Student Information System With SQL Server Database((WITH SOURCE CODE))

Okay, hello guys!! today we are going to see a project on Student Information System which I have made with Java on NetBeans using java swing and For the database, we have used or SQL Server Database Management Studio let me show you so this is SQL server and this is my Database for the project we can see here our few tables. I have with all of them to fetch data and insert/store data using java swing so you have to know about database. I expect you to know about a SQL server or sequel server and know about database how it works and how it is to data how to run queries and all that so In case if you don’t know about it, you can learn it first so one thing important thing is you have to make sure that you are logged in as SQL or sequel Authentication server, so, in case you don’t know about that I will leave a link in the description where can create your user account you can do many things(about database) So that we can login to sequel server authentication mode so now let’s have look at our user interface So this is at the front page looks like the home page looks like. so here we can login so,we have two option with login as Admin or Student. and about us is about information about me and my friends and a feedback so i am gonna start with feedback so you can Leave your thoughts here and just using your email So first things first, we gonna, see how we can register into the system So there is a option where admin and student both can register herself or himself. So let’s register as student. so, we have provide some information Just like name,username,email etc.. So I’m providing some information like class roll, let’s say 171-15-9421 Okay now I’ll provide a phone number Address? whatever, so if you just click on this register button, it’s gonna register Okay So it’s showing a message that you have successfully registered so now all the admin part(registration), it’s just gonna work the same as student Let me show you again So,whatever. just click on register it”s gonna create account for admin or student(register as student) whatever you want So now from this page we can move on to log in page. otherwise you can just go back and You can go into log in. so inside log in page you two have option either you can Log in as a student or Log in as a Admin. Let’s Log in as the admin first, so It’s gonna take us to the admin dashboard So first, we’re gonna have a look at admin dashboard Then we gonna look at student dashboard. how student dashboard looks like So so if you were In this page so you can from this page you can go to Register page and train it account as well. So let’s click on login and Showing that we have login successfully. So this is the admin Administrative dashboard or admin dashboard looks like. So here so any information that I stored in This database or the system so we can use we can search them using a ID or using ID which is I have used as primary key so Let’s enter and click on search. It’s going to show something all the information about a student so So in case the ID Username or ID you’re searching for is not in the database. It’s gonna share nothing and that’s Important so here I’m searching with twenty. But twenty doesn’t exists in the system in the database It’s gonna show null(nothing) so So searching with one it’s gonna show all information about him. Let’s go back and Student can either either register herself or himself or admin can and student or edit students or update students delete student or anythings admin wants We can Do anything. you can just click on the row(preform various operations) as I’ve told you we have just registered this(while ago) as TINI and TINI(all info) has been in the database right now showing her in the table So you just click on here any of them we can delete them. we can just click on there and click delete It’s gonna delete that from the database. Just click here. You can let’s update the address. So it’s gonna say Dhaka. So just gonna update the city of this column as Dhaka and the cities or addresses updated as Dhaka, so We can either, we can also add a student just go back and clean. You can also a student here So I have haven’t stored any information. haven’t put any any of the data in any of the data fields so I’m just going to show null and these are radio buttons and these are already selected. So these information is being stored automatically. We can also update anything from here So say anything name anything for saving time, so make sure(fill up all the information) So I can add them it’s been added. so that’s how it works and other features we have here is this two button is also take you to the same pages what i have shown you earlier and this is well so we can add routine first rooms. Let’s say Section B Sunday DBMS sessional Room Number (bla***) and we can assign And it shows that has been added it so and We have it at this routine at the moment right now so we can if you won we can edit them We can say DBMS Sessional we can update them So it’s gonna show DBMS Sessional and that’s how it works We can also delete them this click and select the row and click on too delete. And this has been successfully deleted Just no longer available number 32. So that’s how it works and the next we can do course registrations so you We Can select semester and select ID so Let’s say 30 so Shit, does it go back and coming in again? So I say ID is 30 So make sure the ID is You’re using it’s already in the database. If it no stored in the database and it’s it’s gonna show error So just leave them as it is for making this video short. It’s okay. credit is 3 section A Teacher, Mr X any just click on register. So it’s gonna get registered. Can see here We have register this we can also edit it Let’s say we want to change the name of this teacher let’s say Mr. Dave Morrison update It is updated(as you can see) .You can also delete it from here this collegiate no longer. Yeah Sorry, that’s deleted It’s no longer exists Let’s go back and we can add result for the students Well, let’s say I is 30 and the semester is 8 and the CGPA is, let’s say three point nine zero so enter it shows yeah, I think I can see there ID is 30 and is 8 and CGPA is 3.90 so I can go back and see and the last and final option here You can see the live result here. So We can add live results for any student. Let’s say this is the semester spring 19 and the ID is 30 and Click on here. So sorry. There is no restitution for this ID. You just click on So you have to use an ID which for which course registration is already done and Just click on here and all the courses that have been registered for the ID one is showing this Table so you can just select the course ID. let’s select GED 321 oh Sorry Three two one and just click on here Sorry Like something like this Give CSE 133 and click here. So I show the course name . Okay, he’s going to show the course name and he getting into the marks of the quiz and you can also as add mark of the midterm and and also mark for the MId-term improvement and submit it So all we have done here we can show it ,we can see or Student can see this in his dashboard so now we have done with this admin dashboard and now we’re gonna move on to Student dashboard. we gonna just log in as student and Enter a valid username And password So here you go So is it wrong? what’s wrong here Mistake okay You’re logged in successfully. This is the dashboard looks like so that Routinely has been added by the admin we can see from here. Yeah, we can select to our section and search we can see. Um, yeah that we can not edit it We can never delete it. We just can see it and the Course Restriction again,we just can select the semester and ID and we can see the Course Restriction or we can neither Edit it or delete it. We can just see what courses have been added to/registered into. so we can select semester and id So if you enter ID that has not, that does exist in the database but not been assigned or any course that Course is not done for this ID. This is sure nothing at all let’s say 30. that exists in the database but not Course Restriction hasn’t been done for this ID for this select ID(30) Actually shows now for this semester .The Course Restriction is not done for this ID But for any previous semester and that’s the Course Restriction It has been done and it’s going to show the result So the next we have sends the result we can search Result and select any semester like I can get it if the result we want Now the last thing we have in this project is Live result and it also Apply the same the admin dashboard . So whatever result is added by that mean we can state from here. So It looks like the same and I’ll click on select any of the course ID GED 321 So it doesn’t show any results here. It should show a course Title of the of this course code but it doesn’t show that because I have not or admin have not Added any live result or any result for this course and If we select a different semester for which Result has been added. It’s going to work. So just select from here and I’m just gonna show some Courses. Let me go select CSE 221 and click here So it doesn’t show that means no result is add for this course(corresponding id) So let’s see This one. Oh, yeah that is that it for here No result is added, still no result is added so just trying different one So well in this case result is added for this course was trying on taken course he is sorry CSE 221 click No result is addes it’s a ridiculous man for CSE 224 no result added ,yeah Let’s see Finally we have found a course which Result is been added by the admin. So for this course CSE 224 Electrical circuit and device.So the result is been added so yeah, that’s pretty much the project is and just log out from this student dashboard and it’s about some information about me and my friends and So sure. I have shown you my little starter project so you can leave your thoughts about the project our drawbacks and Etc and just drop your email and submit. So let’s just show You something and Everything is done with this project on Using the JAVA swing and every idea that we inserted a bit early fetched is from these databases. And so I’m gonna show you example we have registered Student as TINI and Just edit. Let’s click on the table and any two hundred rows so we can show that information here Look at this. This is information. We get it and this is also we also edit this so all of this information that is stored and fetched is from this databases tables and this is very important that you have to learn this very carefully and this is the beauty of computer science to understand all this if you just do precise you can feel so good and it’s so interesting if we Find interesting it. So I hope you enjoyed it. And this will be helpful I will leave I will leave all the links necessary for this video in the description and all the source code and all this views that you should Learn or you should really need to Understand this project and I hope you are having a good day, and thank you. Goodbye


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