The Lovebirds (2020) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

The Lovebirds (2020) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

You are unbelievable. I love you. (Screams) Shit! I’m a police officer! He’s a criminal! Move! Move! Move! Justice!! Oh, my God! (Groaning) I don’t think he’s a cop… He’s fucking dead! We know he’s dead, but we didn’t kill him. I’d like to report a murder, or whatever. We didn’t murder anybody! 1, 2, 3, go! What!? Jibran! Okay, the guy’s name is Jibran. Run, Leilani! And the girl’s name is actually Leilani. Shit! She’s running, too, now kinda slow like she’s wearing heels that look, actually, amazing. We have to go to the police because we have nothing to hide. Then why did you run from the scene of the crime? Good question, officer. That’s me covering up my body-cam so I can beat your ass. We’re so fucked! We just need to find the guy the police are looking for. So, you’re suggesting we actually go out there and solve a murder?! It’s locked. Did you think it was one of those ‘men only’ doors? All we need is a name and then we’re in the clear. Hey, man. It’s been a minute. Who the fuck are you- (Screams) Who do you work for, you little bitch? You little bean bag, ball-less, bitch? Yeah! Do you think about your grandma on that furry beanbag, bitch? What?! These people are super dangerous and they’re really powerful Stop! This is some “Handmaid’s Tale” bullshit. We have imposters! Oh no, imposters. That sucks. Everyone, unmask yourselves. Oh, shit. Nobody else took their masks off. Yeah… I’m gonna give you lovebirds a choice. What’s behind this door, or bacon grease to the face. I don’t want grease on my face. Is it gonna shit on me? (Scream) Oh! Take the grease!


  1. This is a funny trailer. Can't wait to watch the film. It reminds me of Date Night and Game Night both movies I really enjoyed.

  2. Damn this looks like it's Issa Rae's year – she's got another film set to be released or has it already come out. That one is like a love story of some sort. I forgot the name of it. "The Photograph" that's it.

  3. Mejor no saques esta mierda y regrésale el video a bsp producciones Paramount Pictures. Es algo que esperé durante más de un año, el regreso de los cinco fantásticos, y te crees dueño de contenidos ajenos y también tan generalizados ya como Forrest Gump. Ya cualquiera ha visto esa película. Bloqueas a tu antojo como las otras empresas sedientas de dinero lucrando con su propio pasado. Guácala.

  4. Okay…that was a really unexpected turn of events, even with its title I almost thought it was gonna be a straightforward romantic comedy, but okay, you got me

  5. It's a little weird that she references Handmaid's Tale in what is clearly an Eyes Wide Shut spoof scene. Unless "not knowing Stanley Kubrick movies" is one of her character traits, maybe.

  6. I thought this was a Mentos or candy commercial. The interracial couple caught my attention in the beginning and then I'll ship broke loose in the car dot-dot. This looks funny as hell

  7. This looks so funny, “i don’t want Bacon grease on mah Faceeeee” in country accent has me dead screaming 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  8. Stuber caught my attention. I kept watching because I was wondering what their single moment of love was. Then they hit a guy. I really want to see this movie now

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