Ted Cruz: Taking Soleimani out has made US safer

Ted Cruz: Taking Soleimani out has made US safer


  1. Indeed it does now to take down the dirty Dems that sent Iran our military equip our nuclear bombs they were shipped to him & a whole lotta Dems are involved we are at the point where we must take down the criminals in our government ‘‘tis has gone on way way to long TIME IS NOW Trump is working to make deals of peace with Iran they know that’s the only thing we will do period

  2. Obama flew in 1.7 billion dollars in cash to help the Iranians…they Iranians just laughed their silly heads off…and what did they use it for? peace?

  3. Ted, I think it is safe to say that you are just as stupid as trump so this is your logic= leave the world as is < WWIII
    Like seriously come on

  4. We all know we are not safer its obvious when they keep having to tell us everyday stop deceving the people how are your words going to sound when they got us hard. How long should we care what these dbags say.

  5. 6:15 Ted, what you said is a completely different situation from what had happened.
    1. They would need nuclear warheads
    2. they would need an ICBM
    3. They would need to hit their target 10,000 miles away

    Too many difference to make that comparison in my opinion at least.

  6. More Iranian's died during the missile attack than anyone else, they accidentally shot down a Ukrainian plane loaded with Iranian nationals.


  8. Nah, Ted, taking you out —out of office, that is—would make us safer. Haven’t u an ugly wife to “bleep.”

  9. these people really make us all feel stupid and ignorant cause what iran did yesteday how now if iran decide the path to nuclear weapons which are more dangerous whos gonna stop them if they can not do it now how?

  10. God gave this country ? Wow it was occupied and killed many innocent native Americans do God help occupiers and killers ?

  11. Why isn't Obama moving out of this country and taking his wife with him.. He and his administration were limp.

  12. The brains of supporters of the left will never understand that President Trumps' election upset the socialist leftiist plans; the deep state was never supposed to be investigated, the middle-class was supposed to be taxed outta existence and Americans were supposed to be disarmed by now but, all good things never last cause one day the left will be back in power one day and their supporters will be the ones crying real tears the loudest.

  13. Ted Cruz…another hangdog lap puppy wearing the leash and collar. The Republicans are sure fielding a quality kennel these days.

  14. Usa 🇺🇸 debt $70,155. Per citizen and $187560. Per tax payer . Booming debts Iran 🇮🇷 war will bring doubled that numbers .

  15. How about instead of defending other people's countires the "troops" protect the USA border? Na that's racist. And there's some of them there already changing diapers.

  16. How I wish Ted Cruz would some day join the ranks of candidates for POTUS in 2024, him or Mr J Jordan, Mr Collins, Mr McCarthy. God bless these great patriots and you too, Mr Hannity.

  17. Rumor has it, Soleimani asked Trump "Can you send us some more of that cash?", to which he was told "go wait for it by the airport".

  18. Oh sure it has…once we get all the retaliation out of the way. Yeah, just believe whatever these actors tell us via the govt sponsored/owned media. Our politician actors just do whatever they want to whatever country they want and are offended and PISSED when our targets want to retaliate. That is RIDICULOUS. Who the hell do we think we are, bullying the planet? Our soldiers die for POLITICIANS, people. How shameful. And where is Israel in all this…sure is quiet over there as we fight Netanyahu's battles for him…which is all we EVER do in the Middle East. For those who think Trump did this (the beginnings of WWIII) with the people in mind "for our safety' – wrong. The fact is this: A sitting President during war time is almost guaranteed A SECOND TERM. Make no mistake about it, he had to hurry up. I'm sickened by all of it. I voted for Trump even though I KNEW the American voting system is a joke. This is a one party, system, folks. So, this time coming, I will vote for no one and likely not again in my lifetime after voting religiously for over 30 years.

  19. This dummy should be worried about losing his seat because of illegal immigration instead of a nation on the other side of the planet! These wars have been pernicious to the west.

  20. Lyin Ted’s daddy was involved in the JFK assassination according to the President. Why is this guy even given the time of day on this network? Does FOX support this kind of thing? I hope not. If they do I will have to change the channel. Kennedy was a good man, he got us to the moon. Lyin Ted should be ashamed of his dad. I hear he is from Canada too, and that he gets a birthday card every year from Putin. That alone makes me suspicious. He is a smooth talker though, I’ll give him that. He sounds like a car salesman who sold me a real lemon once.

  21. 2:22 so he is talking about the greatest country that God every gave to man? And to make sure, we are all on the same page, he says: it is the US. Then proceeds to look up in the heavens to make eye contact with God, and in the same sentence praises the amazing weapons arsenal of the USA. Is he for real?
    P.S. I always wondered how Trump gets away with saying America is not great anymore…

  22. another sleazy fake Christian republican. no wonder millions more people voted democratic than Republican in 2018

  23. US Embassies are our home, permitted and established by treaties and, president Trump is protecting and defending our home. The corrupted politicians, ignorant, religious freaks and paid media/democrats and communism party/the squad use this heroic strike by our nation as an excuse to create false controversies and degrade our defensive and protection actions.

  24. Why can't we indict Obama and Hillary for shuffling money to terrorists!? They literally funded the war, they didn't intend to stop they made too much money!

  25. Show us SADDAM HUSSEIN’S “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”! There were none. We were LIED to! How old are you? It was only 18 years ago; have forgotten already? How many times are you going be duped by the same trick before you wise up?

  26. I wonder how this two twats may feel of Iran supplies weapons to white supremacist terrorists in the US or bomb a refinery in Texas.

  27. Let me ask you this: Has anyone tried to counteract Iran's aggression with aggression towards Iran? Donald did it. I've found some people will be aggressive no matter what, unless you are aggressive back at them. You also have to find a way to protect yourself from their aggression, so it doesn't impact you. Donald's done both. In addition, how has our previous way in the Middle East worked? I would call it a failure. If something isn't working, you change your approach-unlike our Deep Swamp, which keeps doing the same thing over and over without results(I guess because they can make money on that.). Pelosi(I'm listening to her now.) is rambling right now.

  28. There is an old saying:
    Fool me once shame on you
    Fool me twice shame on me.
    Looks like conservatives has not learned anything.

  29. Donald Trumps own words, "Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon." That's why the B-2 bombers are deployed to Diego Garcia. The bombings will start soon.

  30. Why are we liars America ? One man was killed and the Iran killed 176 innocent passengers. God will judge all these one day .

  31. hey ted, soleimani's replacement is even worse and Iran still has all the same capabilities, killing a bunch of people changed nothing.

  32. The way to stop a long drawn out war is to eradicate the enemy off the planet in one massive attack and never stop firing until it's Ash and smoke 🔥🔥🔥

  33. This garbage about "Him dead makes us safer" is nonsense. They just get replaced by someone else. Nothing changes. So sick of the propaganda.

  34. Ah,. THAT'S WHY ALL AMERICANS ARE BEING WARNED TO GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST REGION? and 16 years after a FRAUDULENTlY STARTED WAR, THAT GAVE US A (ADMITTEDLY USEFULL) FOOTHOLD IN Iraq, TRUMPS ACT WAS SO INTERNATIONALLY EGGREGIOS, IRAQ WANTS ALL OUR TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ. A DISASTER CREATED BY TRUMP. At least Bush went through the right channels, Presidents don't declare war, a country does through it's peoples' representatives in Congress. Trump basically told congress to shove it. A criminal 2 year old Baby Boss in a 75 year old rotting corpse body.

  35. In fact, during the 2011 presidential campaign, Donald Trump prophesied about himself when he said on a video: "Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate, he is weak and he is ineffective. So the only way he figures he is going to be re-elected, and as sure as you are sitting there, to start a war with Iran. I believe that he will attack Iran sometime prior to the election because he thinks that is the only way he can get elected. Isn't it pathetic."

    Donald Trump was absolutely right, it is pathetic, it is exactly what Donald Trump is doing now as president of the United States of America just prior to the coming election! That man wearing the red tie is a moron – a mental disorder!

  36. How come those Islamic radical can be so different from us as human,making Soleimani their hero?A man who kills civilians,woman & children to us is a no balls bastard whose voice can only be heard when he outnumber us by 10 – 1.

  37. Steyer for president the other Democrats are trash but asa Democrat I agree but it's time to take the Republican guard too give the people of Iran freedom after 9/21 there should be no guessing

  38. The interviews from soldiers having served, wounded in Iraq with Soleimani attacking our troops, say it all. What more justification do we need! Thank you Sen. Cruz!

  39. Maybe we could send the 20 million dollar missiles at people like Soleimani, instead of the 400 million dollar ones and divert some of that missile money to my mortgage, because all the contractors here in Texas are telling me, "we can hire two illegal carpenters and a helper for what your asking" By the way, I was at my current asking price per/hr 20 years ago. Fk missiles, help Americans.

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