1. The 80s sound (old Roland synthesizer that every 80s band had), look (his shoes and blazer; I had those shoes once) and feel (put it all together and it screams my high school days). Got to love The Weeknd!!!

  2. he does the subtle heel movements like michael jackson ♥️ his voice is as pure and smooth like michael jackson ♥️ he doesn’t need auto tune and can sing live like michael jackson ♥️ he’s truly one of the greatest ♥️

  3. soy de otra generación , pero creo que estamos ante una de las mejores voces actuales , este artista hace lo que quiere con su voz y siempre rodeado de muy buenos y excelentes músicos . gracias The Weeknd por tu música .

  4. I absolutely love this, the song sounds strangely good backwards too!

  5. love… MJ would be glad listening ..and everything .. incredible. we very much love here in Ukraine what you do

  6. Imagine that this song is a soundtrack of a movie call covid19…dancing with the song where no ppl around the city..then follow by Party Rock Anthem.. 😂

  7. Tem mais algum brasileiro aqui só queria saber pk ele aparece com esse nariz assim será que faz parte ou é alguma cirurgia

  8. https://youtu.be/uU1EpeY0bFs
    The music is already AWESOME….So is the LYRICS…. Enjoy this amazing song "The Weeknd-Blinding Lights" with its amazing Lyrics

  9. He should've done the song for no time to die. There's still time to change it lol! But no disrespect to billie she has a great voice I just wanted a more upbeat song.

  10. Him and Bruno!! Man they are sooo good. Best voices and type of music. This song is on repeat since it cane out n no signs of stopping

  11. What an amazing voice!
    He has 0 charisma though….and why are they dressing him like a grandpa? Listen dude, get rid of the the mustache and get some braids done. And since you like moving around and dancing a lot, look what kind of clothes those Korean guys are wearing and do something similar. Be more modern! Dark and modern. You're not trying to sell your shit to my mom.
    By the way, who's the creepy looking bat face at the beginning?
    He looks like some Russian dude who painted our house. 🤣

  12. Such a hard tune to sing! His work on this vocal is SO overlooked, because he always sounds good. But this is such a challenging range to restrain the beastly set of pipes he has. AMPED!!!! 💥🥊

  13. Did anybody notice the guy in the getting of the video did anybody notice the game by language if he didn’t want the weekend to perform maybe He’s tired and want to go home or whatever just Pay attention to the guys face expression and body language

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