Tulsi Gabbard reacts to being shut out of next Dem debate

Tulsi Gabbard reacts to being shut out of next Dem debate


  1. If they do this to a sane member of their party.Just think what they"ll do if they get power back….scary thought

  2. She is smarter than Biden and Sanders combined!! She isn't a lieing corrupt career politician like the rest of them are. She is the best candidate they have but don't want because she won't play by their rules.

  3. Are we gonna address the oil market crash ? Trump bet on the oil industry… subsidized them with public money… now they are going bankrupt because of cheap oil. Same as his Casino Business, he bankrupt America.

  4. It all sounds good in a generally vague political BS way. I ask you what about the wall under construction? Sanctuary cities? The 2nd amendment?

  5. What she talks makes sense. The US needs to stop playing the role of world police. They are wasting their people's money and lives as their soldiers and civilians get killed. Better to put that money where it really matters – education, infrastructure, security and affordable housing.

  6. Tulsi is so correct and so courageous. If only she were in the Trump camp. His supporters would be her supporters.

  7. Fox should give Tulsi a town hall, like they just did with Bloomberg and Trump. This would get more attention on her, and possibly get her on that debate stage next go around.

  8. Tulsi, the abortion thing is a serious problem for me but otherwise as an independent I’d vote for you.

  9. Tulsi is easily the most well spoken, cogent candidate running for the D's – really not sure what it says about Dems that they don't seem to want to show her any real love by voting for her more. Seriously – compared to Creepy sleepy Joe and Bernie she looks like a Stellar Candidate – it really doesn't make any sense to me.

  10. Thank you Tucker for hosting Tulsi Gabbard, this wonderful woman. My goodness we need more of her messages. Thank you for giving her air time.

  11. Ms. Gabbard wraps herself in the flag at every opportunity, but she doesn't love this country enough to vote "NO" on impeachment.
    "Present" didn't honor her oath to support and defend the Constitution "…against ALL enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC".

  12. If only she was completely corrupt and demented. She would be in the debates, supported on corporate media, and could be our next president.

  13. Tulsi is OVER, please have some decency, It's not about
    Gender, it's about you haven't done NOTHING for

  14. Why is she always wearing white? Savior color hmmmmmmmm You wants to make me a bet that you are looking a Bidens VP pick They are making her totally likable. She is supposedly a nobody but they area always giving her facetime on the News. You know if they REALLY want her gone she would not be given ANY interviews. And I cannot forget that fake HRC feud. I have a feeling the are going to push this globalist wolf in sheeps clothing right into the VP slot and aim to cheat her into the white house after crazy joe is committed

  15. I sort of understand her but then again, she has like 2 delegates.
    Her still in the race is like me forgetting to cancel my gym membership lol

  16. Not trying to be rude here but I’ve literally never heard of Tulsi or seen her name. I had no clue that she was even running. Sorry to say but she’s got no chance of being Trump.

  17. The majority of Democrat voters are obedient drones who vote for whomever the DNC/media cabal directs them to vote for. They were confused when the media tried to appear impartial by stepping back and without direction, the sheep started meandering towards Sanders. Then the cabal cheers them towards Biden and the sheep obediently comply.

  18. Bernie should drop out and endorse Tulsi Gabbard. That will completely send the DNC Establishment and MSM into a frenzy. They can't deal with her if she gets into the debate stage and make old Biden look completely lost and expose his corruption. Go Tulsi!!!

  19. Your message didn't resonate and you wanna blame who???? Blame yourself. But fox News will always give you a place to whine because thats all they do.

  20. There are things I disagree with her about. But I swear, if she was nominated I'd be tempted to vote for her simply because I do believe she would work with everyone and put an end to this partisan bovine excreta. We'll not see it though, the deranged democrats hate her because she stands up for what she believes. She's also very eloquent, presenting her point of view in an understandable manner.

  21. Tulsi what the hell ? What are you doing in that LOOSER party ? Get your brain on and open your eyes and tweek your lberal freak and get conservitive. Trump 2020

  22. So the Q I don't hear anyone asking yet: Will Tulsi "pull a Ron Paul" — push back against the Donkey Machine — and run as an independent?

  23. The Democrats will never win with Biden. He's too old and in serious cognitive decline and most importantly he's toxic. She's the only chance they have and I am really curious to see how this is going to play out.

  24. One of my fondest hopes is to see the """two party""" system [BIG air quotes there!] crumble. With the Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists etc. already established, there needs to be four more parties — i.e., four smaller parties replacing both the Dems and Repubs. They are ready to crumble.

  25. We control the horizontal, we control the vertical, we control the narrative, what we want you to know and what we don’t want you to know. We control what you know and we conceal what we don’t want you to know. 
    Distract , deceive , divide. You WILL think like us or pay the financial consequences.

  26. No. ALL democrats are traitors at this point.
    Not a single one is trustworthy because of the globalist system they've attached their identities to.
    They've already sold their souls & have nothing to offer but nooses for the public.

  27. I’m not voting for you, BUT the answer is obvious. Hillary told them to ignore you, so they are ignoring you. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Dems the breaks.

  28. the republican party and democratic party are the same, they are a front for the elites and the global banksters. people like tulsi gabbard threatens their power structure much like jesse ventura and ron paul. the decades long psychological war has brainwashed people to think she is a republican plant or a dangerous progressive because the basic mindset, dictated by the propagandizing by the elites through our media and our school systems, is left is bad refering to democrats and right is bad refering to republicans. elections have become about winning out of fear of the political opposition instead of about values, intellect and policies. we have rationalized our opression and accepted the lesser of two evils approach as a viable form of democracy. this foolishness creates the elites power structure and the demise of our democracy. people like tulsi gabbard should be given a chance to be heard and not marginalized or vilified. biden was going to be the nomination from the beginning. this is how our democracy works we are free to choose the elites backed candidates that represent the elites interest and not ours. since we had a choice and went to a polling place to exercise that choice we feel compelled to call this a free democracy. many are content with this because they truly believe their elites backed candidate is better than the political oppositions elites backed candidate. either way the elites win and we spin in circles all the while shutting down candidates or politicians who want to create real change like tulsi gabbard, jesse ventura or ron paul. this is why our country has not progressed in decades because as a nation most people have collective stockholm syndrome and celebrate their oppression. who are fine with the political duopoly we have which is actually a monopoly for the elites who do no care about human rights, liberties, freedoms or the planet. we need to stop accepting our oppression and start denouncing the democratic and republican parties. it is time we take on the elites and not allow them to occupy space in our minds by allowing ourselves to be victims to their propaganda machine mostly the media. we need to start backing people like tulsi gabbard, jesse ventura or ron paul, anyone who is willing to take on the elites power structure with the intent to bring it down.

  29. Tulsi literally has 1 to 3% of the vote. There is literally zero path to the White House for her at this point.

  30. The teeth job is good..but actually she's a seething leftist in disguise. She's doing all she can to game the cashflow..and considering her frivolous suit got dismissed. .Cash is king for all she can milk. Anyone sane knows she's never going to make nominee much less 'president '.. ..Strange. .Tucker seems mesmerised..he's usually quite astute…Only takes a bit of looks and eloquent seeming waffle to bamboozle most.

  31. Because they are the real enemy, and have always been the real enemy … but it takes forever and a day, before people like you wake up.

  32. She’s a much better candidate than Quid pro Joe or Bolshevik Bernie and would give President Trump a much better run than either of those two nitwits.

  33. She's not a radical and she obviously won't be a puppet for the deep state. That's why they don't like her. Trump 2020 but major respect for this woman.

  34. Tulsi Gabbard, your message became blurry when you attached instead instead of uniting. You're polling at about 1 to 2 percent and not even your own State supports you. It's time to step off or become a Fox "News" commentator.

  35. She has less delegates than people who dropped out weeks ago why should she be in the debates? She should drop out she has no chance. Its embarrassing

  36. Her being on the debate stage would do absolutely nothing for her. She would stand on the side like Yang and Steyer did and get no mic time. She has no business being in the race.

  37. "Corporate media partners". There you have it, right from a top Democrat. The media is an arm of the Democrat party. When are they going to be forced to register as a political party?

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