Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn to Get a Job at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn to Get a Job at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

Hey everyone welcome to CS dojo my name is YK, and I’m your host, and today We’re going to talk about the top five programming languages to learn for getting a job at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft Etc so the obvious question here might be Does it really matter which languages you learn if you’re trying to get a job at one of these companies My answer would be yes It does but not directly What I mean by that is when you have a job interview with one of these companies as a software engineer Candidate the most important thing. They’ll usually look for is not what specific language or technology you’ve been using Instead they tend to look for mostly your coding skills your problem-solving ability and your data structures and algorithms knowledge So you might say wait YK so it doesn’t really matter which languages i learn then, my answer to that would be Actually it still matters a lot. I’m going to explain my reasoning behind that in this video But if you just want to find my lists just keep over to this time in this video (2:54) Okay, so if these large companies don’t care that much about which languages You know then why does it matter at all which languages you learn if you want to get a job at one of these companies There are three reasons for this Reason number one when you apply for a job at one of these big companies How do you think they will decide if they should invite you for a job interview? Of course there are a few different aspects to this for example your education your personal projects and so on but the biggest factor Is usually your work experience and how do you get the experience in the first place? probably at smaller less known companies first and Actually smaller companies and startups tend to care more about which specific language or technology you know so for example a small start-up might say we need someone who can help us create an iOS app tomorrow or We need someone who knows JavaScript really well by next month so depending on which languages you know it’ll actually be easier or harder for you to get a job at one of these smaller companies and Reason number two I think you should learn a programming language that aligns with your interests, so you have more motivation and reason for learning So for example if you’re interested in learning to make an iPhone app you should probably learn Swift and if you’re interested in data science machine learning or science in general Python might be a good choice for you reason number three some programming languages are simply easier to learn than some other ones For example I would say JavaScript is easier to learn than Java and Python Is easier to learn than C++. So based on that I decided to use the job market and ease of learning as the two main criteria For making my list of top 5 programming languages to learn Ok so here’s my list number 5 Ruby Ruby is a programming language from Japan it became Popular due to the popularity of something called Ruby on Rails and Ruby on Rails was at some point I would say the hottest Framework for building websites although it’s not as popular as it used to be anymore Still a lot of companies use Ruby on Rails today and Ruby is a really simple and easy language to learn number four swift Swift is now the primary language for building an iOS app whether it’s for iPhone or iPad if you have the skill it should be fairly easy for you to get a job since many companies want to build iOS apps I haven’t used this language extensively myself But it seems like a fairly simple and easy language to learn, the only downside of Swift is that it’s not really cross-platform Meaning, it’s not easy to create an iOS app with Swift if you don’t have a Mac Number three : Java Java is probably one of the most widely used programming languages today You can use Java to build many things including Android apps Many companies use Java frameworks to create websites as well Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest language to learn since it’s a bit more complex than the other languages in this list number two: Python Python is also a very popular programming language at least in North America and Many companies use it to create websites with frameworks like Django and flask This is probably the language of your choice if you’re interested in things like data science machine learning or science in general it’s also one of the main languages used at Google, so it’s popular at both large companies and smaller companies and number one Javascript javascript used to be a language that only ran on your browser Whether it’s Chrome Firefox or Safari But recently people started using it to create back-end code meaning the code that runs on your servers Not just front-end code meaning the code that runs on your device. Whether it’s a phone or a laptop Javascript is a great language to learn for getting a job And it’s also fairly simple and easy to learn now if you’re just getting started with programming I’d recommend that you start with either Python or JavaScript And I think your optimal choice here mostly depends on your interests For example if you’re interested in UI or user experience design Then JavaScript is probably the way to go. If you’re more into logic machine learning or science in general Python might be the right choice for you. Now I have three more languages for honorable mentions But I have a quick announcement to make I’ve just launched my patreon page where you can chip in a few dollars to join a private Facebook group and a private monthly live Stream where you can ask me any questions. I’d much appreciate it if you can head over to to support my channel, so here’s my honorable mention number one. Go, which is also known as go lang This language was originally developed at Google, but it’s used extensively in many companies today Go is known for its efficiency, and it’s simple syntax And it’s actually becoming one of the most popular programming languages today So if you’re looking to add a language to your skill set this is the first language I’d definitely consider Honorable mention number two Kotlin – Kotlin is a relatively new language And it works in both a Java based environment and a JavaScript based environment Kotlin was recently Officially supported by Android so it’s possible that Kotlin will become the primary language for developing Android apps in the future honorable mention number three SQL with some people pronounce as S.Q.L. If you search for what programming language to learn you might run across on an article or two that mention SQL But if you’re beginner it might be confusing because SQL is different from all the other languages that we talked about in this video SQL or S.Q.L. is a programming language that solely focused on managing databases It’s usually used in conjunction with one of the other languages So learning SQL as your first programming language is probably not the best idea and in my opinion It’s not that easy to learn SQL without having some real-life data to play with So I’d focus on learning other languages first Okay, that’s all I have for this video. Thanks as always for watching and again I’d much appreciate it if you can head over to my patreon page right here to support CS dojo and let me know in the comment below if you have any requests about what kind of videos I should make in the future and I’ll see you in the next video


  1. FYI, go to 2:54 if you just want to see my list of top 5 programming languages.

    And here’s my Patreon page:
    Also, I'd recommend my Python tutorials for absolute beginners:

    EDIT: As I mentioned in the video, I've built this list with the job market and ease of learning as my main criteria. That's why I decided to put, for example, Ruby instead of PHP in my list (Ruby has a really nice, simple syntax).

    If I were to add two more languages to this list, I think they would be PHP and C#– they would also be great languages to learn considering the current job market. I'm personally not too experienced with their syntax though– would be great if I could get some comments about how they are from you guys.

    Anyway, I’ll see you guys in the next video! πŸ™‚

  2. Ooo that's why I was lagging in my work.
    I want to create an app and I was running behind python
    Instead Swift 😊😊😊😊😊thanku Sir
    Can u make video on swift please

  3. I want to become a dotnet developer, then please give me a suggestion to me about my courier in that way is better or not

  4. I like to open a starup linking person to person like airbnb or uber.
    Which programming language would be proper for me?

  5. I would argue C/C++ and .NET (especially C#) should be on the list tbh. C/C++ is somewhat complicated but the origin of all modern languages. It allows creating a great foundation for learning other languages but also really understand how data structures etc work. So sad not to see it on this list. C# is also a very popular choice in many modern companies, and shares many simularities to JavaScript.

  6. i love the fact in how newbie friendly this video is and it doesn't really talk about the negatives nor the programming language updates which can be way overwhelmingly stressful if you're really trying to get a job in the industry.

    i'll make my own list instead mentioning programming languages that are actually worthy of learning

    1.Python – it's not always constantly changing too much and if it does, you can bet that there will be help by the community / very easy to learn also.

    2.Java – (not javascript) Java has a lot of support and it's constantly changing too much, so you can search up your problem and it's very assure that it won't over-complex the problem that you have, libraries and frameworks are in JAVA are good supported and they do have a particular actual goal in where the libraries and frameworks are trying to head to, unlike javascript in which has become something as a fad or trend to just jump to it because it's cool or something like that.

    3.c# – c# has been dying off because the complexity of the language itself to learn, this language isn't really newbie friendly, but it is still possible to learn it. This language is very well structured but there is other alternatives in which do the same as c# but the syntax of the language is easier as Python or Java, don't look away from this language though, it's still much more of a better language than why CS Dojo mentions in his video.

    4.PHP – PHP gets a lot of hate by the community but it's definitely much more of a worthy language than 3 of the languages that CS Dojo mentions here, PHP is also dying off because it was made under the C language syntax making it still a hard language to get used to writing, PHP had problems back in the older version of PHP and the syntax is still confusing at times, but PHP manages to work better for Web Applications in which if you're self taught developer i think this would a great option for you (also if you're building your own start-up by yourself.).
    PHP has many benifits if you're a lonewolf programmer. You can't go wrong learning PHP if you're going to manage to build a website or a web app by yourself, i think that PHP will be a great fit for a team of only 1-6 people that are working in a specific project meaning that it's most likely used for only a small group or contributions.

    5. Javascript – Javascript is a client-side language, in which it's most likely used for the front-end and not really back-end… it's still considered a programming language, but this programming language is always contributing new libraries and frameworks, this language is constantly updating the popular frameworks and libraries like vue.js, angular.js, and react.js (which was made by PHP).
    Javascript has been a programming language most likely considered a fad or trendy language because there's a lot of demand for this language since it's the only client-side language that is actually stabled or i guess made.
    but to manage to actually get a job in the industry you'll need to meet every updated requirements for Javascripts frameworks, most importantly to actually have skills with this particular framework and not much in the programming language itself…
    This language is actually not stable because you're constantly depending on frameworks or libraries to actually get a job if you're actually interested to get a job in the industry, this programming language can't really be deployed for start-ups since it only concentrates in client-side, if you want to start a start-up you'll most likely need to likely need to learn another framework or library for example, react and node.js to create a stack of the start-up that you want to create in Javascript because the language itself is not efficient without frameworks nor libraries, so you're going to need to consistently get up to date with everything that you're adding to your start-up, i think this would head much more for people that want to get a job in the industry.

  7. If you want work for these companies (GAFAM), then you are a human shit. So nothing really matter you should just not try to work for them. They are devil. Hidden devil but devil… just go do something usefull in your life!

  8. thanks for sharing your insight.. very kind of you.. most people dont do that.. and yes.. you may get some money from youtube.. but your heart is in the right place and i wish you all the best in your future endeavors.. keep being generous in spreading your wisdom and knowledge and it will be returned back to you πŸ™‚

  9. I am interested in learning java but I don't know where to start from .i just know some of the topics which we had discussed in our institution as per the syllabus but not as much as clarified pls help m e out with it to develop my coding skill in java

  10. Make a video on which programing language used by Larry Page, sergey brin, mark Zuckerberg and bill gates to become billionaire

  11. every time when people ask me which programming language I use, I say C/C++. They say you're old school, people all use Jave and Python. WTF

  12. Thank you so much brother.. for your suggestions
    Question :- what type of questions their ask in interviews regarding those langauge in that 5 company ?

  13. Now I am learning the HTML , CSS , JAVASCRIPT so is it good for get job not in popular but as well as in any normal company?
    Please answer

  14. Sure, learning programming languages is important, but that's just 1/10th of what a real software engineer needs to know. I go into details here:

    Basically, without computer science, you lack a proper background to understand why you're supposed to take certain actions and not others. Don't ignore it, guys and gals!

  15. Hi .
    Actually I have just started learning programming. Could you please let me know how do I start learning data structures and algorithms

  16. I think HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are very important to learn first, in that order, and then go from there. Even though those first two aren't programming languages because there's no if/else aspect, for making websites for companies, it's good to know…

  17. Bro why you talking. Just said
    One more maybe for me Bee I like this LANGUAGE and it's very important

  18. Coding is today's language of creativity
    Whether you want to uncover the secret of the universe or you want to pursue a career in 21st century,
    basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn
    A must watch video, programmers of today are the future of tomorrow

  19. The most popular languages to learn in 2020.



    (recommended) 2
    1.)JavaScript (recommended) 1
    These are great languages to learn and work as a business-man. #Stay Happy in This World. ~!

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