Stocks Hit Record High As Trump Signs China Trade Deal | NBC News NOW

Stocks Hit Record High As Trump Signs China Trade Deal | NBC News NOW


  1. No real gains in this first phase. Must be all that 'We're not gonna get sucked into another pointless war after all' euphoria…

  2. Improve a relationship that trump destroyed in the first place. How long will it be before scale breaks even? This is like net sum negative.

  3. Stocks that less than 3% of Americans own…
    Now lets talk about the massive national debt Trump has created. Or how about how his jobs number 3.4 is so good because when you quit counting anyone out of work over a year its easier to fake the numbers.
    Or how about that job growth for POC? Those jobs that are under 35 hours for the week, no insurance and pay just above minimum wage. Or considered contract labor.

  4. so the fake president hated china first, so they get scared and now there is a deal. few days ago a plane is crashed because of his prearranged aggression, so many lives were lost for his chief putin orders and he doesn't even blink. gas-lighting at 100%. pure example of narcissist, psychopath product of right-wing sociopaths.

  5. lets hope he is convincing them to reign in industry in the old way , they contribute a lot to the death of our planet USA and china need to find alternate sources of energy

  6. Its no trade deal, trump created the problem and he is just cleaning up his own crap.
    Dont give him credit for creating the mess. We expect him to clean it up.

  7. If your in the comments saying “he cleaned up a problem he started” you must have absolutely been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome. China has been rapping America since before most of you could count.

  8. Meanwhile crazy Pelosi is doing a signing ceremony with a huge smile in her face (she said it was so sad for her) signing the partisan impeachment articles.

  9. We know one thing, there would be no signing if the USA didn’t get their hands out of Hong Kong. Notice we no longer see any converge of the so-called protestors? Shows me how tied at the hip our US media is w/ US propaganda.

  10. We need restrictions put on the quality of Chinese products that hits other markets because almost 90% + of it winds up in our oceans and landfills and through that China is destroying our planet.

  11. Very well planned optics in the same 24-hours Russia/Pooty gov't shift, China deal$, Trump impeachment. It's an illusion to distract us from more dubious deeds ahead. Stocks hit record high??? Who controls the stock market?

  12. History shows us that all time highs are exactly that, highs. All highs lead to lows. Traders are literally high right now, but big money will eventually take all of the over-speculation back and pocket the liquidations and margin calls.

  13. The President is doing what He promised He would do, all politicians should live up to their promises. Good Start.

  14. The stocks always go up when Trump signs something, and then he lies about it, and then he goes back on his word. Then the stocks go back down. It happens each and every time Trump opens his mouth. Go ahead. Prove me wrong.

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