To Defeat Trump, Biden Recruits Sanders Supporters — And Finds Some Are Game | MSNBC

To Defeat Trump, Biden Recruits Sanders Supporters — And Finds Some Are Game | MSNBC


  1. The ridiculous notion that socialism and capitalism are mutually exclusive is the most harmful thing most media and politicians keep pushing. I understand that it is a hard concept for the average person to understand, but journalists and politicians? Come on…

    Every single developed democratic country on this planet is some level of socialist, our countries would collapse without it. The discussion should be about how far you want to go one way or the other on ISSUES. The only two absolutes are communism and anarchy, which are all the way at both ends of the scale.

  2. .surely for the sake of your nation, these multi billionaires .perhaps should voluntary give their billions of dollars that they can never spend in 100 lifetimes , to this cause, before Bernie takes it from them legally through his proposed tax bill..

  3. Ari used to be respectable. Now he's setting up Biden propaganda ads. Get real, Trump will crush Biden just using Burisma. The investigations will never end and Putin's FSB have recordings that will be released just prior to the election to shame Biden for not being transparent. Why take a chance on someone that has been shown to be corrupt. Where did they find these moronic Biden supporters that cannot stand up for real convictions. The time for change is now and Biden is a sure loser. They say they don't want four years of Trump but their plan to oppose the only true choice contradicts what being a Democrat stands for. Redistribution of wealth, term limits for Senators and judges, electoral college reform and campaign finance reform, those are some of the answers. Biden will do nothing.

  4. As a Canadian, it's crazy watching so much media propaganda at work here… listen to your kids guys, hasn't the boomer generation done enough to destroy this planet and given them way less opportunities than they had, let them ad least have a fighting chance with Sanders, don't understand this selfishness! I'm telling you, if they had all the things we have here in Canada, they would not think they are "going too far", they would, actually, like here, have politicians (even on the right) who wouldn't dare take away universal healthcare or affortable college… plus, if you think Neo-con "zombie" Biden will "choose people who are progressive", instead of actually going WITH the candidate that actually IS progressive, you are living in a fantasy world… it will be once again, a wall street cabinet…

  5. Funny how only the right can push extremist ideas with radical and racist candidates yet for the left it's too much too soon. This is why the left always loses

  6. Listen, I am a Bernie supporter. Bernie Sanders will not say "Ill take my voters and go home" Trump said this to Republicans in 2016, and they Jumped. Bernie's voters may be very willing to say no… Because from where I am standing… Trump will absolutely destroy Biden.

  7. It's a crying shame that a country like the USA, who for the previous 250 years was the greatest agent for change to advance humanity, has become so fearful and insipid, it has lost its courage to be so bold to embark on the change Bernie's campaign offers. Democrat snowflakes are about to hand Trump another 4 years. R.I.P Government4thePeopleByThePeople.. Regards Aussie Spectator.

  8. Smdh people are afraid to do right by America!!!! You won’t vote for Sanders because he’s “too progressive” because he only wants the best for us all, but you’ll vote for Biden whom wants to take use back to what it used to be? Some one whom will be attached and investigated by Republicans in the nexts days/weeks, whom will more than likely be defeated by Trump!!! All democrats whom have that mentality should be ashamed of themselves. Cowards!!!!

  9. Upon serious refection our national parties are failing 🇺🇸. Three lackluster ole white guys are competing to run the English-speaking capitalist world. Orwell would salivate at opportunity to write the fiction that is in fact fact.

    Did all the talent flow to Wall Street since say 1980? Steyer is a pale imitation of what we need. Stdyer, the hedge fund do gooder, reeked entitlement. And he dances poorly, the pandering plutocrat.

    trump"s response to the pandemic demonstrates the failure of our political culture. How did we get here? Better question is how do get away from here?

  10. Who T F is looking to replace capitalism, certainly not Bernie. What a misleading question, no wonder people vote for the "safe" Biden when this is your choice.

  11. I love the way that Ari plays the fool, making believe that medicare for all will replace all capitalism, which is a complete lie. Medicare is already in place, it works, it is the most efficient, cost effective (less than half of the cost of for profit healthcare) and does not replace your doctor with a politician. You can keep your sky high premiums, paying 10x the cost of insulin, and deductibles, and tier levels of doctors, it is a system that does not work for most americans and is pricing itself out of business. The cost of for profit healthcare doubles every 7 years. Status quo only millionaires will afford to see a doctor.

  12. Sanders has a massive following, Biden has followers that are afraid of change and vote against their own best interests. In my opinion at least.

  13. Why can't we do both. So the black lady just admitted that its blacks folks fault that we will continue to be screwed over. These Biden supporters are idiots. Most if their talking points stupid.

  14. I'm so sad about being black right now. Old black people are out of touch. I say we should make them find the children and grandchildren of MLK and tell them their dad/grandfather wanted to do too much. They are spitting in the face of all the movers and the shakers. It's sad the only thing they can say is he supported Obama but can't say how he will change things or what he stands for. But in the next breath say what they need which falls under Bernie's platform but he's doing too much. Us younger black voters need to come out like Bernie is Beyonce or Cardio because these old fools are going to continue to ruin our lives


  16. Obama and Biden sent my only brother to Afghanistan to get killed for military industrial profits. Now he is gone. Why should I vote for a warmonger like Biden?

  17. This should be seen as a race between Donald Trump and SANITY. Its no time for a no-show or to stay home. Whatever policy differences could be smoothened out between Biden and Bernie but I'd say press your candidate to negotiate or horse-trade favorably and just go vote blue. The danger of Trump another four years is by far greater than either Bernie or Biden for President.

  18. It's great to see intelligence, discourse, and activism in the same room without the craziness! These are New Yorkers too lol.

  19. Bernie has just as much experience if not more so when it comes to serving "the people'. Mayor, Congressman and Senator. When it comes to Medicare for all, if you have cancer how fast is to fast. If your planet is in a Global Crisis how fast it to fast. If you can't house and feed your family how fast is to fast?

  20. Senators Warren or Sanders would make an excellent replacement for Moscow Mitch as Senate Leader. 11/3/2020 will set us free! Goons of Putin GOT to GO! We the People Shall Make It So!

  21. 5:10 "I don't have a problem with wealth redistribution because I don't have any wealth… I think government has an obligation to take care of us…"

  22. We’re not sheep who will fall in line, MSDNC. Maybe after another four years of Trump you corporate mouthpieces of the establishment will finally learn something!

  23. This are low information voters who do not know Biden's record. They have been misinformed by the MSM that Bernie's agenda is not achievable, and that Biden is the most electable, could defeat Trump, which is wrong. Trump will cream him in the national election, he is senile and has a terrible policy record. Biden has already shown that he is going to choose a Wall Street administration.

  24. Ok so I didn't watch this whole B.S. thing MSNBC put out, just who he talked to. Comparing it to what we know which is older 50+ people and African Americans support Biden and younger generations support Sanders and the ONLY cross over is the "Blue No Matter Who" crowd… This entire interview fits that demographic COMPLETELY. MSNBC has proven that young people do NOT support Biden unless they are "Blue No Matter Who". whatever point MSNBC was trying to prove, this was a total failure as I could have told you who each supported JUST BY LOOKING. Know what? I bet the guy walking around doing interviews could too.

  25. yeah, take a bow like when you chose Clinton over Sanders as the nominee in 2016. You gave us Trump. Take a bow!

  26. Hey people we have to options. We have Bernie that has ideas and stands for the working class. And we have Biden which has no ideas and stands for nothing.
    Doing too much too fast is bad so I want the opposite – Biden

  27. I hope Biden and Bernie still run for a few months. Otherwise, with one candidate, trump wil target him only.

  28. Anybody who thinks Biden will win the General have Dementia. These people want change, they then say Biden will bring it. Did none of these people know that Biden told his backers that nothing will change.

  29. These people don't get the economy. The college graduates from the last decade are unable to pay off their student debts, so they can't spend money. The current working class can't spend money due to low wages. Everyone is stuck and Biden is the "business as usual" candidate.

  30. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  31. He wants to change too much, too fast? Don't you guys realize that Trump is just a symptom of decades long problem? Bernie Sanders wants you to give up more? Since when Bernie Sanders wants you to sacrifice for anything? Reaching across the aisle? Don't they realize that GOP is essentially playing obstructionism and opposition no matter what?

  32. I'm not game, because this isn't a game; our votes are earned they're not owed to anyone. There are many people I see, who say it's rigged, and aren't going to vote; this is what happens when the DNC meddles in the election and denigrates one candidate openly favoring another. If Biden stands a chance at all, and it's a long shot with his memory loss issues; he must try to pull in those Sanders and other supporters who won't vote. Perhaps, have a Sanders VP or Nina Turner, something that will get them to the polls; we can't have 4 more years of Trump!

  33. I have the impression that this is so staged!! Everyone looks so "dressed up" and ready…….., 1 empty chair exactly for him to seat!

  34. Should have supported Yang and Gabbard. YOUNG, SMART, actual progressives….did I mention they are YOUNG????? They also weren't suckling at the teat of the military industrial complex!

  35. This time when Bernie gets knocked out of the race for the Democratic nomination, I hope he does what he should have done last time (which is to run as an independent). I believe if he ran independently he would defeat both Biden and Trump in the general election, especially if he had Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate. I think younger people especially would turn out to vote for a ticket that supports "working people's rights" as well as a de-escalation of US military imperialism…

  36. Changing the world should be the priority. Trump is a symptom not the problem.Biden is MORE OF THE SAME. He is exactly the same. The only difference is he supports war, is open about cutting SSN, and he has memory issues.

  37. @5:41: The ONLY voter in that room with a functioning brain who can engage in dispassionate analysis of just the facts!

  38. These blacks are voting for the master. Biden will let them keep working in the fields and in return he will let them live on the plantation. He tells them they're free but still treats them like slaves. For this they will vote for him. Sanders support will not vote against their own interest. So thanks for reelection Trump.

  39. MSDNC shows tangible results among dead-enders as gaslit confusion reigns supreme in the American electorate. Biden is more focused??! Black man under 40 would rather have Biden as President than Sanders, but also wants change??! Bernie voter in 2016, Biden voter in 2020??!

  40. Though getting rid of traitor trump is important, Biden will have to earn my vote and take on some progressive policies

  41. I contributed in 2016 to Bernie's campaign,(you can trace me all you want) had a sticker in the rear bumper indicating my preference; but! when hrc came and disrupted all that, and to watch him saying that we must support her, after he divulged all her misconceptions while in office? was absurd! now more than never! all he's accomplishing? is the disband of democrats I wish each and every candidate may only concentrate on what they're about to do ..

  42. Joe matched in the civil rights movement and got arrested… oh wait, he lied about that. Bernie got arrested protesting segregation … and marched with MLK. ✊🏾✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿

  43. Retired Progressive here and I will never ever vote for another Corporate Dem ever again. I'm so sick of having Corporate Dems shoved down our throats decade after decade. Healthcare, a living wage and education is the least the citizens of this country deserve WTF.

  44. NO NO No!!!! the BiG Lie is that, WE, As AMERICANS, are not ready for a great NEW, PROgressive, GREEN, FOR THE PEOPLE, Country. WE ARE MORE than Ready, Its the big businesses, Wall St and Corrupt who are not. LISTEN TO BERNIE! I did, I am convinced that a progressive democracy is what's best for my grand kids. Who , by the way, are all ready on this earth… they are not metaphors !!

  45. Joe Biden Has Advocated Cutting Social Security for 40 Years

    It Sure Sounds Like Joe Biden Would Veto Medicare for All If He Were President

  46. In Every Super Tuesday State With Exit Polls, Majority of Democratic Voters Support Eliminating Private Health Insurance

  47. Medicare for Would Save Americans $450 Billion and Prevent 68,000 Deaths Every Year

  48. Now I’m reminded how much old people like to do shyt slow. I see how Bernie scares them. I ask them to consider the future of their grandchildren.

  49. Why not a Biden and Bernie ticket. Their a win win for everyone. Bernie could educate Biden on certain issues like climate change and green new deal and help with making health care available for all. Just saying.

  50. Wow! Manufacturing consent it is! This contest ain’t over. Biden is a Republican on the issues and will do nothing to change the system. It’s status quo. We need change, and quickly! Bernie is the only one who will even attempt to make change. Biden will just put corrupt wealthy people into his cabinet and cater to corporate interests.
    Bernie 2020! 🔥🇺🇸

  51. Don't miss Bernie's debate questions for Biden on Democracy Now, even if the DNC tries to pull a fast one to protect Biden again by canceling the debate, Bernie has put the questions irrevocably for Biden to answer to, Blessings, Love is the answer

  52. I am still voting for Bernie when my primary rolls around. I’ll deal with the Presidential election when the time comes. I will say that I am very disappointed in MSNBC’s coverage of Bernie Sanders.

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