Street View on Google Maps

Street View on Google Maps

>>Hi, I’m Pegman.
You might recognize me from Street View on Google Maps.
With our new look, Street View has become a more integrated part of Google Maps.
Let me show you my new home. Whoo!
Let’s explore San Francisco. Since you’re in an area where Street View
is available, I’ve lit up yellow. To enter Street View, grab me and drop me
wherever you like. Street View is available on any street outlined
in blue, and thumbnail images appear as you hover over any point on the map.
Hello, painted ladies. You’re now exploring a neighborhood in our
full-screen mode. Zoom in by double-clicking on the map or by
using the button, and take a 360-degree our with the new scroll wheel.
To exit Street View, click on the X in the corner.
You can now also enter Street View just by zooming into the lowest level on the Google
map. Take a walk down the street by using the white
arrows, or just pick me up to get where you want to go faster.
For travel directions, just enter your start and end locations.
And by clicking on the camera icon, you can view Street View imagery of every step of
your journey. Explore your route turn by turn.
You can embed the image in a Web site or send it to a friend.
Here we are. Sweet!
If you ever find any Street View content that you feel is objectionable, click on “Report
a concern” to report any inappropriate imagery. So, whether it’s for finding a location or
virtual tourism, Street View lets you explore Google Maps like never before.


  1. first time i saw this i was like… WHOA! What the…!? IS this for real!? Then I checked if I could see the hotel where I stayed at in Austin.. and peek-a-boo.. I see you! ahahhahaha! NICE! I hope the views change realtime.. but I guess that won't be until the 20 years or so? when ever corner has a cam…

  2. DAMN Google is fucking amazing. This is just like another google earth without the downloading =D. but google gets better and better it's just crazy.

  3. Gotta hand it to Google! They keep coming up with cool stuff not rehashing warmed over crap like some software company, who shall remain nameless, that has the initials MS!

  4. As usual Google is the most innovative of all companies (totally agree with dctrex). I love street view! It's not just fun for virtual touring but I can actually see where something is that I need to find. It makes it so much easier. If I had one wish, it would be better resolution, but hey… this is a great start!

  5. though i rarely take walks outside, i often 'walk around' on google's street view when im bored. … maybe thats embarrassing to admit, but whatever i love street view!

  6. OMG these stuff are developing so fast, i wouldnt dream of this just a few years ago…
    When Street View for London???

  7. Every day I'm loving Google more and more. Best search engine? – Google. Best web-based mail? – Gmail. Best maps, directions? – Google. Best organized news? – Google. And now, street view, whoa, just amazing. Keep up the good work, google!

  8. When my mom says i have to go out to get some fresh air, i just open my bedroom window and open up Google Streetview. It's amazing!

  9. Google should develop 20+ of these, and contract them to cities and municipalities. Local govts could map their neighborhoods, for easy viewing by prospective real estate buyers/developers. The same local govts can mash up their real estate ownership data with the street view maps to show what real estate is available for sale, the name and contact info of local businesses.

  10. One of the massive problems w/ the housing fallout, is that monied investors are located far from the cheapest real estate. NY-Boston investors are busy, and also incredibly far rom small midwest cities. Its a great tool for visualizing & connecting w/ residents & business owners in the neighborhoods of the properties they've purchased.
    Cities can map their neighborhoods bi/tri-annually to showchase the recovery of neighborhoods — a big selling point for home buyers who sign the final mortgage.

  11. Stephen Chau
    Thank´s a lot for this idea! Congratulation! I read of you in Época magazine in Brazil. Now I will not lose more on the way… oh yes!

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