1. “Don’t lie who else went strait to the comments ☄️”

    *pewdiepie Commented on my latest video I’m literally crying and shaking *😝😭

  2. Full version much better than this. Go The Guardians! Google just keeps surpassing itself. Cheers & thanks. David

  3. They are skipping Indonesia the motorbike country where woman goes to bazzar or teenager goes to school with motorbike. I think they wont be so special anymore.

  4. Now, Google, your algorithms forbid me from saying that obscene material contributes to certain kinds of homicide. Though I am a conservative, many of your feminist friends would agree with me, albeit for different reasons. I congratulate your cognitive dissonance on having mastered the elusive dark art of doublethink, and as ever, Google, have a bad day.

  5. Excise me Google, but why are my personal picture folder named Google? What does my personal photos stored on my internal memory have to do with Google and if that means that you download my pictures without my permission or uploadment that means that you are
    breaking a major privacy law.
    Only of I upload my pick and go to internet, otherwise internet means nothing about me?
    My bin erased after 60 days, hey I didn't have you my own bin people!

  6. Your “google doodles”channel forgot to do a video on men’s day. Why did you only do a video on women’s day only?

  7. Why only a Video for Womans Day and not Mens day? Pff Google Doodles just shutting all Comments off on their Channel

  8. I know what you do Google, you take people's I formation with their searches, YouTube, facebook,ect.You always track everyone. You use the information you stole and use it to give us targeted ads for whatever people search up about.

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