Trump admin voices support for anti-government protests in Iran

Trump admin voices support for anti-government protests in Iran


  1. Going deep here
    American is a really big speed bump
    On the way to Israel
    There's a reason the USA isn't in Revelation
    Believe or not
    It's your choice

  2. Hmmm I do believe that Donald Trump did say a couple years back that he didn't like protesters and now he's backing protest against the Iranian regime.
    Well maybe they should do a count of how many Internal US Government and Allied Nations figures are amongst these protesters 🤔

  3. what we are witnessing here is the birth of a new nation of democracy the Iranian people are tired of monarchs their ready for a democracy and I for one will support this

  4. Two Americans died yesterday… trumps sends nothing. But an Iran “dreamer” dies in an embassy. And trump does sends the 82nd to be surrounded by enemies.

  5. I watched Iranians walk around and not over American and Israeli Flags painted on the streets , the problem sure doesn't seem to be with the Iranian people !

  6. You side with terroristic human rights abusers like Iran? China too? Venezuela? Then you might just be a modern leftist. Lol why are these people allowed to run free on our streets, let alone be in our government

  7. We Americans are very sorry for electing an Imbecile to run the country. He is like a fungus that has grown across our country.

  8. We want accountability for our U.S. Government that attempted to overthrow our duly elected President. We haven't seen any yet. We wont stop till we do if it goes for years. No more theifs in Congress and the Senate
    They used our money to enrich themselves. Accountability now, everyday till we get it.

  9. Saddam Hussein had everything on lockdown then Republicans took him out. Nice job right wingers I'm sure you'll blame Obama

  10. Any chance of a daytime "aerial" view of the size of protesting crowd ???? Prob not ah – won’t fit the narrative. People just do NOT learn from prior lies and spins !!!

  11. I agree this guy needed to be taken out. But what I don't get….is why Putin gets invited to the WH and is shown respect by Trump. Putin has killed more Americans then any other leader. Through proxy wars. He arms Iran.

  12. it's about time the people iran enjoy the lifestyles of the modern world. let iran be secular and let the intllectuals rulke the government.

  13. I don’t really get this, I’m not stupid, just politics isn’t my best trait, can someone explain this to me?

  14. As that idiot Giuilani said the U.S are arming MEK Terrorists from their Base in Albainia with weapons and cash to foment chaos and violent protest. Just how dumb are you Yanks to think after the failure in Ukraine, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Venezuela etc.. that it would work this time. I swear you are just asking for it. And all for a Greater Israel.

  15. Maybe 70% of Iran's oil exports go to China but Iranian Oil only amounts to 6% of China's imports. An honest mistake or fake news. I knew they were way off. Ignorant people might actually believe what they said.

  16. When America shot down an Iranian passenger plane years ago they killed 298 peole 65 of them children. Bush said I will not apologize for America whatever the facts are. The Captain of the USS Vincens that shot down that plane murdering those innocent civilians was awarded a medal and no compensation was ever offered to the families. Just like a Normal Country does.

  17. The Iranian Government is like the Wil e Coyote trying to catch the roadrunner. They are so dumb, they are a bunch of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes.

  18. I agree 100%.Thank you too ladies and gents in this video for being intelligent and your clear,consise statements and most of all your steady positive energy!
    Its so nice to hear Solutions without any type of negativity in this awful Tragedy!
    Thank you again!
    Peace to all!

  19. No negotiations. Iran is a sovereign sovereign nation capable of confronting the US military so enough with the false and fake pretexts. Attack if you can US military and buy cuffing before doing so.

  20. Iranian people should not pay for a war between Iran's evil satanic government and the U.S. Trump need to neutralize their evil satanist assassin Ayatollah with a clean shot just like solemani and everything gonna be cool. The world wont cry over it, believe me. The Plane shot down was a war crime, accidentaly my as*…was clearly deliberately therefore any action over Iranian territory is now legitimated.

  21. The US defence secretary has declared there was no hard evidence embassies were under threat
    Now, let's all get back to the impeachment hearing.

  22. 🔱🐸🗯🎳🇮🇷 Iran strike forced 🔥🇮🇷🔥
    ❗👖 💰🛢💰🛢💰🛢💰🛢💰🛢💰

  23. 😂🗯Arthel / Art heel💦 Ne vi el💦 ele💦/ Neville
    "Tell it like it is" 📻🎶🎶🎶
    & quit choking on your word's , your daddy didn't…

  24. I feel sorry for Iranians to have lunatic extremist dictator named Khamenie who legalized child prostitution and spend all finances on Terrorists leaving citizens starving.

  25. I bet it was his buildings that we’re going to get attacked and 45 used American forces to defend his personal property.

  26. The Democrats and their triggered supporters and their biased news organizations will be hating this. They were hoping for a war

  27. FYI, vast majority of today’s “Libertarians” have in common with the Left, the failure to SELF GOVERN ACCORDING TO THE COMMANDS of the Creator recognized in the US Declaration of Independence which is what US Founders said guarantees the success of the Nation, nay, they either make the Creator into the image of man or ignore the Creator all together.

  28. Iran is a complex country. Many are well educated, have strong families, and are business oriented. It’s just a small, deeply entrenched, radical segment of the population that prevents its people from becoming truly free. I hope that changes. Iran could become a western friendly stabilizing force in the region. I hope it happens one day.

  29. Dear Iran, as an American I apologize in behalf of Trump for making this commotion.

    This manchild has been wreaking havoc for their own people as well, and everyone hate him.

    Don't worry, we are going to rise up and fight against him if worst come to worst.

  30. Bernie Sanders, 46th President of The United States, (2021-2029)

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 47th President of the United States (2029-2037)


  31. The people who tell you we DO have war money but DON’T have HealthCare Money, Tuition-Free Money, Infrastructure Money, or Green New Deal Money are playing games with you.


  33. All these people saying they want the Iranian people to be free. You should be telling trump to stop sanctioning medicine so their grandparents and sick population stop dying.

  34. Back channel talks is legal prosecution and not legal escape.

    So, the FISA eyes imagining they are not among earthly beings? Those FISA millennaires are watching their television in their eyes and surround sound Dolby experience because under school, under graduate have become government leaders, youth leaders for CONCUBINE COUNTRIES on earth. And they aren't in different earth or other inter dimensional world. STUPIDS.

  35. Macron has been brutalizing the French for over a year not a peep…his outrage serves an agenda only. You're all fake.

  36. hypocrites, liars, drug dealers, war makers, robbers, racists…… this is America, and that's why you have a president like trump

  37. Lots of poor people in Iran, thanks to the US sanctions. CIA handing out Shekels to poor people so they can film 'the protests' . The truth is that Trump has united Iran and Iraq in their hatred of USA.

  38. Congress forbade the US president to operate in Iran.
    Iran got out of the nuclear deal, and set about creating the most powerful atomic bomb in the world, which in two years will fall on the city of New York city. Who won ? Russian Federation.
    And who will be responsible for this ? Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi.
    Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi shows incompetence and criminal negligence motivated by hatred of President Trump.

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