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  1. This documentary video of Citarum River in West Java is very important and useful for local and central government to address the issue with it's pollution, mainly plastic and water waste from garment factories around the river.  Any plastic product should never end in the river stream, as it is not bio degradable,  causing blockage to the stream, bad for river ecosystem, not to mention disgusting view to see. Local government have to provide bin as many as possible and encourage people to recycle their plastic. With factories, there should be very regular inspection by authority in the field to see directly if their factories producing hazard chemical waste. Regulations have to be strict and hefty fine should apply if they break the rules. In the end of this video clip, one factory managed to recondition the water to even drinkable, other factories should follow the same!! although the garment this factory sold for 10% higher.

  2. Damn, contaminated food is the worst but also to be destroying your own precious land like that because of jobs and a growing economy or whatever.

  3. 39:34 I think this last segment is there so the viewers in the West "feels" better, "Everything is going to alright since one small factory is green and making the water clear again!" yeah right. recycling facilities are low yield, expensive and NOT economically feasible by any means. You want green clean made T-shirt? Do you want to pay $50 per T-shirt instead of $5?

  4. 39:41 – company that has proper waste management
    40:25 – company name -> PT idaman eramandiri

  5. makes more videos like this pls this plants awareness of the product we get we using it's more worth to support or purchase products that are also taking care of the environment learn alot from this video

  6. we had such problems in europe too, decades ago. but we acknowledged the problems and forced the companies to make the water clean again. so its not my problem when indonesia ignores it.

  7. After we conluded our interviews, the Indonesian government announced a historic cleanup plan for the Citarum.

    The President has promised that the water from the river will be DRINKABLE by 2025

    Ok, i'll wait for this

  8. All those plastic waste must be related to the money transaction between companies and government, must be related to the basic people intelligent as a developing country about environmental basic knowledge.. perspective from a student who take baths everyday with that water

  9. If it's for the corporation in the well-developed nations in the west. Why don't these well-developed nations set a standard for their companies to have their supplier abide by all the rules set for industrial waste?.
    I mean, the EU decided to stop Indonesia's palm oil because of the deforestation and other environmental damage, why can't they do it with this?.

  10. Simple solution… Why those big brand not invest on better waste management system despite millions they made…………

    This textile problem is global, the thing is if indonesia government being strict, then the big names company will move to India / Bangladesh leaving Indonesia with more poverty

    That's why textile regulation should be done globally for every country… I still don't understand why can't those big brands invest on each of their suppliers a better waste management system one by one is ok making chances insead of doing nothing… The business still going, people still buy their clothes ,

  11. Thanks for the investigation!. Also, I'm really glad the government is actually willing to listen to this. Because it's the Indonesian people who are actually suffering and dying from all of these.

  12. Me and my wife are avid buyers of uniqloo, handm,gap products… This manufacturers must be stopped. Textile industries are never sustainable… What saddens me most is the ignorance of the unfathomable harm done to the people around these companies and even to myself. Please continue to escalate this issue. This is part and should be part of the global issues.

  13. Hey! Can anyone send the link for the "historical cleanup of Citarum", do you have any articles?
    Thank in advance

  14. Oh wait. uniqlo is a japanese company? so japan keeping their country clean and make other suffer for buying their materials from these irresponsible companies in indonesia?

  15. Dear viewers,
    We have received a number of comments regarding the pronunciation of "Citarum" in the narration of this documentary. We apologize if it was not spot on. Some of our documentaries have been bought from other production companies and distributors. This is the version we received from the distributor.
    Best wishes,
    The DW Documentary Team

  16. This is disgusting and corrupt, Indonesian is rich country in natural resources, why allow this deadly textile company ruining your land and your people livelihood.

  17. Everybody needs to type a comment in order to help spread this information. It is crazy what the rich do to our planet!

  18. —Listen up closely. This river water and all the land on the banks of this river surrounding it all the way to the Ocean is Destroyed. If They(all the Factories) were to shutdown & stop🛑 Polluting the water, it would take Hundreds or even Thousands of Year’s for that Land(soil) to get clean. All that land(soil) is completely polluted & unlivable.
    —The best thing for everyone living there is to NOT live there at all! All the people(civilians/humans) should just move and leave that land surrounding the whole river if those Factories continue polluting that Land/Water. It’s horrible to know that all those humans are drinking that water & eating the Vegetables that are harvested in that water or the Animals they eat that drink that water. I’d rather live somewhere else being homeless where the water is clean, then live there in a home and drink or eat from that water. I get scared knowing that US humans are destroying this World like that in all types of ways.

  19. People will never understand that Humans are the disease. Not only here, but in every country. Humans pollute, contaminate, ravish, destruct, destroy, everything. I am actually amazed this planet is still alive, for now I guess.

  20. Regulations need to be fixed. Yes they provide employment for the locals and destroy the environment at the same time, amazing. It is like we have another planet to live on !

  21. Don't worry Canada will ban single use plastics and that will solve all the pollution problems in the world. So everyone relax, Canada has the problem under control.

  22. They should see Philippines as an example. Pasig river used to be so polluted that its filled with trash etc. But when Duterte asked the people to clean the river, thousands of people volunteered, and companies are required to have their own water waste facility to avoid dumping of waste water in the river. Now the river is alive and fishes are returning back, birds are also plenty. Cleaning up is also still being done so its a constant clean up to eventually turn it into a really clean river.

  23. Indonesia is a beautiful place. I think goverment should be more strict when it come to this kind of matter. Sooner or later this will destroy the nature and will make those people suffer who lives near. So sad..

  24. The Indonesian government should act on these textile mills for its act of polluting the river. It should show a strong resolve for the safety and health of the people there.


  26. Humanity need to die….all……….its terrible what humans do to Earth……..we polluted everything….trash, garbage, plastic………in rivers, sea, mountains…….
    We are bad and evil species……..
    Terror and death we provide on all planet…….

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