1. Feels good to be right about this album. The Weeknd had a rebirth/cleared his karma/repented and survived it but still has the scars to show that he was on that journey (it’s common in the hero’s journey to come back to the people all tried and tested). However, because he managed to survive and, in a way, avoid the 27 club, he’s now on the other more spiritually free, graceful side closer to “God” (hence the album’s name After Hours). Artists will be the first to create and shed light on this new consciousness through their music and production. I mean all this is just a thought. We’ll see what he says about it🤨😁.

  2. I love the weekend his music hits different it has meaning to it u can hear the emotion in it the story behind it

  3. Anyone know if the song at 2:00 – 2:08 is going to be in the album? Or if it's already a song. If not , those 8 seconds sound so beautiful I cannot wait for the album to come. It sounds like a daft Punk Collab

  4. O: ¡El álbum va a estaaar que quema! Ya es hora de que The Weeknd gane otro grammy <3 XO <3

  5. The big smile, the subway station, the elevator doors closing: all things that make me think of Joker and I love it.

  6. If anyone has watched the movie “After Hours” and understand what is carefully going on in the movie it is the same things that Abel is trying to introduce into this album. The movie is takes place in a Manhattan cafe, word processor Paul Hackett meets and talks literature with Marcy. Later that night, Paul takes a cab to Marcy's downtown apartment. His $20 bill flying out the window during the ride portends the unexpected night he has. He cannot pay for the ride and finds himself in a series of awkward, surreal and life-threatening situations with a colorful cast of characters. He spends the rest of the night trying to return uptown. This almost like the movie, except Abel, The Weeknd, is giving a different view of it

  7. (Trilogy, kiss land,beauty ) (Starboy,my dear,after hours) it’s like a book we may be in chapter 6 but we’re only in book 2 Kiss land =after hours. Trilogy=my dear Melancholy. Beauty Behind The Madness=Starboy cause and effect

  8. Reading these comments make me feel like yall talk to him on a personal level, or you all need to be new directors😅…..

  9. I think he's casting off or killing the past like he did in starboy, but I think it's more hard for him because of his depression, I think he's really struggling to deal with the depression and to actually be himself and not how he is in the outside it might be harder to be his true self in the inside maybe explaining his feelings

  10. I think this is about after the show he goes crazy because he ate cereal then when he finished eating the cereal his mom made him choose to eat apples or go to six flags but when he chose six flags he got angry because it was closed and that’s why put his glasses on because he didn’t want his mom to see him cry and when he was on the floor, that was him kicking and screaming and crying because his stomach was hurting then when it felt better he stood up and saw his friends in the elevator and he told them what happens and they screamed and cried because it was so messed up.

  11. I barely know real male artists thee days. And thank God, he is one. And if he is not the best male artist of this generation, then maybe you are blinded by the lights.

  12. can we talk about how hard it is to portray the amount of emotion and the intensity of expressions abel does and he's not even a professional actor? absolutely insane, we never knew such a brooding and secretive artist would lay all of his feelings out bare for After Hours. Abel is a genius.

  13. "After hours". First time I see an artist making a film about Epilepsy! Abel … Give me the 🤝,why I suffer from the disease! ♥️✌️🙏🏼👏

  14. This is so true…
    Thats why loving self ALONE is a big deal cause it can help ease or provide wisdom even if u relapse in life

  15. Hey man, if you need help just call me. Im scared that you will be uncontrolled of your problems based on this video. I really loves the message of all the videos.. but stay away drugs n alcohol.. those can't solves the probs.. it is just temporary of seeking happiness and at the end we will regret it.. i love you The Weeknd! 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️ 🙆🏻‍♂️ i hope you will find the ONE n marry her n get lots of kids n be happy.. ❤

  16. I felt like this tonight. I feel like I really understand this. I met with a friend, we had drinks, it was all good. And then we departed. And I walked away and honestly this was the sensation I felt. Words can't describe.

  17. https://youtu.be/uU1EpeY0bFs
    The music is already AWESOME….So is the LYRICS…. Enjoy this amazing song "The Weeknd-Blinding Lights" with its amazing Lyrics

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