Stock Trading Halted After Markets Plunge At Market Open | NBC News

Stock Trading Halted After Markets Plunge At Market Open | NBC News


  1. Unless you came from a third world country, you do not want to see what America could look like after a collapse

  2. All markets are rigged. They will put it back in record time until the date they have planned to let it go.

  3. No no, republicans were right, let the markets correct themselves and play out without government intervention, let’s see how long before they go against everything they’ve been preaching to the voters for years, M.A.G.A. To the people

  4. How soon before Trump disowns the stock market? ("I never met the guy!") It will be difficult, considering he's taken credit for it the past few years.
    Shouldn't Trump be on the phone with his buddies the Saudis, offering them a free weekend in one of his hotels if they behave themselves?

  5. Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel: Coronavirus Could Be ‘Devastating’ for Trump Reelection Bid. McCarthy Slams Dems for Delaying Coronavirus Bill to Run Ads Against Republicans and point the finger at President Trump — ‘We Should Have Had the Bill a Week Earlier’ and If you’ve ever had a question whether the socialist mainstream media distorts, whips up, throws things out of focus or has an agenda, especially when it comes to the Trump administration, look no further than coronavirus.

  6. Tying resources for retirement to professional gamblers and expecting stability is silly. Elite want to kick us off of social security and they use 401Ks as an excuse for doing it. 401Ks have always been STOOPID.

  7. "Futures" is just another way of saying "going short".
    Short sellers trying to cash in, driving the panic.
    Welcome to casino capitalism….

  8. “If you haven’t looked at your 401k over the last couple of weeks I wouldn’t recommend doing it today” that should not be funny but it is 😂😂

  9. D.C. Reverend Gave Communion Before Coronavirus Diagnosis. Reverend Timothy Cole of Christ Church Georgetown was diagnosed on Saturday evening and is currently in “stable condition,” Reverend Crystal Hardin, Cole’s assistant, said at a news conference. Hundreds of visitors were exposed to Cole at the Episcopal church in recent days, according to the Washington Post, as Cole served communion and shook attendees’ hands.

  10. Stanford University announced this week that it is shutting down in-person classes due to the coronavirus outbreak. The decision came after a Stanford professor was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus.

  11. Ray Dalio warned us last year that these things would start to happen in around March of this year at the latest. But people called it “fear-mongering” and wasn’t taking him seriously…

  12. The “Circuit breaker” mechanism in and of itself is going to scare stock holders.. get ready for a crash if this trend continues.

  13. stopping trading to stop mass sell of's , free market yeah right , and the USA doesn't want to lose control on oil prices , go for it Russia, and Saudi Arabia a reverse of the days when Ronald Reagan flooded the world with cheap oil to destroy Russia's chance in the democratic world they had just entered, opening Russia up to a take over of their oil fields , wow then along came Putin , bye bye seven sisters ,

  14. they're saying its the crona virus however oil is down to 30 something a barrel. They need it at $50 a barrel to be productive. Russia started an oil price war with the family of Saud.

  15. King trumpy! USA: NO TEST EQUALS NO COVID_19! Since when do you go to the President to get a medical test. Doctors should have the tests. Covid-19 is extremely communicable. It is transmissible for seven days before you get sick, and for seven days after you think you are well. The virus can live nine hours on surfaces. The average duration of illness is 4 weeks. The rate of relapse, and of secondary infections is very high. You have to stay six feet minimum from other people to even begin to be safe. Covid-19 is not the flu. Not one bit. The death rate is 3.4%. Just release the tests King trumpy. You will be responsible for an untold number of deaths if you don't.

  16. No bank, no credit score, no car, no mortgage, no credit cards, prepaid phone. no TV, no cable. living by the beach. Happy.

  17. How's that stock market working for you Trumpanzees now
    It's the same people that thought Trump controlled the stock market is the same people that say it's not trumps falt Right Maga

  18. It's nice that the stocks are getting cheaper but we're going to need mountains of boomer corpses to build up before houses are affordable again.

    Obviously it's sad about the other vulnerable people that aren't old but it's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make.

  19. I wish they explained the reasoning behind closing the market early. This just seems like counter intuitive measure, making the market less efficient. I'd be surprised if that doesn't cause a bad start tomorrow.

  20. It should be apparent by now to anyone with an operational brain that those controlling the global markets also control the media and Big Pharma, including the manufacture and distribution of bioweapons.

  21. If they pull the plug just because they cannot take the losses, then whats the point of trading. If you don't want to face losses then you don't deserve profits either.

  22. Ha…Trump will never own this crash! He is blaming it on the virus and the Democrats. His cult followers are also blaming the left. What the virus has laid bare is that Trump has never had the leadership skills, nor the temperament, to effectively guide the people of this great nation. His numerous shortcomings are magnified by this crisis. He has used his time in office to grow his personal wealth, enjoy his wildly inappropriate number of golf excursions on the taxpayer's dime and divide the people. I actually read a comment on YT that a Republican citizen "couldn't wait for civil war to happen"! Trump exudes anger, hate, dishonesty and promotes corruption. His legacy will forever be tarnished.

  23. Now I know why trump is down playing the virus…because it hurts his hotel businesses bottom line!!! So much for country first….

  24. Don't worry, the Fed has pumped $29T into Wall St since 2008, and is currently doing a TARP bailout every week or so: socialism for the rich. So sorry if you are not rich…

  25. O no my stocks! Oh wait a second I work manual labor 16 hours a day so I can afford a apartment and little ceasers pizzas I don’t have any stocks my mistake

  26. LIARS! The market was ALREADY halted definitely between 1am 3/9.2020 and 7am of the same date. I was watching the whole time. The price of the Dow futures were stuck @2155 points I think for all that time and more. I quit watching at 7am, had to get some sleep.

  27. Should this instrument of speculation spike again before November Trump will claim it's becsuse of him. If a recession hits Wallstreet it'll because of Obama. Or Clinton. Or anyone else.
    I don't care for or about stockbrokers, stakeholders and so forth.

  28. This is all a game hypocrisy now that the stock market was up in the economy was solid they had to do something to lower the economy in the stock market all the multi-millionaire sold their stock now when the economy starts going back up once they have a cure on the multi-millionaires will start buying stock. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

  29. I am old now. The way to invest in stocks is to buy in increments ( say $ 2,000 every 6 months as an example) long term and hold long term , like until you retire. Think short term and try to out smart every one and you will lose

  30. The markets are funded by your 401k so they are just skimming of the top. Taking profits. After a while the 401k would fill up again and then they would come and skim off again

  31. Can we see the people on wall street running around with there hair on fire as the building is burning and the jones at 00,000.00 now that would be real news 😂 boring it dropped again today 😂

  32. I think it's time we all just pack up and leave this shithole. Let them have it at least you won't have to live under this bs anymore.

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