The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

Scale of 1 to 10… …how would you rate
our kiss from last night? Look who decided to join us. All right.
You-all know the drill. Run your routes… …mark your log books. You run into anything
you can’t handle… Ellie! [HEAVY BREATHING] [CLICKING] …you come back. Dina, where are you! Get off me! Please stop! [BANG] No! Tommy… …I have to finish it. You have no idea what
you’re walking into. What are you doing? You don’t know how
large that group is… …how armed. I don’t care. You can’t stop this. What the hell are
you doing here? You think I’d let
you do this on your own?


  1. Spoilers ahead

    Honestly, shes a great character and all but I still wouldve let her die at the end of the last game if it meant a vaccine for the fungi.

  2. Just me or does the setting behind Joel at the end (the stairs in the house) look very different from where Ellie is with the hand over her mouth? I’m not convinced it’s Joel that comes up behind her in that scene.

  3. Naughty Dog: Introduces new character

    ND 2 seconds later: Yea she dies

    Not really buying that. I doubt it's Dina who dies there

  4. The new release date is on my 21st birthday.
    I was 14 when the The Last Of Us came out.
    I literally had to grow up to be able to play the sequel

  5. Whoever thinks Joel is dead he is not in the other trailer someone says to Ellie they bumped into her old man today (Joel) and plus this trailer just proves it when Ellie is looking for Dina and eventually finds and witnesses her death and that’s why she is going on that rampage because they killed the person she loved

  6. If Playstation wants to ruin xbox the should release the Part 2 of this game on the launch date, especially if they launch b4 xbox. Believe me nobody will remember the release date of xbox. After all xbox is launching they best title Halo along side xbox scarlett. If they dare launch the part2 with PS5 it's all over for xbox but Sony is not that petty they wanna give the xbox scarlett a fighting chance and honestly I don't think I handle another postponement. If they shift it from may again people might commit suicide. lol

  7. For Arabs only. If someone from your family enters the room and Ellie accepts her mistress, etc. What will happen to you? ??

  8. The "Large Group" that Tommy mentioned might be Housen students Easter egg from Crows Zero 2 Japanese movie, becos they wear same color, has no hair (for subordinate men members), and i'm pretty sure the Leader is a man, has goatee and a long hair like everything what Housen's have.

  9. So here's my guess. I'm guessing that by the trailer, Dina is killed and Ellie is assaulted by these people, at least the scene with her shirt off with bruises points to that. I'm sure at some point in the last 5 years Ellie and Joel had a falling out of some sort. I'm sure at some point after Tommy rescues her he tells Joel of what happened and asks him to stop her. Joel agrees but has no intention of stopping her, but instead helps her.

  10. There is no point in speculating about the story, what happens to whom and who dies etc. I think we're all wrong and it will be something else entirely.

  11. It's awsome how the focus goes to Ellie now, since in the last game she was really important but now, she's out messing people up, so i'm glad that's a thing, as for the release date, it's all worth it in the end, so until that happens, hype is to be expected, of all

  12. It’s funny. Just a few hours ago I was tempted to replay The Last of Us Remastered so I could get amped for this. But I just realized the trailer was all I needed to get me amped up. Too bad the game’s been delayed until May 2020. That’s okay though, I have plenty of stuff to do and games to play to pass the time until then.

  13. I'd rather not play a game with a mentally challenged protagonist. There are plenty of other games which don't promote such filth.

  14. I just finished the game last night. Seeing Joel (after watching this trailer with context) come back here is literally tugging my heartstrings. We must protect him as Ellie at all costs.

  15. If Joel dies.. I swear on my life ?? but really if he does, the whole community will be balling out tears. So dont let Joel die ?

  16. For some reason i dont remember the original release date for this game being in may of 2020, i coulda sworn it was in February!. Can someone tell me if im wrong?

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