Trump Impeachment Begins & Pedestrians Lie Again

Trump Impeachment Begins & Pedestrians Lie Again


  1. The biggest lies are how the dems who are socialists care about jobs

    They don't care about American jobs they just want to put you on food stamps and disability and ship jobs over seas to screw the poor and low middle class

  2. The Eagle Scouts have to be trolls…. right? …
    I want to see rhe reactions of people who said they votes and were then told they cannot have voted!!!!

  3. Planting a few trees isn't going to matter, unethical deforestation and natural disasters are doing 10 times that in damage daily. Trump is a moron.

  4. 1 23 20 Hey Jimmy & the Team, Congratulation on 3000; may you have MANY more. Be well. v P.S.: If those 2 "eagle scouts" are the future, USA is over.


  6. …. and by "screwing a whole country" is he referring to the market being up, lowest unemployment ever, etc? lol…. yawn.

  7. Kimmel is such a dishonest person. How can he lie so brazenly, ignorance or malevolence?

    This sham impeachment – that lacks any accusation of crimes it requires as it's basis – is severely damaging to the USA and the trained seals in the audience applaud.

  8. Hey Jimmy. Those ppl aren't the only ones who lied. You just lied to the country yourself. You played a clip..a short edited clip.. of the President's lawyers saying things that happened before doesn't matter. Lol. If you would of played the whole clip he was quoting the Democrats when they said that. Nice try tho. I gotta admit. I really like you but you're just a puppet.

  9. Why in the hell do the American people think this man is the saving grace is beyond me and I’d prefer if he just stay here in the United States and quit embarrassing the nation with his ignorance and goofy damn look 🤨

  10. Wow! Americans are getting stupider, trust me, if you ask those in Canada or else where, they'd give you the right answer.

  11. Last 2 guys were hired by trump n then trumps gonna export them back to their eagle nest where they can finish maturing. Fucken rejects

  12. democrats and republicans wow lol … yep I voted to impeach… yep… lines weren't as bad as I expected…  yep empowering. gotta get out there!

  13. those last two were not eagle scouts, or even cub scouts, ever. people lying so freely just slays me, and one of the reasons I don't like trump.

  14. I used to like Jimmy, but now he is shoving his political bias in everyone’s throats! No offense he doesn’t no crap about politics! Most of Hollywood are a bunch of spoiled brats who don’t know anything about life, they feel that if they become an extreme liberal then it would compensate for their hollow miserable lives!

    Money doesn’t buy happiness, hard work and morality that’s what defines feeling complete!

  15. Here is a challenge: Watch the Larry King interview of grifter/convicted murderer Sante Kimes. The language and phrases she uses are so similar to trump's. It's as if they both read the con artists hand book!

  16. I do ,like the turtle….but for God's sake….he's never lied or mislead Americans
    Was fathfull to his spouse, loved his children, paid back people he hired, never slept with pornstars, never called people stupid names or belittling people for no reason, turtle can read, doesn't sniff drugs…..

    This will take hours like the turtle

  17. Old Stacy makes clear why voters need to do their due diligence this election. Between Russian and American trolls, lying political ads, deep fakes… it's hard to call them "free and fair" elections this year. I fear it may be worse than 2016. And Trump is directly responsible for not safeguarding our elections. Well–Trump and Zuckerberg and Putin and Maudlin.

  18. This is what happens after 30 years of republicans not funding the public education system properly. To coin a phrase " Sad ".

  19. 3,000 episodes. Either the reviewers got it wrong or Jimmy's audience is too stupid to know the difference. A little of both i think.

  20. Those two guys at the end look like the two guys from Meet the Robinsons that convince you to pick their door..😂😂

  21. He grew a beard… lost weight.. had a baby… nearly killed Aunt Chippy five times with his pranks.. yeah.. GREAT times.

  22. Are these people acting, or for real? If it's for real, we're in bigger trouble than I thought. The doomsday clock just moved to 12:00. Holly crap! It's like social media and reality TV sucked the intelligence right out of their heads.

  23. It's so shitty that big media corporations are taking over YouTube. They clearly have an unfair advantage. YouTube is about entrepreneurship, not big production models.

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