The Irishman | Final Trailer | Netflix

The Irishman | Final Trailer | Netflix

It’s over.They’re all gone.Frank, it’s time.
It’s time you say what happened. Frank, I want you to meet my cousin,
Russell Bufalino. Better watch. There’s a lot of tough guys
around here. Did he tell you? -You’re not afraid of tough guys, are you?
-No. I didn’t think so.I was one of a thousand working stiffs.Until I wasn’t no more.You got a good friend here.
You don’t know how good a friend you got.Russell, he took a shine to me right away.After a while,
he started giving me little things to do.
I know you read a lot of things about me.
I just wanna say I’m sorry.
I know I wasn’t a good dad. I know that. I know.
I was just trying to protect all of youse. From what?You didn’t see what I see.
What I’ve been through.
A friend of ours
is having a little trouble. A friend at the top. Hi, Frank, this is Jimmy Hoffa. Glad to meet you. Big business and the government
is on the attack.You want to be a part of this, Frank?
A part of this history?
Whatever you need me to do, I’m available.Only three people in the world have one
of these, and only one of them is Irish. You know how strong I made you?-I know things they don’t know I know.He said that? You sure he said that? -I’m worried.
Nobody threatens Hoffa.I got records, I got tapes. They’re done. I had to put you into this thing. Sooner or later, everybody put here
has a date when he’s gonna go.I know how you feel, Frank.Trust me, I know how you feel.We’ll bring you back after
to get your car. Yeah.


  1. havent seen it yet but if this film starts to take the blame off of the inside job it was from the bushwackers , Johnson , Dallas and the rest of the deep state then they are lying . but i will watch it although i dont want to give deniro that scumbag a dime .

  2. Without question the most boring movie I have tried to watch in years. If he thought he was doing a "Godfather" he failed miserably. OMG…… 3 plus hours of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  3. Such a fantastic masterpiece, a real classic. The writing, scenography and the acting is world class, top-notch. I can not say enough good things about this picture.

  4. What an expensive and sophisticated production with great actors to falsify history once again by Zionists controlled Hollywood. Blaming death of Kennedy on the long gone Italian mafia where in reality it was Federal Reserve owners who executed him and his brother for introducing 'greenback' and trying to give back the people right to print their own money. Same Zionists still control Federal Reserve in US more then century later after it's establishment as well as 99% of world Fed reserve banks….

  5. This is the best movie I have ever seen. It’s as simple as that. All were excellent actors but Joe Pesci is absolutely superb. He should get an Oscar for this.

    It’s extremely well written too. Simply amazing movie!

  6. This is The Godfather of this time amazing movie with amazing cast someone can tell me if what happened with JFK what we see in the movie is true?

  7. now one thing is certain, 2019 was a great year for movies.. what a masterpiece.. finally a good oldschool movie built on strong characters and charismatic actors and great dialogues, movie with a message, pleasure, thrill, emotional to watch, ending gave me shivers

  8. If ever you'll have a problem with Russel bufalino just remember to call Kevin McAllister I'm sure he'll remember Kevin..😂

  9. No matter how good cgi is and they make them look young they always fail on the eyes everytime. Look at deniros eyes they look a weird blue it's because cgi has such a powerful color palette that's why it's so intense in magical movies. All there eyes stand out in this movie. Look at the way deniro holds his arm weird when he beats up the guy in the shop outside its a sign he's had a stroke in real life I'm sure but I hope not.

  10. Holly shit. What a film. Has elements of every phenomenal mobster/gangster flick you have ever seen rolled into one. Plus some wicked surprise appearances. 11/10. And btw i just farted.

  11. Worst editing job ever. A bad movie with 3 A Listers. Waste of talent and time. This screenplay was very poorly written.

  12. I noticed that in the beginning of the movie the same soundtrack from the movie "Touchez pas au grisbi" (a mobster classic movie) was used. I liked that.

  13. I can’t wait to wa, wa. wait to watch this. Oh, my once favorite actor is in it. Robert Di Nero. I don’t think do. Netflix, understand your customer base.

  14. well I am a minority and I will probably be in the minority when I say this but this movie sucked. when you stamp Martin Scorsese on it its a classic a hit period. and goodfellas was my favorite movie of his until he dropped the departed. and then the wolf of wall street those two where MEGA hits in my mind. but this movie was so flat so dull and too long in instances and im not talking about length Im talking about in editing in scenes the paste is so patient it makes the old actors feel even older. and the story witch I knew about since I was had interest in Kennedys and the mob and so I knew everything and was hoping id see or find something that I didn't know at all and it never happened. trying to make Robert dinero into "the wrestler" is just so bad. by far martins worse movie. you bring Joe Pesci off the bench and thats what we get. so disappointed.

  15. Everyone saying the movie was too long clearly never had to sit through watching old Indian movies with their parents

  16. Absolutely fantastic
    One of the best movies
    of all time
    Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and
    Al Pacino deserve an Oscar for this

  17. I love Goodfellas. If it's on TV, I can't change the channel. Is there a more quotable gangster movie?
    King of Comedy is brilliant.
    Taxi Driver, of course.
    The Departed was an awesome movie.

    I found this movie, The Irishman, to be crazy bad. So hard to concentrate on what's going on when DeNiro the 70-something is playing a 20 yr old who other characters are calling "Kid." So hard not to scratch my head when two legendary Italian-American actors (Pacino and Deniro) are playing non-Italians who are outsiders to the Italian mob world, where Pacino gets beat up by Steven Graham (Tony Pro) for calling Italians "you people." Yeah, confusing I know. So hard to feel energized by scenes that you've seen a thousand times before: the backseat garroting, the meat truck, the wood chipper, the retribution stomping, the pant-suited wives, the rise through the ranks.
    Are people going to quote this movie as we do Goodfellas now? I don't think so. I have no problem with long movies. But having ancient actors portraying characters 40 years younger and showing us nothing new while doing it….Disappointing.

  18. Great film it’s just hard to watch cause they are so old lol De Niro can’t play a younger version of himself😂

  19. i watched this movie the other day, and i liked it! Tho i definitely think its a bit overrated!
    I really liked this movie! tho i think "The departed and Goodfellas" is better!
    but still 8/10

  20. Watched the movie weeks ago and still want to know what Hoffa meant when he said " I know things they don't think I know "

  21. Loved the movie….De Niro, Pesci, Pacino greatest Mob actors of all time..Loved I got to see them once again in this Iconic collaboration…. Oh and can’t forget Martin Scorsese for his phenomenal directing… Ray Romano is an added bonus

  22. This movie was so bad it took me two attempts to finish. It was disappointing and it came off as the scraping of the cliched gangster movie genre barrel. It was like watching the same movie I have seen 100x.

  23. what an overhyped piece of crap movie.
    They just do the same shit over and over again with these Scorsese movies.
    MS is crypto piece of trash.

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