Top 20 Projects Completing in 2020 | The B1M

Top 20 Projects Completing in 2020 | The B1M

From striking skyscrapers to vast Olympic
parks and stadiums on a level of ambition never attempted before, 2020 sees a new decade
kick-off with the completion of some truly remarkable construction projects. From the overwhelming number of schemes set
to finish this year, these are the 20 you need to keep your eyes on. Stretching over four square kilometres and
including a major extension to the Dubai metro, the finishing touches to the 2020 Expo site
are now being made ahead of the event’s opening in October. With more than 130 nations showcasing the
best in global development – and with pavilions designed by some of the world’s most renowned
architects, including Santiago Calatrava, Grimshaw and Foster + Partners – the 2020
Expo is expected to welcome more than 25 million visitors over its six month run. Making headlines when it was first proposed
in 2015, Melbourne’s Premier Tower is now beginning to make its mark on the city. Inspired by the music video to Beyonce’s
“Ghost”, the skyscraper’s curvaceous facade also plays a significant structural
role, breaking up and disrupting wind loads that would cause the tower to sway. The USD $1.84 billion Allegiant Stadium in
Las Vegas will become the most expensive stadium ever built when it complete’s ahead of the
2020 NFL season. With space for 65,000 spectators, the landmark
stadium will become home to the Las Vegas Raiders – who are relocating from Oakland
– and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebels. Topping-out in 2019 after six years of construction,
the tallest skyscraper on New York’s Billionaire’s Row is set complete in 2020. While it won’t take the title of New York
City’s tallest building, the 472 metre Central Park Tower will overtake the nearby 432 Park
Avenue to become the tallest residential building in the world. Los Angeles’ striking SoFi Stadium is now
racing towards completion and is set to host a string of high profile concerts throughout
the summer of 2020. Becoming the new home of the Los Angeles Rams
and Los Angeles Chargers, the 70,000 seat venue is expected to play a major role in
the Olympic Games in 2028. Already part-occupied, November 2019 saw the
topping out of Melbourne’s first supertall skyscraper – the 100 storey Australia 108. Rising from former swampland in the city’s
Southbank district, the striking tower will feature the highest residences in the southern
hemisphere when it completes in 2020. With its New National Stadium opening in 2019,
Tokyo’s wider Olympic Park will complete early in 2020 ahead of the Olympic opening
ceremony in July. Constructing a number of new venues and redeveloping
some that played host to the 1964 Games, all eyes will be on Tokyo as the world’s athletes
gather in the city. Part built on the original structure of Echelon
Place – an incomplete complex which fell victim to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis – the 59 storey Resorts World Las Vegas is now nearing completion. Despite rumours of delays, developers behind
the USD $4.3 billion scheme have announced that it will open in 2020, making it the first addition to the city’s Strip since the Cosmopolitan in 2010. The Daniel Libeskind-designed, PwC Tower will
become the final high rise in Milan’s City Life master-plan, joining skyscrapers designed
by Zaha Hadid and Arata Isozaki upon completion. The 175 metre concave structure will be the
fourth tallest building in the city and arguably emerge as the standout tower in a country
not known for tall buildings. April 2020 will see Vietnam’s first foray
into hosting a Grand Prix with the completion of a 5.5-kilometre hybrid circuit. Bringing together a series of converted public
and purpose-built roads for the race, the new routes will be handed over for public
use after the event. Adding to an ever-growing list of state-of-the-art
stadiums on the African continent, the 60,000 seat National Stadium in Abidjan is set to
open in 2020. With the Ivory Coast due to host the Africa
Cup of Nations in 2023, the venue will stage the opening ceremony and the final match of
the tournament. Now the tallest skyscraper in the City of
London, 22 Bishopsgate will finally complete this year. Originally the site of the Pinnacle tower
before works were halted in 2013, the new structure rises to 62 storeys from the foundations
of its never-realised predecessor. Already topped-out, Tower 1 at Torres Obispado
rises 305 metres to become Mexico’s first supertall skyscraper, dethroning Chile’s Torre Costanera to become the tallest building in Latin America. Topping out in April 2019, the 363 metre Vista
Tower will complete in 2020 offering a hotel alongside a number of residences. The structure is already the third tallest
building in Chicago and the tallest skyscraper designed by a female architect to date. Now in its second season of construction,
works to upgrade the wharf at Antarctica’s Rothera Research Station – making it capable
of accommodating the new Sir David Attenborough research vessel – are set to complete in April
2020. With the new wharf in place, construction
crews will return in late 2020 to continue work on the wider station. The skyline of Warsaw is set to change dramatically
in 2020 with the completion of the 53 storey Varso Tower. While the roof of the skyscraper will reach
230 metres, the inclusion of an 80-metre spire in the building’s official height will see
it crowned as not only the tallest skyscraper in Poland but in the whole of the European
Union, taking the title from London’s Shard. Standing 280 metres tall and each rising to
81 storeys, the twin towers of Brazil’s Yachthouse Residence Club will become the tallest buildings
in Brazil when they complete and the second tallest skyscrapers in South America. Becoming the first metro in Pakistan, the
Orange Line in Lahore is the first of three routes now proposed for the city. Running for some 27 kilometers, the new line
is expected to serve 250,000 people each day when it completes and becomes operational
in 2020. With Ethiopia fast-emerging as an African
powerhouse, the 198 metre new headquarters for the state-run Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
will become the tallest building in the country when it completes later this year. After more than a decade of construction,
August 2020 will see Seoul’s World Cup Bridge finally open. With works first commencing in March 2010,
the bridge was originally expected to open in 2015 but became significantly delayed due
to financial constraints. If you enjoyed this video and would like to
learn more about these projects and the incredible world of construction in 2020, subscribe to
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  1. Where is the grand egyptian museum ? It will be the largest museum in the world and it’s amazing will open this year

  2. Given the relative rise of Africa and how it’s completely ignored by western media, I was beyond impressed by your views when you mentioned some of those projects. This is a testament to your professionalism and deep knowledge of the globe as it is, and isn’t clouded by preconceived notions and biases.

  3. So , no modern infrastructure building projects in the U.S. , only more over priced sport stadiums and luxury buildings ? Smh

  4. Making more skyscrapers in a City which has abundant of them
    Which kind of Devlopment is this?

  5. Very nice, all those expensive, prestigious, huge carbon footprint things, but how about building affordable, sustainable housing for young people?

  6. Vegas stadium. The most expensive NFL stadium in history. To pay for this coffee table, toilet, roller coaster?, Clark County will increase its hotel tax to raise the $750 million contribution in funding. The building will feature a ETFE roof. A type of durable plastic used in a lot of other outdoor monstrosities.
    We should be thankful Football happens in the winter months otherwise the players would fricassee in this greenhouse. There's really no description other than the fact it's a black modernist toilet bowl. A more figurative name for the team should be the Card Sharks.

  7. By this point in their careers assholes like Calatrava, Gehry, Foster, etc are at the end of their lives; they’re old or close to retiring NEVER the less; they’re still notorious for buildings that are either ridiculously ugly; detrimental to the surrounding scape and otherwise extremely costly to build and maintain. Before; opponents of Traditional and Classical architecture asserted it was either too dated, too resource intensive or too expensive to build today. Thus it’s ironic that “scientific” Modernism has just produced some of the most costly and over-budget structures in living memory.

    None of these buildings by conflict of their complicated and irrational geometry and complicated engineering and expensive materials is suitable for urban renewal, their destiny is the wrecking ball when the cost of maintaining them goes beyond what it costs of refurbish; refurbishing a building often built with a fixed proportion and architectural elements that double as critical engineering elements that cannot be removed. Even worse they F*** over the taxpayer too, as a lot of the buildings they’re designing at the end of their careers or the expansion of their practice are often public buildings built at taxpayer expense. Govt buildings, stadiums, public schools.

  8. I also think that the 1 Sydney Harbour project should be mentioned here! Man 2020 is going to be bringing us some cool stuff!

  9. The Riyadh metro should have been on the list, its bigger than all of these projects and costs over 20$ billion.
    it deserves its own video

  10. I wish you could do an Urban River Parks review or analysis or whatever. Like in Seoul's cheonggyecheon river. And other parts of the world. Thanks!

  11. List was an abortion, half the buildings here are not even worth mentioning. Notice the country that eats 50% of the worlds concrete, did,t even make the list.

  12. In Brazil there are several projects of skyscrapers above 300 meters there is a project of a tower in Camboriú Santa Catarina with 120 floors and several other projects above 300 meters I believe that in 2021 Brazil will be the leader in South America skyscrapers

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  14. Next big project starts?
    Like the Elbtower in Hamburg, on its completion it will be only the third highest building in germany, but the tallest outside of Frankfurt.
    Also, the design is nice.

  15. Dubai's Expo Arena should have been saved for the last as it is my favourite on the list.

    France and Germany do not seem to be featuring in this sort of list for a while now.


  17. Happy New year to all at B1M, as always, another great video. Keep the fantastic educational work up in 2020. Only then will people know what our industry delivers.

  18. I wish you all and brilliant 2020. Greetings from my project (enjoy the sunshine 🌞):

  19. Alot of megaprojects works are going on in china , India , Japan , Korea , etc ..
    U have not shown any , but still love the videos ….♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. India is constructing a 110,000 seater Cricket stadium set to complete in March 2020.
    It will be the biggest cricket stadium in the world

  21. 5:46 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽👏👏👏👏👏

  22. You forgot about the Riyadh metro in Saudi Arabia. One of the biggest transportation projects in the world

  23. India's Motera Cricket Stadium in Ahmadabad is biggest Stadium in the world with capacity to 1,10,000 people to be opened in 2020!

  24. Happy New Year B1M.

    China will not amaze more bcoz they surpassed all imagination. 😀
    Wow to see Orange line of Pakistan. 👍
    Dubai Expo and Las Vegas Stadium literally sounds great. 💙💙
    Thanks for sharing and making great videos. 💝

  25. Yall know NONE of these will be done on time and MAYBE half will get done at all. Just like concept cars. I remember in high school our science books said scientist project there will be flying cars in 2010 lmao we can't even get more electric cars in the road than gas ones and it's a 2020

  26. You simply cant talk of CONSTRUCTION and ENGINEERING in any year, and simply focus on US stadiums, and europe, without CHINA. No country comes even close to what they are doing year after year, building future cities, huge rails in mountains etc, I SIMPLY FIND YOUR LIST BIASED AND MISINFORMED. with the only exciting thing being THE DUBAI 2020 EXPO.

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