Switched to Google Fi and Google Pixel 3 ♦ Google Fi and Pixel 3 Review

Switched to Google Fi and Google Pixel 3 ♦ Google Fi and Pixel 3 Review

So today I’m going to talk about why I switched from an iPhone and AT&T to Google Phi and a pixel 3 So last year I went to Paris for three days and that’s not really enough time to invest in a phone and a SIM card in that country So I contacted AT&T to see if I could get an international plan for a couple days It was like 15 or 20 dollars a day, which is a ridiculous amount of money, but I want to edit paid it But I vowed to come back and find a solution Pretty soon. I’m going to embark on a one to three year adventure where I’m just traveling around the world Non-stop, so I wanted to find the easiest way To stay connected to the world in travel my research led me to Google and their phone service which was called Project Phi but now is called Google fly at the time. They didn’t take iPhones They just recently announced that you can have an iPhone on Google fly’s network But there are some restrictions so I was a little bit apprehensive because I am an Apple guy and I didn’t really want to leave the Apple ecosystem However, Google was developing a new phone called the pixel 3 at the time and it seemed like that was gonna be a viable IPhone alternative for someone that was new to android phones And so I waited a year for the pixel 3 to come out I ordered the pixel 3 there was some delivery issues and it took over 2 months for me to get the phone I almost decided not to make the switch because I was so frustrated with getting my phone But eventually I got the phone and I decided to go ahead and use it and I’m really glad I did I had a lot of preconceived notions of what an Android phone is like my mom has like an older one and I’ve tried to use them before and the Operating system just didn’t work very well on her phone And I just kind of thought that’s how all Android phones work. The pixel three is just as smooth as the iPhone I actually prefer the pixel three to the iPhone let me caveat that first by saying I had an iPhone 6 and I was waiting around to see if I was gonna upgrade or Move to an Android phone the pixel 3 interface is much Smoother than my iPhone 6 iOS interface was I thought it was going to be a struggle not having a home button But it took me about 20 minutes of playing with the pixel 3 to actually not missed it at all Almost all of the apps that I normally used on the iPhone were just as good on the Android and in some cases They were better. There were a couple apps that weren’t that great like the Robin Hood app For example, I use that for a little bit of my investing portfolio The app on Android isn’t as pretty as it was on the iPhone But it still works and it serves my needs. Like I said, I’m a huge fan of the Apple ecosystem I was a little worried about things that I have come to really like like iMessage and my air pods Airdrop and things like that as far as I message goes Android has their own web-based version that I use in Google Chrome and It’s just as good and I don’t even notice the difference. My air pods are the thing I was really concerned about because I use these things all the time If you see me walking around the street, I’ll always have these in my ear listening to a podcast or music actually This was the one sticking point for me to be honest with you, which seems kind of silly But they actually integrate really well with the pixel three I had adjusted the factory presets on these with my iPhone actually I just put the earbuds in and they worked exactly how I had them set up on my IPhone and I discovered that there was an app that I could download That would let me know what my battery life was on my ear and lastly because the pixel integrates with Google’s cloud service everything that I would airdrop before I just go to Google’s cloud service and download it’s pretty easy. Actually. Ok. So the real reason I Switched to pixel 3 from iPhone was because at the time I switched You couldn’t have an iPhone on Project by now known as Google Phi which is Google’s phone service about a week ago They announced that you could use your iPhone on their plan with a couple Restrictions if you’re interested in using an iPhone on Google Phi, you just google it and you’ll see what the restrictions are Here are the main reasons why I switched to Google 5. The first reason and most important is I can use this phone almost anywhere in the world. It’s like a 170 to 180 countries and your phone just Seamlessly works you keep the same phone number Google has agreements in these 170 180 countries that allows you to use the local phone service You keep your number. That was really really important to me that I could take this phone Anywhere in the world and not have to worry about getting a local SIM card or changing my phone number It just works seamlessly in those other countries If you’re gonna use the phone just domestically you might want to do a little bit more research Google 5 doesn’t have their own network they use t-mobile Sprint and a bunch of Google Wi-Fi hotspots to Give you service the good thing is if you have a Google phone like a pixel it just seamlessly switches between t-mobile Sprint and the Google Wi-Fi hotspots based on which one has the best signal and another reason I switched To Google 5 was there no nonsense transparent phone plan the phone plan is a $20 base fee and then $10 for each gig of data you use up to 6 gig after 6 gig you don’t get charged anymore So the most your phone bill can be is $80 and that applies whether you’re in the United States or whether you’re overseas If you live in a city like New York like I do there are Google Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere And my phone is almost always on a hotspot And so I actually don’t use that much data because when I’m at home, I’m on my Wi-Fi network when I’m at work I’m on my works Wi-Fi network. So this month my phone bill was $26 because I didn’t even use a gig another great thing is Like I said every gig you get charged $10, but let’s say you use 1.5 gigs you don’t get charged for two gig you get charged for 1.5 gig so you’ll pay your $20 for your phone bill and $15 for your data It’s just a great phone service and a couple more things if you get a Google phone You don’t need a SIM card. So your SIM card slot is still open So if you get overseas and you’re using a lot of data you can go and buy a local SIM card and put it in your phone and Google allows you to switch back and forth between Google Phi and that local SIM card and Lastly another great thing is there is no contract You can pause your service any time you want or you can cancel your service anytime you want You just go on the Google Phi app you pause it then you don’t get charged So let’s say you’re overseas and the Google PI network isn’t working very well or you go into a country that doesn’t have the Google find network one of the you know 50 countries that don’t and you put in a local SIM card You can pause your Google fly service not get charged then unpause it when you start traveling again. It’s a great deal no contract It’s what I was searching for which is why I switched To Google Phi even if Google Phi ends up having all its features on iPhone I still might not go back because I actually kind of like this pixel to be completely honest with you I didn’t even talk about the camera. The camera is ridiculously good I’ll leave a link below to Google Phi so you can do your own research if you sign up by using my link I think you get $40 off and they like take a certain amount of money. My phone bill But I don’t really care about that I’m just trying to inform other people of this great network especially people who are traveling full-time and have to get a new SIM card every country they go to and Lastly if you liked this video, please like down below. I’m up to 148 subscribers, I really appreciate everyone who has already subscribed and if you haven’t and you like the content Please subscribe below at some point. This channel is going to transition to me traveling full time to different countries around the world So if that kind of content interest you I encourage you to subscribe and hit that Bell button So you get notifications when I put out videos. Alright, thanks for watching


  1. Thanks for this great information Kevin. I had no idea this whole thing existed. Hey great dance moves too. New intro perhaps ?? ☺️

  2. I've been with Google Fi since the invite system started back in 2015 with the Nexus 6. I've been extremely happy with the service and how much better it's been compared to the other carriers I had before. Last year I upgraded to the Pixel 2 XL and I love the fact that you don't need a Sim card to use the service like you mentioned. My average bill is around $33 a month since I have so many WiFi hotspots thanks to Xfinity.

  3. I love Google fi, been using it a few years now. Currently have the pixel 3xl and it's by far the best phone I have ever had. My previous plan was around 100 monthly, now I pay about 27 monthly. I always have good service too.

  4. Other than carrier switching, I'm not sure why Fi is any better than other MVNOs. You can get Mint Mobile on the same T Mobile towers for $20 a month for 5gb LTE data. That would cost $70 a month on Fi.

  5. I'm trying them out now I think they should drop their prices a little I'm on metro for 50.00 if I want two lines it's 80.00 in total

  6. $80 monthly for 20 GB? if so to me that's a lot. In France with the mobile carrier (Orange) for €80 ($90.50) monthly you have 150 GB

  7. Just got my wife and I each one. I am in Japan and wife in the states. She got them both registered and sent me one. I love it. I travel a lot. As you mentioned, going country to country and getting phone to work is a pain. I went from Japan to Korea and phone worked right off the plane. Gotta love it.

  8. Google FI switches between Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular. My wife, my son and I have been using FI for several years now and in general our bill is about $90 for three phones, which is pretty good.

  9. My main problem after using Google fi for a month is being slowed down after 15 GB of data. And no I'm not paying $10 per gigabytes for data after 6 gigabytes that would be ridiculous, but that's the only way to get your speed back up to LTE.

  10. Did you also know that under Project Fi, you can still receive SMS through Google Hangouts. It's a great feature to have when you're at work and you have Gmail open. This feature may go away in the future but it works well considering that your phone doesn't have to be on for this feature to work.

  11. You gave the exact reasons why we switched to Google Fi, it worked very well in Ecuador, no issues, it also uses VPN automatically

  12. If you are going to travel around the world, do consider coming to Pakistan. Watch Mark Wiens video for why you can’t miss out

  13. Something that you forgot to mention is that overseas the data is not cap like in TMobile, you're still on 4g LTE (wherever is available.) Where TMobile only gives you 2g/3g speeds. I'm right now out of the States, on a 40 days trip and not issues at all. 20 cents per minute it's not that bad. But the speed of the internet is great!

  14. Same reason I went with FI. I was just in England for example and I stopped in Ireland on the way. my phone just worked. I used internet for general use in England for 6 days and my total monthly was $38. Pretty faultless.

  15. I have an iPhone Max on google Fi , works perfectly but tied to T-Mobile but no complaints because service is outstanding

  16. Really informative video. I own the Pixel3xl and Pixel2xl before it and they are absolutely incredible phones. Really like the idea of Google fi and may switch now. Looking forward to your upcoming content so I subbed! Good luck man!

  17. Good info, but you might want to stop saying that Fi uses "Google WiFi hotspots". That's because "Google WiFi" is the name of their "mesh router" product for home networks, and you don't want people to think that Fi uses those. Better to say that Fi uses "public WiFi hotspots".

  18. Thanks for making this video from a former iPhone user perspective.
    This would influence many many iPhone users to start using Google Fi.
    You reply comments and engage with your viewers very much.
    Good luck on your 3 year journey!

  19. Using Google Fi since May 2016. eSIM in Pixel 3 XL and data SIM in Pixel 2 XL. Love the service and the phones.

  20. I've been on Fi for about 6 months and have no complaints at all. Never been a fan of the overpriced Apple products that have to be jailbroken to do what I like. My $250 Moto G6 works great on Fi and has saved me quite a bit of money.

  21. Another thing about Fi is that you also get roaming data if you're in an area without coverage from TM, Sprint or US Cellular. Most prepaid services don't offer roaming data.

  22. People kill me with the I switch from iPhone to a Android and Android to iPhone like you have to choose between both. You know you can have a iPhone and a Android.

  23. I just joined Google Fi because of travel as well. I think there may be an issue with extended travel, as this is what is in the terms of service:


    "The Services must be primarily used in the United States and are not intended for extended international use. Further, the Services are designed for use predominantly within our network. If your usage outside our network is excessive, abnormally high, or cause us to incur too much cost, we may, at our option and sole discretion, suspend your Google Fi account, terminate your service, or limit your use of roaming."

    I'll be interested to see how Google reacts to your year abroad.

  24. New subscriber here☺! Great info! I'm looking at pixel 3 for my next phone- so far most people give it great reviews. Thanks! I'm also looking forward to your travel vlogs!

  25. I am an apple girl and I am so happy you mentioned that I can still use my i phone with google fi. I travel often and I will definitely have google-fi. thanks!

  26. FYI, Google Fi uses 3 networks, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular as well as any wifi hotspot that you can connect to.

  27. Not sure if anyone is aware of this or not, but with Google Fi, if you are using a phone that is not specifically designed to work on the Google Fi network (Pixel/Nexus and a few others) then what happens is that the "Network switcher" device needed to switch you from network to network may not be included in your phone. This will cause your phone to "attach" to the strongest network where you initiated the call from, and will not leave that network while you are traveling (moving) locations. Pixel/Nexus phones and a few others were designed with Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) in mind. They have the "Network switcher" device included within the phone. Therefore, when you initiate a call on a Google Fi network approved phone in location A on T-Mobile, and you travel to location B (which has a stronger Sprint connection), your phone will switch from T-Mobile's tower to Sprint's tower seamlessly. If you have a phone that doesn't have the network switcher device, your phone will remain connected on T-Mobile's towers throughout the call even in areas where Sprint or US Cellular towers have a stronger signal. For best results on Google Fi, it is HIGHLY recommended you use one of the phone listed on this page: https://fi.google.com/about/phones/. NOTE: iPhones are not accepted on Google Fi, but there are limitations to the service as a result of Apple's proprietary hardware/software.

  28. Are you still having a good experience? I have an iPhone XR and thought about making the switch to Google Fi with pixel. It’s $200 off now.

  29. Bottom Line – Google Fi…DONT DO IT. Customer service. The worse I have seen in 10 years. Just ordered Google Fi and a Phone. Google Fi created and account, extracted my address from 10 years ago and added it to my Google Fi account without my knowledge then shipped the phone to this illegal address. Still dont have a phone after 7 days. What a bunch of incompetent technocrats.

  30. So you mentioned that the phone does not have a SIM card say if it is a google phone like the pixel and that the user can insert a SIM card like while traveling abroad while also being able to pause the google if plan. Does that mean domestically I could for example, get a pixel phone using verizon and switch to google fi if I am traveling abroad?

  31. Love the video really helped on my perspective. I was questioning it a lot! But it seems to be exactly what I need right now ?

  32. I would just like a Google FI phone that will SWITCH networks without having to reboot everytime. Wife had the Nexus 5x. Granted this was when it was called Project Fi. Traveling in areas where Sprint was strongest, it would never switch, you would just loose service. If you rebooted, it would pull a Sprint sig and you were good to go. When Sprint got un-usable (data), you could reboot in a TMO area and it would jump on TMUS's network. Got the wife the MOTO X4 Android One edition and it too requires a reboot to jump to another network. Two phones, both having same issues, one was specific to Google FI, the Moto is too but it's a newer phone so there is no reason why it should not auto switch networks. Reminds me of the beta testing days of Republic Wireless.

  33. Yeah man, you are killing it. I was trying to decide if the pixel 3 was it…. You answered every question perfectly!!!
    The jump cuts are really annoying though. Makes it hard for me to watch. I am trying to find a simple solution myself.

  34. I used to buy a local SIM when I travelled. But most of my visits to other countries are pretty short – 2-5 days. So I was always paying too much for international phone service.

    Now I use Google Fi for travel. Google lets me pause my service with them when I'm home. Using data while away is dirt cheap compared to making phone calls.

  35. I use Apple exclusively except for my trip to Thailand. I purchased a unlocked Brand New Android phone and hated that freaking phone. I did the whole buy a Sim Card at the airport and data and voice was fine. But now I have T-Mobile service which has roaming partners all over the globe for data although I think it’s slow. I’m on a family plan and my unlimited everything plan for my line is only $40 a month. I haven’t traveled since switching to T-Mobile but I hope it works ok. No worries as I don’t mind picking up a Sim and paying for service as it’s pretty cheap usually.

  36. Thinking of switching to Google Pixel and Google Fi from the iPhone, now that you have had the phone for almost a year, and I assume you are traveling, how do you like the phone and how is Google Fi working while traveling? Thanks for sharing.

  37. DO NOT TAKE THE SIM OUT OF YOUR PHONE if it’s a physical sim. I tried to do what he’s describing, but I got a super cheap unlimited data sim in one country and switched them out not knowing the problems it would cause. You cannot pair the phone again outside of the USA. You have to either mail the phone to the USA and have someone pair it and mail it back, or you have to fly back yourself. That’s literally what their customer support told me. I was ~5 months without cell service while traveling around asia & I tried everything including the VPN methods people sometimes suggest. Eventually it did end up repairing when I was in tokyo- not sure but I suspect it’s something about the bands there, but that was after failed attempts in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Bali.

    Note that this same thing would happen if your phone was lost or stolen, or if you bought a new phone. I now strongly discourage long term travelers from doing the fi thing as it’s too risky and finicky.

  38. It's a fucked up network. Firstly, I was away from US for 5 months and there is no network at all outside the country. Still I was charged $219 for un used service. I called the customer care and they asked me to pause. I paused the service, still there was unstable network running and charging me for unused service never stopped. Secondly, their 1gb data just runs out in a day. It's all wrong branding portrayal. They eat up all your data just like that. Really disappointed with project fi. Finally, their customer service sucks. The worst I've ever experienced. They don't know what their policies are and never spread their hands for serving the customer. Always transfer you… Never go with project fi. It sucks.

  39. Its expensive. I have unlimited calling and 2G. I don't need more and I pay far less for a plan that pays for a fucking high end phone. WTF is this all about?

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