Superfan James dances for his hero Cheryl! – The Greatest Dancer – BBC

PHONE RINGS Hello. Hello. How are you? I’m good,
how are you? Well, thank you. Let’s check you in. What’s
your name? It’s James Clifton. Just take a seat, James.
Thank you very much, thank you. OTI: The thing is being memorable. Yeah. And fresh. And sticking
in our hearts and minds. Oh, yes, I have got a waistcoat
to put on. Pop it on. I thought I’d get gold
cos it stands out. So, hopefully… It looks incredible.
Who are you trying to impress? Cheryl. Straight away Cheryl? Yeah. I’ve been a fan of her since… Since 2002, when she first
started out in Girls Aloud. # Love you too much to let go… # I’m really excited that I’ve got
an audition for The Greatest Dancer. I’m dancing to, obviously,
one of Cheryl’s songs. I’ve been practising for over,
like, two, three months. When I started dancing,
I learned myself. I’ve always watched artists on TV
and I tried copying them, ever since I was a young age. With Cheryl, I listen to HER. There’s something about her
that I don’t really know, I can’t really explain it.
She’s just, like, just incredible. And that’s all I can think of. # Say my name, baby… # I like to think I’ve got what it
takes to be The Greatest Dancer. I mean, I’m not sort of big-headed
or anything like that, but hopefully I can just
go out there and just do it. For all these years, I’ve always
wanted to meet Cheryl, and to eventually, hopefully meet
her would be just a dream come true. # My name # Say my name, baby. # Oh, so you’re a big Cheryl fan?
Yeah. I’ve got, like, posters on my wall
and CDs, books… Yeah. I want to be taken on a journey.
On a journey? And, like… Feel it?
I think that’s really important. Let’s head to reception
to meet our next act hoping to hit that magic 75. Oh, look at his jacket.
Aww! Love it! It’s so sparkly. Are you hoping for the mirror
to open just so you can meet Cheryl? Like, if they open, that’s my aim. But, in my head, I’m thinking… “Chez”? Yeah. Aww.
AUDIENCE: Aww! Cos I know that she’s there, so I need to know that
I’m going to give it my all. Aww. Is it making you more excited, knowing that she’s the other side
of that mirror? Yeah, it is. And a bit nervous as well,
cos it’s my first-ever time – like, if it does open –
I will be seeing her… For the first time? the flesh. Yeah. I think it’ll be like, “Oh, my God.”
How would you react if you met her? What would you do? I don’t know. I probably, like, you know, tear up
a bit or some thing like that. I don’t know, I’d probably shake.
I don’t know. Aww! Does he have a wedding ring on? I’m Courtney,
and I’m James’s fiancee. LAUGHTER
James is a freestyle dancer. He’s 23, he’s completely
self-taught and he’s danced… It’s not my fault.
I didn’t do anything! He’s really bright and bubbly,
he’s really confident as well, which is what I like most about him.
Oh, bless. And I definitely think he’s good. Dance is so important to James, because it shows that he can be
who he really wants to be. He is very passionate about it. He’s always dancing
around the house. He likes to show off, if I must say. James… Mm-hm?
..they are ready for you. # I’ll never forget # The moment we kissed
the night of the hay ride… # This isn’t about him meeting Cheryl.
It’s the sequined waistcoat! It’s about whether
he’s a good dancer or not. # Magic moments… # I think James
is The Greatest Dancer, because he’s very energetic
and he really does give his all. And I hope you guys out there
think he’s good too. # Magic moments
Filled with love… # I hope he’s good. I have a feeling
he won’t be good. Yeah. But I want him to be good. # He’s going to fight, fight, fight,
fight for this love. # Hey! Oh! Oh, the bevel. Bevel.
Give me some bevel. Ooh, no, he’s really sassy! CHEERING MUSIC: Crazy Stupid Love
by Cheryl # Swore I would never be that girl
holding your hand # Look at you gazing
Acting like your biggest fan # I used to make fun
of all the things that they said # Saying I will never be like that # But then you showed up… # JORDAN: His dance style is unique. # Was like you knew me # Had me with every word # You saw right through me… # Hey! 65%?! # I was done
when you walked through that door # Well, I don’t know
how you do it to me… # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE # You make my brain just stop
Sink my heart to my feet # It’s like a roller-coaster # But I’m only going up # I’m in crazy stupid love… # Cheryl’s going up. # Well, I don’t know
how you do it to me # You make my brain just stop
Sink my heart to my feet… # It’s his…dream come true. # But I’m only going up # I’m in crazy stupid love # I’m in crazy stupid love # Oh, I’m in crazy stupid love. # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE JORDAN LAUGHS Whoo! Best moment ever. Wow! How you doing? How are you feeling? Oh, my gosh. I’ve never seen a man
look this happy. Oh, James, how are you? I’m good. Aww! Whoo! You put in so much energy. As soon as you started,
they were like, “Yes, James!” Everybody was on your side from the
get-go, including the captains. Yes. Yeah! Such an energetic performance, and thank you so much for the love
and appreciation. I really appreciate that. Is there anything you’d like
to say to Cheryl? She’s amazing… ..and if it wasn’t for Cheryl, I wouldn’t be dancing today. Aww. Makes your heart melt. Congratulations. Matthew, what did you think? The dance vocabulary
wasn’t there, for me, but I feel like you willed
those mirrors to open, so… CROWD BOOS Boo! I thought he got all
the moves, to be fair. This crowd. I’m sorry, am I wrong? He danced his little socks off. I don’t think you’re
going to win £50,000, but you got what you wanted,
so I’m happy for you! Fair point, fair point. I loved seeing your reaction
when the mirror opened, it’s literally like seeing
somebody’s dreams come true – and you absolutely entertained us
with your energy, your smile… Team Cheryl and James! Whoo! Can I just say a massive thank you? Because it means a lot to me
to be here today. Thank you. He’s so sweet! Oh, his little wave! Oh, look at the way he runs,
as well! I could not remember the
choreography. It’s funny, you were kind of
doing his choreography, which is kind of funny.
It’s nice. Yeah. Is it actually real? I thought I was going to wake up
and go, “what?” INTERCOM BUZZES Hello, Greatest Dancer Studio. This is where I get nervous,
waiting for them to come in. Hello! Come on through. How are you doing? Good, thanks, how are you?
Very well, thank you. What’s your name? Ellie. I’m Ellie’s mum, Aileen, and we’re
from Livingston in Scotland. Ellie is 14 years old
and she absolutely loves to dance. # I can do it # I can do it # I can do it. # So, you don’t come
from a family of dancers? No. Mum says I was three and I kept begging her
to go to the dancing gymnastics, and I haven’t stopped since. I think we realised Ellie
had a natural talent probably round about the age of six. Everyone who watched her said she just had something,
she had something special. Just breathe. Aww. She looks a little bit nervous. Aww. To me, Ellie is the greatest dancer
because of her commitment. She gives up parties, she gives up
nights out with friends, she gives up so many things. Ellie makes us proud every day – not just as a dancer,
as the girl that she is, and when she actually
comes on stage, I’m in awe of her. She seems so scared. Mm. OK, now they are ready
for you, Ellie, so I’m going to ask you
to go through to the audition. Best of luck. Thank you. Aww, bless her. # I’m only human # Just a little human. # MUSIC: In This Shirt
by The Irrepressibles # I am lost # In a rainbow # Now our rainbow is gone # And his touch # Must be wanted # Must become… # Come on, Ellie. # But I need Jake to tell you # That I love you # It never rests # On the wind # I could hear you # Call my name # Held the sounds # I am lost # I am lost… # She’s at 30%, that’s great.
Come on, Ellie. Come on, Ellie. Good girl. # Now our rainbow # Has gone… # She’s at 50%. Can she do it? Please, please. I think so. # In our rainbow # Now our rainbow # Has gone… # CROWD CHEERS She did it! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You should be so proud. Aww, give it up for Ellie, guys! She was incredible. How did it feel when the
mirror opened? Amazing. Just wanted to cry. Aww! You know that if you win you get to
perform on Strictly Come Dancing? What would that mean to you? Everything. I’ve watched it since
I was a little girl. Really? Yeah! Oh, that’s fantastic. Ellie, I love
how emotional that was. I would really love, love
to work with you, because I just think together we
could just take it up a notch. That was amazing. I’m, like,
so speechless. I’m like, “oh!” JORDAN: Great comments, guys.
Great comments! Ellie, that was really beautiful. You can really tell the commitment
that you have given to dance your whole life. My only note I would give to you is you’re trying to do what you’ve
seen other dancers do – I want it to be personal for you,
and I think it was beautiful. I think Oti can do a lot of really
great work with you, so I think that would be a
really good connection. Great job. APPLAUSE I agree with both captains. I think it was stunning –
the work, the moves. I could feel your dedication
and commitment. I used to do ballet when
was your age and it was all just for passion,
and I know you have that, for sure, but your extensions, your movement
is absolutely top-class, like, it is so beautiful. You can see how much work you put
into what you do, so, congratulations. APPLAUSE Give it up for Ellie, everyone. Well done. She’s so sweet! I’ve not seen that dance before, and it’s the first time
I’ve ever seen it, so I’m proud of my sister… # My salvation… # I loved Ellie’s technique. I thought
she was incredibly talented. But she was so nervous.
She is a child. Exactly. Walking into any audition
is a nerve-racking experience. For a lot of these dances that are
going to come on the show, this is probably going to be
the biggest opportunity and the biggest stage
that they will ever perform on. I totally relate to what
those dancers are going through before they hit the stage. How are you feeling? Nervous.
Nervous? Yeah. Bit excited, or mostly nervous? Mostly nervous! When I was young
and I did dance competitions, the nerves I used to have
used to get so powerful that I actually used to retch
before I went onto stage. Waiting is the worst! I used to get really
nervous. I used to… Before I found a way to overcome it,
it used to be really hard for me. I, like, need to jump around the
room for something. Yeah, like… Jump around! We was just jumping around. Yeah, we
were jumping around. Don’t doubt it. I actually used to be
like, “urgh!” at the side. Me dance teacher would be like, “Temperamental child,
get out there.” For me, I always have a checklist
of, “Have you done this? Yes. “Do you feel warm?
Have you stretched out? “Do you know what you do?” AMELIA: Do you have any, like,
rituals to help with the words? Sugar. As a professional, you work
your nerves in a good way so that the outcome of your
performance is a positive one. It’ll be all right. Just suck it in. Some people, nerves are
debilitating to them, and they crumble. So, I think it’s going
to be interesting seeing the different people
walk into the room, and if they own it,
or if they don’t. Just to do this, it’s just…
I’m in awe. I just love it.
I just think it’s amazing. I can do the two-step. I’ve no idea one step –
what’s the two-step?! Are you ready?
Hyped, man. I’m hyped. Are you hyped? More than hyped.
I’m Morgan Freeman hyped. Not nervous this time?
Never nervous! Can you imagine
if we don’t get through? The mirrors…don’t open.
Don’t open. INTERCOM BUZZES Hello, Greatest Dancer Studio. Hi! Hi! How you doing? What’s up, girls?! ALL: Hi! LAUGHTER Hey, hey! How are you guys? Really good.
Are you feeling good? I’m feeling good. Good man. Amazing.
What’s the name of your act? Urban Jokers. # Oh, oh, oh # Can’t get enough of you… # What’s your name? Hi! TJ and Hamish. How old are you guys? 19. 19. How old are you? Oh, I want you to guess my age. Turn round.
Girls, what are we saying? How old? 26. Yeah, I’d go with 26. Come on! And you’re all wrong. Oh! Oh, no! But in a good way – I’m 30. You’re 30?! I’m blushing, man! Stop that! I like them, they’re fun. They’ve got comedy in their routine. Yeah, but the show’s called
The Greatest Dancer, not The Comedy Dancer. They’re ready for you. Are they ready for us? Good luck! Thank you. So nice to meet you, as well.
Not at all. Lights down. Quiet, please. MUSIC: New Day
by Alicia Keys Definitely all right. # Party people say # Party people say ay! # It’s a new day # It’s a new day # Celebrate and say… # See some lights. Lights coming up. # Celebrate and say # Celebrate and say ay, ay, ay # Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay # Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay… # Straight away! That was quick. Yeah! # Dance! # Boogie wonderland # Dance! # Dance! # Boogie wonderland # Dance! # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, yeah! You really brought joy to us. Do you guys know, there’s actually
£50,000? Oh, yeah, that face, right? Yeah! Oh, show me the money! You guys are amazing, and I think
you are real contenders for this competition.
Yeah. So, well done! I just want to get in a dance studio
with you and just have fun, cos you guys just look like
I would love to hang out with you. Mr Schue wants to work with us? Yes! Yes! Come on, brother! Come on, Mr Schue. Give it up for Urban Jokers! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING I can’t believe
this is our first day. It’s amazing. Feels like
we’ve been doing it for days. It’s gone by. I love it. What style of dance do you do?
Everything. What are you doing today? Today we’re doing tap. Tap! When I was really, really young,
I started ballet and tap and then I didn’t want to wear the
little leotards any more, so turned to street dance. MUSIC: Happy by
C2C (featuring Derek Martin) # You’ll never feel happy
until you try… # Look at the lights already! # Never feel happy until you try # You’ll never feel happy… # I get to see all the lights, like
ping, ping, ping, ping, ping. Yeah! # Never feel happy until you try # You’ll never feel happy until
you try # Never feel happy until you try # You’ll never feel happy until
you try CHEERING # Never feel happy until you try # You never, never, never, never # Never, never, never, never feel # You’ll never feel happy
until you try # Never feel happy until you try # You’ll never feel happy # Until you try. # APPLAUSE AND CHEERING MUSIC: Ain’t Giving Up
by Craig David and Sigala # Ain’t giving up on you # Ain’t giving up on you… # I absolutely love tap. I thought you were amazing. Your tap and your style – fresh. APPLAUSE Well, you guys are going right
up my alley right now. You know, my idol is Gene Kelly. Gene Kelly was just kind
of down and dirty and that’s what you guys
are doing, I loved it. Thank you so much,
we’ll see you at the call-backs. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING That way! THEY CHEER At the end of this,
the call-backs. Are we going to fight, Cheryl?
I know. This is all… We’re going to have a fight. This is
a beautiful moment we had here. It’s been nice, guys.
Been nice knowing you. It’s nice while it lasted. OTI AND CHERYL LAUGH Look where they are. Hello. Hello.
What’s your name? Andrew. Would you like to take a seat?
Thank you. Where, Mum? Sit over here. Right, it’s time for showtime! Cos it’s all about me now, Mum. Is it? It always is about you.
AMELIA LAUGHS Mum, look. Got your dancing feet on. Don’t start doing tap dancing. Er… Don’t you change your routine. Mum, I’m not, Mum. HE TAPS RHYTHMICALLY It’s like flamenco, isn’t it?
Yeehaw! # Think about it # There must be higher love # Down in my heart # Hidden in the stars above # Without it # Life is wasted time # Look inside your heart # I’ll look inside mine… # Hi, I’m Donna, and I’m Andrew’s mum. Andrew started showing an interest
in dance when he was about 11. He really got into
Strictly Come Dancing. He used to re-enact all
the dances in our living room. He had a natural rhythm, he knew to put a tango face on
or his hips to the samba, and it just made him feel joyful
and that’s what started him on his love of dance. I think they’re going to love it,
Mum. Just got to remember to use the
whole stage and look forward. I’ve got a plan. Have you? Oh, dear. He’s got a plan. Yeah.
It’s a bit worrying. If you fall over, remember,
just carry on. If you go wrong… What, fall over?
Just carry on, yeah? I… I’m a balanced boy. You’re a balanced boy.
Like Billy Elliot. Andrew, when he walks,
he is quite flat-footed and I call him the plodder and we
have a bit of a laugh about it, that stomps around. But when the music comes on,
he has balletic movements, he points his toes,
he is just so graceful. Dance has helped Andrew’s
confidence enormously. His self-esteem has rocketed. To see Andrew on
The Greatest Dancer, auditioning for these people,
I will be so proud. Beyond proud. Oh, look, Tom. Tom, there he is. Tom, Tom. There’s Andrew. # Bring me a higher love… # Go on, Andrew. # Bring me a higher love, oh… # Come on, brother. Going to start dancing? Go for it. # I could rise above
on this higher love… # You can start anywhere
that you want to. I love you, brother. # Bring me a higher love # Where is that higher love
I keep thinking of? # MUSIC: Can’t Stop The Feeling
by Justin Timberlake Come on, Andrew. # I got this feelin’ inside my bones # It goes electric,
wavy when I turn it on… # Yes, Andrew. # All through my city,
all through my home… # Get your fingers crossed. Oh! # We’re flyin’ up, no ceilin’
When we in our zone… # Let’s go, Andrew! # Sunshine in my pocket # Got that good soul in my feet # I feel that hot blood
in my body… # Come on, Andrew! # Ooh! # Look at all of these lights. # Movin’ so phenomenally… # APPLAUSE AND CHEERING # Under the lights
when everything goes # Nowhere to hide when I’m gettin’
you close # When we move,
well, you already know… # Go on, Andrew! # Just imagine, just imagine # Nothin’ I can see but you
when you dance, dance, dance # Feel a good,
good creepin’ up on you # So keep dancin’ # I can’t stop the feeling # So just dance, dance, dance # I can’t stop the feeling # Got this feeling in my body
I can’t stop the feeling # Got this feeling in my body # I can’t stop the feeling # Wanna see you move your body # I can’t stop the feeling # Got this feeling in my body,
come on # Break it down # Got this feeling in my body # Can’t stop the feeling # Got this feeling in my body,
come on. # APPLAUSE AND CHEERING Yes, Andrew! CHEERING MUSIC: I Get To Love you
by Ruelle # One look at you # My whole life… # Oh, well done, mate. # Falls in line # I prayed for you… # Oh, my goodness!
That was unbelievable. # Before I called you mine… # CHEERING I just feel really moved
by the whole thing. Like, that was amazing and to
watch you and see your excitement, see how much you thrive from an
audience is such a special moment. You should be really
proud of yourself. You clearly need to
be doing this more because it does something for
your soul. You’re in your element. # I get to love you # It’s the best thing
that I’ll do… # You did it, buddy. That was absolutely incredible. But, I just have to say, I think you’re going to inspire a
lot of people with that performance you just gave us today,
so thank you so much for that gift. CHEERING He’s a bit overwhelmed by you,
Matthew. Oh…! Cos Glee is his absolute
favourite programme. Yeah. Apart from Strictly, obviously. OTI: Oh! Andrew, you are amazing! CHEERING Do you know what?
I think you’re the total showman. Once the mirrors opened, you were
a whole different person. I was like, “Yes! Yes, Andrew!” Andrew, how are you feeling? ANDREW: Fantastic. CROWD: Aww. I’ll be in tears for him.
You’ll be in tears? Aw. Mum, you must be so proud. I’m beyond proud. I really am beyond proud.
He does, you’re quite right, just comes to life in dance
and it’s his absolute passion. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING I want to be up there. You want
to up there? Yeah, see him. Do you want to go up?
Yeah. Come on, then. # When the sharpest words
want to cut me down… # Wasn’t that amazing? Come on, Tom.
Come with me, mate. Ready, bro? Aww. Guys…
CHEERING Andrew’s best mate, Tom,
wants to say hi. # Look out cos here I come # And I’m marching on to
the beat I drum # I’m not scared to be seen
I make no apologies # This is me
Oh-oh-oh-oh # Oh-oh-oh-oh… # Well done, mate.
Come on, Tom, let’s get off. OTI: Yes, Andrew!
CHEERING This is why we love dance because
it makes us all feel so good. Guys, give it up for Andrew! APPLAUSE AND CHEERING # And I’m marching on to
the beat I drum # Marching on, marching on
I’m not scared to be seen # I make no apologies # This is me # When the sharpest words
wanna cut me down # Whenever the fire’s gone
I’m sending a flood # Gonna drown them out
Whenever the fire’s gone # Oh-oh-oh-oh # In the depths of my heart
Oh-oh-oh-oh # This is me. # Yes, yes, yes. That was
overwhelming. That was so amazing! # Bring me a higher love… # Wow, you did it! It’s just wonderful,
watching him do what he loves most. Hey, that was your stage, wasn’t it?
Oh, my God. His spirit is what this show
is all about. Yes. Yeah. ANDREW: I loved it. I loved it. Thank you, Mum. You OK? # Where’s that higher love
I keep thinking of? # CHEERING Let’s go. Wow! Amazing! Amazing! Couldn’t take
my eyes off you. It was a mess.
No, that’s terrible. What is going on? You can be any age and any size, you
can still go out there and kick it. Whoo! Yes! I hope that that mirror opens.
They are sick. You just blew me away. APPLAUSE

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