Tucker: CNN attacks Bernie Sanders for being ‘sexist’

Tucker: CNN attacks Bernie Sanders for being ‘sexist’


  1. Sarah Sanders-Candace Owens ticket.

    There is your all female choice for the White House.

    Smart. Articulate.
    Debate champions.
    And fighters for the people.

  2. Sanders knows Biden is a snake, Sanders knows the DNC is operating a police state in D.C. for years. Yet Mr. USSR/Cuba is silent.

  3. A Ton of Lefties now watching Tucker… not because they like him but because he gives them a perspective that they can't get elsewhere. They might even buy a MY PILLOW………. DOT COM….LOL

  4. This is an attack on men in general. A woman can accuse you of anything and you’re not allowed to defend yourself without backlash from the masses. Sanders clearly denied it yet the media is behaving as if he’s wrong anyway

  5. Kinda simple "minded" , cough, cough, "strategy" agenda by cnn, to PUSH a report about sanders words, with NO verification, or any PROOF. Warren saying this is, legally termed "hearsay", in a court, and " inadmissible", as evidence.
    This is exactly the SAME stupid agenda cnn chose in being the "flag waver", media MARKETING "agency"…for h. clinton.

    How'd that work out cnn ?

    Tucker, we all know, much of your commentary is about "ratings" for fox, against cnn…that's your job, and understandable.

    Perhaps, fox could allow you to focus more on the predictable, childish tactics of the far left, rather than being a, "water boy", for fox, and it's ratings?

    In fairness, fox has it's "agenda", just like cnn does…only fox has turned it's agenda a tiny closer to reality…thanks Tucker, for being part of the small turn towards reality.

  6. Idiots worry about "sexism" and social justice.  Others work hard and think of ways to make money.  Leftists are losers, but sadly their vote counts as much as yours or mine.

  7. Mr. Carlson, please support your absurd statement that there is a strong chance that Bernie will be the democratic nominee. The DNC will NEVER allow Bernie the nomination and they have changed the DNC rules to ensure he doesn't get it. Heard of 50% +1? No? Do your homework.

  8. They are shaking in their boots because of a candidate for the working class… Bernie 2020 with Tulsi handling national defense along with Jesse Ventura and Nina Turner as VP! Real change real America first is coming DEAL WITH IT we the people won’t be cheated again for corporate Saudi Israel first stooges in DC no level of corporate money or fake smears will work.

  9. It was just a matter of time until the establishment started playing dirty and stupid. The DNC would rather hand Trump a second term than have Bernie win for them.

  10. I've noticed a marked decrease in the number of people whining that "Fox News is biased!" They know there is no way they can defend against the obvious retort.

  11. Sanders biggest mistake was when he said would break up the big banks. If he hadn't said that he have the establishment support.

  12. F you Tucker.
    Don't even play that fake outrage. The old man ain't any more sexist than the rest of us.
    If sexism bothered you so much, whatcha doing working at FOX?
    It like Italy up in that place.

  13. Tucker, you closeted queen, bow-tie and all, you work for THE most misogynistic network on television. Stop being so predictably laughable and come out, already, will you? We all know.

  14. Morning Joe has Bombshell accusations this morning, Trump, Pence and now Bill Barr are in the pocket of a Russian gangster. Mika looked like she smelled her fingers again.

  15. I've said it for almost a year now. The Democrat males are only involved for the Democrats to beat up on and humiliate.

  16. The funny thing is, whether he said it or didn't, I don't care.
    A woman did win the presidential election already. Bernie said that the other day.
    We're basically an Anglo society. And a woman has been PM of Great Britain. They don't even have a king.

    And "Americans may dislike politicians, but they hate the media even more."
    What? I don't hate the media. Yeah, sometimes they sensationalize stuff and make up controversy, but we all know why.
    It's hard to find enough content to fill a 24-hour news cycle, eh? And they are really a reflection of us. They sell what we buy.

  17. People irl ask why I'm not so hard on socialists, and this encapsulates it brilliantly. For the time being Liberals (and I include most conservatives in this: "classical liberals") are the only real enemy.

  18. Yes Warren is lying – remember she said she was an Indian/got Indian scholarships for her education etc etc /Bernie is not my cup of tea – but nobody must think that lying will get them the Presidency & Warren is at the very top then comes Biden then comes Tom- who made his millions out if share is coal/ then comes Butt who was called out in a lie in Iowa! JEEZ give it up already!!,,as for Bloomberg he just spent $1billion on advertising – a Fool & his money soon parts.

  19. It is still unconstitutional for the president to criticize a news outlet. It looks like he is trying to influence people

  20. Tucker so out of touch: "progressives just now understanding CNN doesn't like Sanders and is crap…" That's like saying republican voters support their own economic self-interests with Trump

  21. Trump had small hands, is followers are deplorable, Tulsi is a Russia operative, Bernie is a Sexist, Socialist, Warren is a non native, lying, doesn't have chance puke, Hillary will try to get back. What nightmare, wakeup wakeup. aaaaaaa

  22. SENATOR WARREN AKA" POCAHONTAS" – A FACTUALLY KNOWN LIAR AND RACE USER – i cant stand Bernie but thats was shameful on CNN …

  23. Tucker Carlson once in a full moon gets it right. Shocking to see a positive story about Bernie Sanders on Fox News. Good!

  24. Sanders is an easy win for Republicans.. Warren is supposedly Indian?.. Democrats are completely messed up

  25. Not a bernie fan 1 bit, but his voting record reminds me of ron pauls, he sticks to his principles. very hard to find in today's political arena.

  26. Hate to say it, but I believe Bernie. Warren is a LIAR. Has been proven over and over. She is nothing more then a snake hiding in the grass. A vile person.

  27. I feel that CNN, as it is nowdays, is just a pathetic place to be. I imagine that very few people really want to work for them much less want to watch the show. I feel it is a shameful and toxic workplace.

  28. So now liberals are starting to see CNN's true colors…how any CNN reporter could look at themselves in the mirror speaks volumes about their moral compass.

  29. When your enemies start fighting against each other, Let Them Fight and Do Not Take Side. They are exposing the evil that they really are.

  30. "for the first time"???

    where were you 2 years ago during the CNN SUCKS chant after the DNC national convention?

  31. So what if he said that?! Holy crap are we that fragile? I once said “that woman has a nice butt” I guess I can never be president. ✌🏻🇺🇸

  32. The Pen Receivers failed to curtsy/bow upon the handing over of the each Honorary secret pens by Her Majesty Pelosi Cola….

  33. I wouldn't be surprised if this is all set up. Trump had his whole: Grab them by the p**sy. Now Bernie has: Women cant be president. Just saying, I think they are setting it up, get Bernie more votes by making him the enemy of democrats, like Trump. Now I might be crazy.

  34. I don't know about sexist, Maybe more like , treasonous , stupid , liar, communist scum, waste of human life. Personally after watching women in politics , I would never vote for a woman , Unless it was Candace Owens.

  35. Bernie Sanders is not only electable, he's the best thing that could happen to the United States at this moment. Feel the Bern my friends, feel it! From Canada 🙂

  36. One of them said if a man and women say different things you should always believe the woman because women don’t lie

  37. Warren was pissed because Bernie left her no waffling room with his outright denial. She stepped in it by lodging false accusations, and then expected him to throw her a lifeline on that debate stage. That's not how the world works, and it tells you a lot about her mentality that she thinks it does.

  38. There’s absolutely no way the United States could survive Bernie Sanders or half the democrats running righ now. The people he hired to work his campaign are complete nut jobs what do you think he will do to the country

  39. First his commentary and criticism of the strike on Sulimani, now defending Bernie from a CNN smear. Either that Rutger Bregman interview a year back really rattled him or Tucker's coming to his senses.

  40. CNN should be banned from having a reporting license, and left with just showing Kids cartoon. Then again, maybe not even.

  41. I dont like either at all, but warren lies constantly. I doubt he actually said that to her. But either way im so happy karma is all around them.

  42. Right after this immature "I'm the smartest pundit in the world" rant, CNN released the post-debate audio of Warren accusing Bernie of calling her a liar on national TV & Bernie basically responding "Hamina, Hamina,Hamina". If Bernie is truthful in his denial about female candidates, he would've simply said "because you are a liar". Since the debate had ended, the only thing preventing him from making this comment privately is that HE is lying. Hey Tucker, that cackling sound is me imitating your childish laughing when a liberal makes a gaffe.

  43. I retract all the bad things I've said about Tucker Carlson. CNN is fake news. I thought they were just biased. They're fake.

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