Trump Retaliates Against Impeachment Witnesses as Rudy Digs Up Dirt in Ukraine: A Closer Look

-President Trump is retaliating against impeachment witnesses
as his attorney general works with his personal lawyer to continue to digging up dirt
on his political rivals. For more on this, it’s time
for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] There’s one very specific thing
Donald Trump loves doing, and that’s showing off
pieces of paper. He’s done it multiple times with
letters from world leaders, supposedly secret deals with
other countries, and just last week, he did it
again when he held up newspaper headlines showing off
his acquittal at two separate events, including
the National Prayer Breakfast and a White House press
conference. I think I know what’s
going on here. Trump’s desperate to prove
to us that he knows how to read, except no one’s buying it. I mean, when your dog carries
the paper into the house, no one thinks, “Wow, he must be really up to date
on current events.” “Hey, Rusty, are you happy
with the way the Democratic Party
handled Iowa?” [ Growling ]
[ Laughter ] Trump’s like an idiot frat bro
trying to impress girls by wearing glasses and carrying
around a book of poetry. “Oh, this?
This is just my favorite poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson. You know, he was famously
very hard to find. They wrote a book about it. [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] But there he is.
There he is.” Well, Trump did it again on
Friday when he greeted the press at his daily chopper-adjacent
Q-and-yell on the White House lawn. Trump was holding up an appeals
court decision dismissing a lawsuit by Democrats, claiming
Trump’s business conflicts violate a part
of the Constitution called the Emoluments Clause. Now this is only one of three
such lawsuits, and it was only dismissed
because the court found that individual lawmakers
can’t sue the president on behalf of the entire
Congress. But clearly Trump hadn’t
read the actual decision. In fact, he admitted he hadn’t
read it. -So I just got this.
It was just handed to me. This is the D.C. Circuit. And we just won the big
emoluments case. I think it was a unanimous
decision. This was brought by Nancy Pelosi
and her group. Just came out a few minutes ago. So I’ll be reading it
on the helicopter. -No, you won’t.
[ Laughter ] There’s no way you’re getting
on to a helicopter and reading a dense legal
document about something called the Emoluments Clause. After you buckle in,
they probably hand you a plastic control stick so you
can pretend you’re the pilot. [ Laughter ]
“Ready for takeoff.” [ Applause ] Still, that decision was Trump’s second legal victory
of the week. Last week, of course,
he was acquitted by a Republican Senate
that locked arms to protect him at any and all
costs, refusing to hear witnesses
or new bombshell evidence and rushing through
a sham impeachment trial to dismiss the charges
as quickly as possible. And clearly, he’s been
celebrating but getting not just some sun but all of it.
[ Laughter ] As you see from this very real
photo of Trump arriving at the White House on Friday with the wind exposing
his hairline. He looks just like he went to
the beach wearing a dog cone. [ Laughter ] Trump only cares about the top
1%, even when he’s applying sunscreen to his face.
[ Laughter ] Looks like he stuck his face
in an empty bag of Doritos and sucked up the dust.
[ Laughter ] “Ready for takeoff.” [ Laughter ]
[ Applause ] Anyway, the point is, Trump’s
Republican coconspirators shielded him from a true
accounting of his crimes last week. The lone Republican
who defied Trump and voted to convict him
was Utah Senator Mitt Romney, and Trump and his allies are
still furious about it. Over the weekend, Trump tweeted
out an insane screed from one of his favorite
Fox News hosts, Jeanine Pirro, who went after
Romney on her show. -The first United States Senator
in American history to vote to the convict
a president of his own party, Mitt Romney, the sole and only Republican
to vote to convict President Trump. How dare he?
How could he? And why would he? You want to use
that nothing burger to convict the President
of the United States? Are you stupid, too? You take nonevidence that the
Democrats refused to present as the reason to convict
the president, in an economy that is
unparalleled, with a military
whose strength is unequaled, with a population where 90%
are happy with their lives? You really are stupid. -He’s stupid?
You sound like you got cut from the first episode of
“Real Housewives of Long Island” for…
[ Laughter ] …flipping over… [ Cheers and applause ] For flipping over a table
at your son’s Communion. “Anthony, take off that
Batman hoodie. It’s a special day.
Are you stupid?” [ Laughter ]
So Trump’s attacking critics and celebrating his acquittal. And now Trump wants to go
one step further. He wants his impeachment
expunged from the record completely, as if that somehow
even was possible, which it’s not. -Should the House expunge
your impeachment in the future? Should they expunge your… -They should because
it was a hoax. That’s a very good question. Should they expunge the
impeachment in the House? They should because it was
a hoax. It was a total political hoax. -There’s no way Trump even knows
what the word “expunge” means. “Of course — of course
I know what it means. It means you used to be
a sponge. For example, I’d love for these
two to become expunges.” [ Laughter ] By acquitting Trump, Republicans
explicitly gave Trump license to cheat again
in the 2020 election, something he will absolutely do
if he has the chance. Remember, Rudy Giuliani’s
henchmen, Lev Parnas, said explicitly in an interview
with Rachel Maddow that he was working directly
for the president. And yet, the Senate refused
to hear any of this during the trial. -President Trump knew exactly
what was going on. He was aware of all
of my movements. He — I wouldn’t do anything
without the consent of Rudy Giuliani
or the president. -That might be the only time
anybody has said President Trump knew exactly
what was going on. Most of the time, he has no idea
what’s going on. That’s why he’s always
meandering around the White House lawn
in circles like he lost one of his
cufflinks in the grass. Also, just remember,
that’s a key witness and henchman to the president
confessing to a corrupt scheme to cheat in an election,
and Senate Republicans just acquitted Trump
without even hearing about any of that evidence. In fact, at this very moment, Rudy is continuing to pursue his
various insane investigations. For example, over the weekend on
Fox News, Rudy claimed that President Obama
and Vice President Biden conspired in 2016 to dig up
dirt on Trump’s convicted former chairman
Paul Manafort, who is now in jail for money
laundering and tax fraud. But at the same time, Rudy also
tried to tease a new podcast. -Obama and Biden representatives
tell Ukrainian officials, “Get me dirt on Manafort.”
-Right. -I have three witnesses to that.
-Really? -One, two, three. If you go to my podcast, you’ll
see one of them right now. -Seth: First of all, only on
Fox News do you have to say “three,” and then count to three
with your fingers. [ Laughter ]
I’m surprised that’s not how Jeanine Pirro ended Her
monologue. “I have three reasons
Mitt Romney is stupid. One, comma, two, comma, three.”
[ Laughter ] Second, can you even imagine
what Rudy’s podcast sounds like? It’s probably the opposite
of an ASMR video. If you listen to it, you’ll lie
awake at night with your eyes wide-open
just like Rudy Giuliani. [ Laughter ] And yet, Trump’s government
is now actually taking these conspiracy theories
seriously. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham
revealed on Sunday that there’s now a formal
process in place for sending Rudy’s findings
directly to Attorney General Bill Barr
for further investigation. And today, Barr confirmed that
process is real. And not only are Republicans
pursuing corrupt investigations of their political rivals,
they’re also taking revenge on people who cross Trump,
like decorated veteran Lieutenant Colonel
Alexander Vindman, a key witness in the
impeachment inquiry who was on Trump’s infamous phone call with
the President of Ukraine. On Friday, Vindman,
who received a Purple Heart for his service in Iraq,
was escorted off the White House premises purely
as a vindictive act of revenge by President Trump. In fact, Trump even told
reporters he was unhappy with
Vindman before the move. -President Trump is charging
full speed ahead on his vindictive victory lap, sounding like he is on a warpath
against his perceived enemies. First on the president’s list
appears to be National Security Official
Alexander Vindman, who was fired and escorted off
of the White House grounds. His brother was forced out,
as well. -Trump said Vindman was
very insubordinate, “reported contents of my perfect
calls incorrectly.” -Well, I’m not happy with him. You think I’m supposed to be
happy with him? I’m not. -First of all, no one
expects you to be happy with him because you’re never happy,
period. You’ve lived the most charmed
life of any human being on the planet, yet you’re
constantly scowling. Your face only has two modes,
angry scowl or meatloaf that’s
been in the oven for too long. Secondly, it doesn’t matter if
you’re happy with him or not. He did his duty
and told the truth. Your feelings are irrelevant. Although, I have a feeling part
of Trump’s problems with Vindman comes from this
courageous moment during his impeachment
testimony. -I am grateful to my father’s —
for my father’s brave act of hope 40 years ago
and for the privilege of being an American citizen
and public servant where I can live free —
free of fear, for mine and my family’s safety. Do not worry. I’ll be fine for telling
the truth. -And why do you have confidence
that you can do that? And tell your dad
not to worry? -Congressman, because
this is America. This is the country I’ve served
and defended. That all of my brothers have
served, and here, right matters. -Thank you, sir.
Yield back. [ Applause ] -Seth: Not only was that
incredibly courageous, but also, Donald Trump
can’t stand watching anyone else
get applause. That’s why he does his weekly
group therapy sessions in arenas across the country,
where he rambles incoherently and sweats like he just did an
hour on a Peloton bike. [ Laughter ] Donald Trump is incapable of
imagining anyone doing anything out of any motivation other
than self-interest. Like all authoritarians,
he demands loyalty and retaliates against
anyone who refuses to genuflect to him. He’s subverting our democracy
and the rule of law to his personal, political,
and financial will. And if you’re a Republican
who can’t see that… -You really are stupid. -This has been “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ]


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