – Would you ever consider moving? – SBI? No way. Absolutely not. (typing)


  1. What an encouraging story to watch on "International Women's Day." I love it how Gerhild developed her brand as "Oma Gerhild." It's so important to have this personal touch for your online business. Otherwise how would she stand out in the super competitive field of online recipes sites? And she even got approached by a publisher to write a "real" (aka printed) cook book. How cool's that! Gut gemacht, Oma Gerhild. ?

  2. Tons of super-helpful information here Gerhild! SBI really does over-deliver, and I'm always amazed at how thorough and up-to-date they are in the ever-changing landscape of the internet. On a different note – Germany is on our list of countries to visit one day, but for now… we'll have to content ourselves with your delicious recipes! Oh, and I love how you're making the world a better place. Thanks

  3. Sounds like a mission of love all the way around, Gerhild! Wonderful how you were able to work on building your online presence at your own pace during what sounds like an extremely busy time in your life. What a great strategy, using your love of cooking to support your passion for ministering.

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