Travel Agency Startup Business Plan | 2019 “Blacklisted” Tips 4 Leads

Travel Agency Startup Business Plan good afternoon everybody Larry put it
here and I am back once a game and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about a
new travel agency startup business plan now I wanna put y’all on something new
and it’s a start-up business plan if you ever serious about getting to the travel
agency industry so you not want to miss this please stay tuned all right everybody welcome back welcome
back so if you’re really serious about getting into the travel industry and
you’re looking for a travel agency startup business plan let me put you on
a plan that I you started up and I’m still currently using so first first of
all once you get inside a host travel agency which I recommend anyway you want
to put together some type of marketing plan your first mind set should be okay
how can i generate leads leads for my travel okay generate clients as well as
building a travel team so you want to have the option to do both because
there’s only so much you can do as a Travel Agency Startup Business Plan travel agent you can make good money as
a travel agent but you want to provide yourself with leverage so that’s a good
plan if you really start and got out the gate have a plan to build a travel team
as well as a plan to market and get class for your travel bookings okay now
here’s what I do be honest with you I’m an introvert I don’t like talking to
friends and family I don’t like calling people or cold calling and doing home
parties and hotel meetings I’m sorry that’s just not me just not my cup of
tea however I got really good at internet marketing okay so one of my
major platforms for marketing is YouTube okay like what I’m doing now me and my
girlfriend we love to shoot YouTube videos okay so this is how we generate
leads for our travel agency business okay you want to put together some type
of plan okay and market and generate leads so a couple things you need to do
this you need a landing page okay and this landing pages where people can
enter their name email address phone Travel Agency Startup Business Plan number or etcetera or whatever wherever
you all like to collect you want to drive traffic to that landing page
so if you’re really serious about crushing it in the travel industry you
need to be creating some type of content such as videos and driving traffic to
your landing page links now your leads will be will be opting in okay that’s
how you collect the lease and then from there you need to have a autoresponder
to follow up email with your autoresponder now if you want to call
them back that’s cool me I don’t like calling people I just like the email
autoresponder to callosum okay so that’s a good plan to start out you want to go
to brand and you want to provide value valuable content because the content is
king if you can provide content and it’s that caters to the travel niche you
would generate leads for this travel for your travel business okay you have your
generate leads if you want to build a travel team as well as promote your
travel bookings whatever the case may be you can target people based upon the
keywords that they’re typing in Google as well as YouTube okay so that’s one of
my primary marketing strategies so hope you find value from this video if you
already like this video give me a thumbs up subscribe to our You Tube channel and
leave a comment let me know your feedback what’s your preferred method of
marketing okay so that’s one of us one business plan I like the implementing
for something that you serious about implementing hey why not get into the
travel business and you know work on our team and go from there so that’s my time
if you really serious about becoming a travel agent you want to get in the
travel agency business there’s a free presentation by clicking the link below
okay click the link below this video or within this video to see a free
presentation how you can start your own travel agency from home and get
everything you need all up on the one Travel Agency Startup Business Plan umbrella okay
so Larry for the sailing golf and I will see you on the next video alright
happy traveling

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