Tucker: Extortion from China is the real threat

Tucker: Extortion from China is the real threat


  1. Yeah, I'm sorry Tucker but a ruptured appendix is gonna get seen about. Not much general surgeons can do about Corona virus…

  2. There is a far different story overseas concerning coronavirus and it's spread and just how lethal and deadly it is.
    Apparently in one day, 60 died from coronavirus but less were officially reported. 16 dead. There was more.
    People are staying at home sick, thus are out of statics.

    In Italy 60 dead from yesterday.
    Apparently usually the less sick are admitted to the hospital.
    In the Lombardo region of Italy the local hospital is only taking patients in the worst condition.
    Because the Doctors are all infected with the coronavirus.

  3. I wonder if this commentary will lead to Tucker's "agreed departure from Fox". Placing the Obama dig might have saved him. But he is furiously anti-establishment/swamp.

  4. 100% Tucker 100%! We need to believe in our country again! Praise Jesus our savior the one who's made our country the greatest nation on Earth! America land of the free

  5. Thank God we've at least reconstituted our heavy manufacturing capability… do need to get Medical Capability back up to capability as well!!!

  6. Why is everyone Surprised to China's behavior? Bill Clinton started selling America to China 30 yrs ago, if they called in their Debt we owe they could possibly shut us down! The Liberals have sold our Country to China and Republicans are in the Bed with the Saudis over Oil and Land, if I was betting Saudi's own half of Tx! No surprise here, I have watched these DC Crooks for Decades!

  7. If you want Bozo or senator senator send off as your president or any Democrat for that matter under the circumstances let me out of the lunatic asylum I want to leave!

  8. Kudos to mr. Carlson for pointing out that World war 1 was a mistake for us to be involved in.. and the gross irresponsibility of Woodrow Wilson..I voted for Herbert Hoover in the last election thinking that trade imbalance could lead to a World war and I might still be right in that?😷💉💊if that's the price of getting rid of the Communist then so be it I probably would end the world to do it🌐 Obama was a USURPER OF THE FIRST RANK AND PROFESSOR SEND-OFF(to the gulag comrade) WILL BE WORSE

  9. I usually hate everything that comes out of this guy's mouth. I can't disagree with hardly anything he's saying here though. I guess it's true about a stopped clock being right at least twice a day.

  10. This is a good training video for the House Democrats. They might have to watch it several times but by the end, they should understand the meaning of treason. And oops, they were all involved. 😲

  11. Trump is on the move to correct over 60 years of sell-out greed and deregulation by crooks using our government to ripoff America and get rich. Of these remaining candidates, he is the only one with the instinct, intelligence and strength and phenomenal leadership skills, to truly lead us successfully into the future, as we tackle the new challenges in this accelerating new age. I voted for Trump to keep Hillary out at all costs! And Trump has made me proud of my decision. I am so voting for Trump again…. He is solid and awesome!

  12. Chinese in charge of our health care? No wonder everybody is dying! The Chinese have been trying to poison the West for decades. This is common knowledge! A few people are getting rich from this while everybody else dies.

  13. Minute 5:16

    #@$&WTF is wrong with democrats??????????
    Don't be so naive China and Russia are our good friends not even the European Union besides ingland.

  14. “Abandon globalism, rebuild the country, make the things we need…” — Now that is a plan for the nation’s future!

  15. This past December 2019, I install the circulator pump in a boiler the label stated “made in America”.

    Six years ago, I install the same pump during the Obamanation administration on the same boiler, pump label… “made in China”

    President Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  16. Family visiting patients will spread it to others. Hospitals need to limit or family visiting and implement family to have proper equipment or not to visit or they will speed it to others. We don't have mask … /Equipment to have family visiting pts who have the infections

  17. It's important to have medicine that isn't dependent on countries overseas….it's even more important to know this: "What's making us sick? Ideological subversion

  18. Well said, people want jobs not handouts, this virus will be a self evident to this predicament between jobs or handouts bullCrp.

  19. At this point i don't understand the hate this guy gets. I get it he is an outspoken republican but in every single video i find him being honest. Maybe he has said some stupid stuff on live tv or elsewhere? To me he seems to be genuine , and thats extremely important characteristic to possess as a human being.

  20. Think about it people, the people Like Trump have their brands made in China because the labor is cheap and profitable for his company as well as everyone else's. look at his brand and his daughters and see how much business they give China so u can buy from them. One more thing, ask him to give up his brand in China and bring jobs to America first, betcha he won't…

  21. Tucker is OK in my book. Common sense tells you he speaks the truth. Now what can we do about it? Electing other politicians does not seem to be the answer.

  22. you can thank the clintons for selling us down the river, Ol bill got china into the WTO and that was the biggest mistake ever.

  23. I agree all countries have to abandon globalisation, it isn’t working . We need to take care of our own citizens and protect our traditions our families our religion and the values we hold dear . It hasn’t just been China that has been a threat to the world it has been Americanism first .

  24. This guy is the Joseph Goebbels of todays America. Its so frustrating to hear that kind of message from a point of view of what you American no longer consider allies.

  25. Wow. We might have to rely on ancient Chinese medicine while they use up all of the US pharmaceuticals……..👀❕ I think we may have the better end of that deal.

  26. This is a really feral and racist diatribe by Tucker. You cant blame the ordinary Chinese working classes for any of this and there is every chance your CIA or other alphabet agencies are complicit in this as well. We are all human beings after all or at least 99% of us are. I have my doubts about the other 1%

  27. 95% of anti botics sold in the US are made in China. The politicians who allowed this dangerous situation should all be in jail for this.

  28. PETITION unresponsive and responsible leaders and judges out of office now. There is not time left for electioneering.

  29. The true threat to this country and to other countries is it's own people not taking their life seriously. The people are following Anything blindly and the rich see this so they run for president and make sure the plans of the so called elite keep moving forward. Just remember world, the elite are only elite because you've all given them the power.

  30. The only real bully on this planet is United States of Aggression…
    Not Russia, China, Syria or whatever new "enemy" is fabricated by USA war mongers.
    And it seems Tucker also works for these war mongers according to his videos.

  31. I wonder why both of our republican Presidents : G Bush did not tackle this problem !!! I am glad President Trump does it. There are many way to fight a war. China does not fight America with bullets yet, but with the economic war along with other tactics and strategies as extortion, campaign donation, influent American elections, taking advantage on American bad behaviors and cultures of laziness and money hunger and selfishness, destructiveness and others, China using the power of their money to buy off many leaders around the world to allow many manufactures of every other countries to shut down or moving to China or using china products instead! and then, not only the leaders of these countries but the people became lazier and lazier and depend on China with a strong addiction, then the Octopus begins to use all of its tentacles to grab its prey !!! China has said before that their country will not invade or attack other countries with military but look what they have done to Viet Nam{my old country) for many years !!! and nowadays, challenge America and the whole world at the Pacific Ocean with their military actions and intimidation .Their tail grows longer and they can no longer hide it !!! Any way, it does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat but it can be matter if politicians can control their selfishness to make America better and stronger as the country of the American people as a whole. It has been a long time since Clinton era until we elect President Trump !

  32. Never believe China I lived in Vietnam next to China. We ran away from them fast. Here you have Britian signed w Huawei good luck Britian and the European nations.

  33. Dude, people are so blind. Trump is literally trying to save America. I’m tired of all the lies that the Democratic Party has been giving! China is now a huge threat to us. We need to start rebuilding and manufacturing now!

  34. Trump spends to much time bombing middle eastern countries to impress the military industrial complex we should have been invading China these past 3 years and blown up all their level 4 bio weapons labs. We wouldn’t have Coronavirus if he did that. Instead he did a trade war just stupid!

  35. honestly M4A isn't a stupid idea, especially now. Do you not understand how many people can't afford to go to a doctor, and now that this virus is out and the ones that may get affected and know that they can't afford the cost of treatment is a worse case scenario for all Americans. Since the most common place were people get sick and still work are in the food industry.

  36. If Bloomberg really wants to spend his money to break Trump, he should buy millions of Coronavirus testing kits from the German manufacturers and test, test, test, then post the figures 24/7 in every advert slot he can find.. Trump would go absolutely crazy 🤪

  37. Those of us who know communism saw this disaster coming in the early 1980s when relations with Communist China were "normalized" and businesses started shutting down production in the United States, moving entire factories to China. Utter madness.

  38. I agree with you, Tucker! Right now this is the most important thing we should be focusing on next to the Military. Thank you! Tell it like it is!

  39. So typical of right wing America. For 40 years you've done everything in your power to exploit globalisation for maximum profit. You've moved as much production offshore as possible in the pursuit of pure profit at the expense of American communities. Total market driven capitalism has been your pursuit. Profit is all that ever mattered. We've attempted pretty much the same thing here in the UK & for most parts are in a similar mess to you. But that's what you get when you put maximum profit over the state of the nation all of the time. It's not China's fault. They've just taken full advantage of the situation you offered to them. & will now as a result within the next 10/15 years become the worlds largest economy. There is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening. China will overtake the US as the worlds largest single economy.

  40. The said story is that almost everything is made in China. I remember few years ago a drug for diabetes made in China was contaminated and people died from it.Nobody mention the politicians responsible for this.

  41. I love how he exclaims the monopoly China has on US health system like it's something the Chinese did. At least he should say it like it is, Corporate america SOLD YOU OUT.

  42. Can you say that with a straight face as the US is printing $100 billion a day to keep afloat? The real failure is that the myth of capitalism is full exposed…

  43. But the worst part is, that we the poorest of the poor older folks are going to die because of luck off medicine, and the media and rich democrats will live, and blame Precedent Trump. They would go as far as accusing him of bringing the virus to us, oh 😯 do I know these liberals Democrats, 🤢🤮

  44. Extortion from Turkey is another real threat. They see how indoctrinated Globalism Uber Alles is among they same who got mega-wealthy from China. Russia, Singapore, Mongolia have little Coronoa Virus because they have shut their borders firmly. Built that wall there. Meanwhile…Two birds with one stone for what's left of the West? Not holding my breath.

  45. China is the problem. They hate us. Time to move on. Let China collapse. They care about China FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS. Time for America first.

  46. China is a huge danger. This virus is a blessing as it is exposing underlying problems. Great news as US now has many business opportunities in every area. Let's get to work. Thank you Jesus for showing us weaknesses and how to make them strengths.

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