Tucker: Bernie Sanders may be the lamest revolutionary ever

Tucker: Bernie Sanders may be the lamest revolutionary ever


  1. The DNC doesn't care about Biden, they are going to through in a feminist VP and count on him not making it through his first term.

  2. Gotta admit…. Tucker is 100% right about all of this. Although they colluded against Bernie again. He rolled over… AGAIN . So he has only himself to blame for being soft

  3. Bernie is a pacifist. He isn't making attacks because he wants Joe to win if he loses…His ultimate goal is to beat Trump. Unfortunately the DNC is miscalculating how bad Biden is. They want someone they can control, we want someone who will stand up to private interest groups! What a let down.

  4. Way to bash someone by saying they are a part of the DNC when he literally goes against the DNC and everything they stand for. The establishment plays both sides and he is right, they dont care who wins as long as they can control them. I'm Democrat but I'd rather have trump win that Joe "Dimentia" Biden who is so controlled. I don't know what happened. Sanders was set up to win the primary but in the last few weeks everyone dropped out and endorsed Biden. Even though he talks about his hairy legs and how he loves children sitting on his lap; he said that AT A RALLY. Shows how much he is losing his mind.

  5. How the hell did Sanders start off on top….and just like a Houdini move…Biden on his last leg…just surged like a rocket. On his own, when he doesnt know where he is or what hes running for. Biden is a marionette being controlled by…..? Deep state?

  6. Tucker. They talk so bad about US. How come they don't watch our commercials and see philanthropists in every Community sponsoring good in school that goes everywhere… JLSwag

  7. These Demoncriminalcrats are rooting for Biden in Hope's of maintaining the Majority in the House of Representatives, and some of the SENATE SEATS. All their eggshells are in the basket of saving the House of Representatives, and SENATE SEATS to continue to harass, and control President Donald Trump, and our Administration.

  8. Tucker is right on target again. Sanders is a professional loser but he is very sly. Bernie will personally profit from his Presidential campaign as he gets to keep any unspent money. And trust me, he will make sure he has plenty of cash left after the dust settles. A word for his campaign donors…. SUCKERS.

  9. “Dems are desperate to stop Bernie at all costs”… by backing Joe Biden? Who will, without a doubt, lose to Trump? Am I missing something or are dems saying 4 more years of Trump is better than 4 years of Bernie. Now ask yourself, if Trump is so bad then why are Dems willing to essentially re-elect him

  10. If Bernie is not able to stand up to the DNC even the smallest amount, how could be take on the Deep State if he became president?

  11. I'm a progressive, and would've voted for Bernie simply because I truly believe in Medicare for All but he IS too weak to represent a revolution.

  12. Crazy Bernie won’t fight for anything, he’s a pushover. Can you imagine him as President? He wouldn’t fight for our country or it’s people. He’s a wimp and has no leadership qualities.

  13. Sort of feel sorry for Sanders. I wouldn't want him as my president but I'd rather have him then corrupt and senile Biden if those were more only choices.

  14. If Bernie does not win, I will vote Trump!!! they both want to help the country just in different ways. Unlike Biden

  15. I do think he is too much of a nice person for his own good. To be president you gotta be ruthless and he isnt

  16. Tucker, Tucker, stay on message, its was stolen from Bernie, rigged, he's the good one and we need to slander Biden, right right, good Tucky:)

  17. The wicked radical to look out for is deviant Akexandria Cortez. God please keep her far from the Whitehouse.

    She'll go to a place where Bernie was unwilling to go.

    A place like evil rulers before her.

    Jesus Christ deliver us from her evil.

  18. Why wouldn't he back Biden though, is there another option besides Trump? Joe is the democratic and Bernie wouldn't back Trump obvs!
    Sorry i'm not from usa, it's a strange system you guys have

  19. If you want to know just who the DNC is putting forward as the next President, just look at who they pick to be Biden's running mate.

  20. Hes Been lame and weak since the Beginning. How does he keep any support? The Bernie Bros are pussies. Hill had Bills Balls and Bernies too

  21. Hmm, don’t like Bernie, or Socialism, but he seems to be trying to go out with dignity. Tucker is kinda the guy shouting “Loser” from the stands as the athletes shake hands and show good sportsmanship. I just called Biden and Bernie athletes lol. UFC…?

  22. I hate all establishment media but tucker is the only one with solid correct takes like this one. Why should anyone fight for sanders it he wont even fight for himself.

  23. That’s because he’s not a revolutionary… he’s centrist. He wants back things that our grandparents and great grandparents had taken from them by the greedy. This is America, and I CANT open a business, because I have no chance of competing with Walmart, or what have you. Democracy and diplomacy are dead in America.

  24. You cannot trust a Leftist of any stripe. No matter what flavor, they're all deceitful, cowardly and back stabbing.

  25. Bernie is publically endorsing Biden, and therefore ensuring Trump will stay in the white house and I lost a job interview today. What a great day, I wish I had a gun to shoot myself.

  26. Sanders isn't really about being President he just sees it as an avenue of getting wealthy by using his wife as the media buyer and getting 15% of all media buys.

  27. At the end of the day fighting was the win but help America because it's already been proved that he abused his authority when he was in government to such an extent in which he himself and his family at the expense of the American people taking money from China and the Soviet Union but lead the members of his family being in rich to such an extent that millions of taxpayers American dollars went missing but it seems to me if you're a member of the political corrupt elite that you exempt from being held accountable for your crimes against the American people would you respect these are my opinions

  28. The Chinese cry that you Dems come to power because you are weak in your mind, it's all about social justisism. You Dems are so afraid of strength, so that u would rather pass the beton to the Chinese.

  29. You can’t be a revolutionary unless you’re willing to go all the way in, something that Bernie Sanders clearly wasn’t prepared to do. Regardless of how ppl feel about Trump, he showed the entire world how an outsider unappealing candidate could win the Presidency.

  30. Pretty much nailed it. Sanders is a shameful coward who will once again endorse the corrupt, senile Establishment candidate and betray all of his supporters. Pathetic.

  31. If the DNC thinks most of Bernie supporters are just going to jump behind Biden in November they are wrong. Im staying home in November.

  32. I'm a Bernie fan and this is true, Bernie is just too nice to be a leader. He won't attack the establishment that he says he wants to bring down.

  33. Bernie’s all finished. Washed up really. Next to drift in to obscurity? Why it’s creepy joe ofc.

  34. Coronavirus spreading fast in USA, and elsewhere……Global recession very likely. stock markets crashing around the world, DJT plays golf, and FOX keeps the Partisan Divide alive and well… yup, another typical day at the Carlson show

  35. These people that keep saying, “ANYONE BUT TRUMP!” Are so dumb. I constantly say that Joe Biden has shown his corruption and loss of cognitive abilities. People actually want a paper weight to occupy the Oval Office chair? What could they possibly be thinking?

  36. Fox news journalists should explain to the people what is communism, socialism, social-democratic ideology and republican conservatism. Communism and socialism exists in Russia, Cuba and China with authoritarian regime, not in USA. And Sanders is social democrat why are you telling that he is socialist ?

  37. Did you watch his address the nation today! Yes I wish he would knock out Biden flat! But I feel bad he won’t fight harder! He should! He has exemplary ideas for the Nation.

  38. It shows how blessed the United States is against Leftism when the most serious threat on the horizon turns out to be a little puppy dog.

  39. They want Bernie to participate in their political theater, and he just wants to talk about the issues. It's hard to hate him for that. But, I do agree that he's far too docile.

  40. Sanders is a limp socialist, but he won't be the last socialist to run. What's scary is how many people don't think about the failure that is socialism and just blindly vote for it. We really need to address the failure that is the socialist mindset. We need to address what socialism does to the people who become enslaved to it. We need to address how it kills all innovation and risk taking. Freedom or socialism, pick one. You can't have both.

  41. No No No NO. Tucker's a bad boy. At 3:15 Sanders said HE isn't going to attack Biden. Sanders didn't say WE, as you infer at 2:20.

  42. Bernie is a fraud! He probably already got his billion, now he is going out the billion dollar martyr, why would he go low when his bank account is already high! Bernie is a professional sellout!

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